Warm, Cool, or Neutral - Which are you?

In beauty, knowing your skin's undertone can be very important: from choosing makeup shades to clothing colors that compliment you best.. Wearing the "wrong" shades can wash you out and make you look tired, while wearing shades that compliment your undertone best can bring out your eyes, make you look more lively and awake and overall flatter you the most.


Cool toned - has pink/blueish tone to the skin.

Warm toned - yellow/golden tone to the skin.

Neutral - mixture of both.


Here are some simple ways to figure out what your undertone is..

*Be sure to do these in natural lighting!

Hair & Eye Color - Now this one isn't always totally accurate.. You can have overtones that lean towards warm but have a cool undertone.. So just because your skin appears yellowish - that doesn't necessarily mean you are warm toned. But, this can be your first step in figuring out which you are. Blonde, brown, black hair with ashy undertones are typically cool. Blue, grey, green eyes - cool... Red, brown, strawberry blonde hair with gold/yellow undertones - warm toned. Hazel, brown eyes - warm.

(This one can be confusing because there are SO many variations in hair and eye color throughout everyone so I usually don't always suggest going by hair and eye color)

Wrist/vein check - look at the veins on the underside of your arm. If the veins appear blue, you are more than likely cool toned. If they are green, warm toned. If you have a mix of both, or can't figure out which color - you may be neutral toned.

Silver & Gold - take pieces of silver and gold jewelry. If gold looks the most flattering, you may be warm toned. If silver/white gold looks best, cool toned.. If you feel that you can pull off both colors equally well, you may be neutral toned.

White Cloth - Pull your hair back and place a white fabric around your shoulders. Be sure to have bare, makeup free skin! If your skin looks more yellow, you have a warm undertone. If you look more blue, you have a cool undertone.

Along with the white fabric, you can also compare with different colors. If you look better in cooler color - you are cool toned.. Warmer colors - warm toned... If you look good in almost any color, you are neutral toned.

If you do these tests and still can't decide what undertone you have, go to a makeup counter. These ladies can tell you very quickly and can show you what shades of makeup go best with your undertone.

Celebrity examples:

Warm Toned - Jennifer Lopez, Rhianna, Emma Stone. All look amazing in golds!

Cool Toned - Cameron Diaz, Reese Witherspoon. Ashy blonde hair, ice blue eyes.

Neutral Toned - Drew Barrymore, Victoria Beckham, Dita Von Teese. These ladies can pull anything off!

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