100% Pure - Eye Cream:

Update on the 100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream I hauled at the beginning of the month.....

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This is for dark circles and puffiness - I got it for the puffiness... I don't have too bad of dark circles but the bags under my eyes have always been horrible and nothing seems to help them at all... And this unfortunately is another thing that doesn't help.

On the back, this claims: "Anti-inflammatory, caffeine rich green tea and coffee de-puffs while increasing circulation to brighten dark circles. Concentrated with potent anti-aging vitamins, antioxidants and nourishing rosehip oil to make eye area look more awake and youthful."

I've been using this for two weeks now.. I'll continue to use it and look for changes, but so far... I've seen absolutely no changes at all. Pretty disappointing for this being around $20. My recommendation - try for a different eye cream, whether you are looking for something to treat dark circles or puffiness... For not having bad dark circles, you'd think this would at least help that... But nada! Very disappointed.


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