Body Lotions Vs. Facial Moisturizers:

There are a few reasons why there are moisturizers for your body, and ones for your face... Each are formulated specifically for different areas. Facial moisturizers, body, feet, and hands... All have different ingredients and properties.

The skin on your face is very different from the skin on your body.

A huge reason why you should use a facial moisturizer instead of one for your body - the pore size in your face is so much smaller than throughout your body. Body moisturizers have large molecules because your pores are larger.. Your face (although we may complain about having "large" pores...) actually has very small pores. Facial moisturizers are made with smaller molecules that will absorb fully. If you put a body lotion on your face, it won't fully absorb because the molecules are too large. It can clog pores, and sit on your skin, more than likely causing a greasy feeling.

Along with pore size, your face also releases more oil to hold in moisture than other areas of your body. Your body needs a thicker moisturizer because it doesn't have those oils to keep it as hydrated as your face. Even if your skin is dry - a body moisturizer still has properties that aren't made for your face... If you have a dry skin type, dry patches and need a thicker moisturizer, be sure to find one meant for your face.

Your face needs lotions with different ingredients. From ingredients to fight breakouts, to aging, to sun damage, etc... The skin on your face takes a lot of damage and those ingredients are important!

Also, most body moisturizers contain fragrances that can irritate the skin on your face because it's much more sensitive than your body.

Knowing your skin type is also very important because different facial moisturizers are made for each skin type! :)


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