Mint Julep Masque.

If you are looking for an affordable face mask - Queen Helene's Mint Julep Masque is great for all skin types. It is a clay based, green and minty smelling mask that helps to dry up blemishes and rinses away open comedones (blackheads). After cleansing, pat dry your face and apply once your face is dry. It is green, very thick and has a minty smell - it can be tingly, which some may not like, but it isn't uncomfortable in my opinion - after a few minutes, it dries and can be washed away using your hands or a washcloth. After removed, apply a toner and then follow up with your moisturizer.

Some of the ingredients include Kaolin and Bentonite, which are both clays (clay based masks are great for acne prone skin), Zinc Oxide, and Sulfur (also great for acne). I highly recommend this mask for anyone with acne prone skin, however it is gentle enough for all skin types and shouldn't dry your skin out if you have a normal skin type. **Dry skin types may want to choose a more hydrating mask instead.

This mask is great as a weekly treat for your skin, a preventative measure towards future breakouts, or can be used as a spot treatment.


This mask can be found at many dollar stores, drugstores, some beauty supply stores, as well as online. It is around $2-5!


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