Sedona Lace Review:

***There will be an updated review on these***

Hey guys,

This will be a review of some Sedona Lace brushes I got a while back... This is my opinion - so if you view this company & their brushes differently, I mean no disrespect... Just giving my opinion :)

I had been debating for a while between purchasing a set of brushes from either Sigma or Sedona Lace.. After seeing tons of great reviews on The Vortex Collection from SL, and hearing many comparisons to Sigma brushes, I decided to get it because the price was lower than the Sigma set I wanted.


I ordered it on Black Friday so it took forever to ship... Because of the month long delay, I was promised an eyeshadow palette and a mini kabuki brush.. When my brushes arrived, I received 4 single eyeshadows in little packets (although customer service told me I'd for sure get a palette, they sold out and I received these) and no kabuki brush... So, I contacted them via email again - customer service was good, they replied within an hour or so and were very nice... I was told I would receive the palette and brush as soon as more came in... A few months later, I did receive the 4-shadow palette, but again no brush. Needless to say, I gave up on even trying again.. As good as customer service was, it doesn't mean much when you don't even receive what they promise you.



There are two options to choose from when purchasing the Vortex Collection, one with only the brushes ($79.95) and one with a brush belt ($89.95).

I got the one with the brush belt,


Here is a photo from when I first received it. All were packaged nicely..



The brush belt is made very well, it doesn't feel cheap at all and it zips up. I love that I can put all my brushes in here and zipper it closed - makes it perfect for travel.


On to the brushes....

There are 13 in this collection:

First, I'll show the face brushes.

The Jumbo Fan brush (FB 01) - I love this brush. It's huge, really thick and super soft. It isn't one of the typical flimsy fan brushes most other companies have. I love to use this for highlighting my cheekbones. It will shed once in a while, but not very often.
Tulip Contour (FB 03) - This starts with much more of a tulip shape but changes quickly after using and washing. I keep this in the plastic top cover it came with to preserve the shape as much as possible.. This is said to be used for contouring or highlighting, applying blush, bronzer or setting powder... It's okay... It's too large for me to use it for contouring or blush.. It's okay for bronzer and I'll use this for blending sometimes.... It sheds.
Dome Contour (FB 05) - This is one of the brushes I was the most excited about.. It's great for contouring, but this sheds SO badly... Even in the description on the website, it says "Tip: Use a light amount of pressure when using this brush to avoid shedding".... Listen, no matter how light of a hand you use - this sheds. From the night I first got these and washed them, till now... This brush would be so much better if it weren't for that. It's the perfect size for contouring but I always end up with tiny little brush hairs all over. Such a disappointment.
Flat Top Buffer (FB 07) - This is for foundation.. I find that it works much better with cream foundations rather than liquids.. When I use a liquid foundation with this brush, it soaks almost all of the product up.. It's very soft and okay for blending in foundation but I definitely recommend using this with creams rather than a liquid foundation.
The eye brushes:
Universal Blender (EB 09) - This was another I was really looking forward to.. Can't ever have enough blending brushes, right?..
Right off the bat, immediately after unwrapping this one I noticed lots of hairs out of place. You can see maybe one or two in the photo above but it's hard to tell. It just looked messy and more like a brush after a year or so of use... It feels soft to the touch, but I find that it's almost rough when blending. You know those cheap brushes that have almost sharp bristles? It's so hard to explain unless you've experienced a brush like that before. It does blend well, but it isn't exactly comfortable to use in my opinion. As soft as it feels to touch, it doesn't feel soft at all on my eyes. So I was pretty disappointed with this. I use it, but I like my Target Up & Up blending brushes SO much better.
Flat Synthetic (EB 11) - This brush is nice, very soft and doesn't shed. It's meant for cream and liquid products, great for cream shadows.. However, I don't use many so I haven't even used this brush. But, it is better quality than the others and will be nice the rare times I do need it.
Synthetic Blender (EB 13) - This can be used for blending shadows and is also great for concealer. I like this a lot.. It's very dense and soft, it doesn't shed. I have no complains about it.
Pointed Crease (EB 15) - As the name implies, this is great for placing color in the crease.. It's soft and blends really nicely. It sheds a bit but I don't have other brushes like it so I always use it despite that. Overall, it's a nice brush.
Bent Liner brush (EB 19) - I love this brush. Perfect for gel liner, it's soft but stiff enough for a precise line. I prefer this one over my Sonia Kashuk bent liner brush.
Detailed Shader (EB 21) - As you can see above, some stray hairs in this one... That seems to be a common problem with some of these brushes. I feel like they aren't made with care like other companies... Anyways, this is nice for smudging shadow on the lower lash line.. It isn't very soft but it does the job. No rave reviews on this one, it's just okay.
Angled Detail (EB 23) - This can be used for liner, or a cut crease.. I like using this with concealer to clean up the edges of my liner. It's soft and doesn't shed.
Capped Lip Brush (LB 25) - Another okay brush.. It does what it's meant for but isn't anything spectacular.
Brow Spoolie Duo (EB 17) - This was so horrible I don't even have it anymore... Either I threw it out or it's who knows where... The spoolie fell out as soon as I unwrapped it - wasn't even glued in, and the angled brush is too thick for brows, and it feels very rough... Just terrible.
So that's the set... As you can see, this is in no way a rave review like many on youtube... This set just isn't worth the $89.95 in my opinion.... I have NO clue how this has such good reviews.. Yes, some of the brushes are nice but most aren't worth it... Some are made with care and feel like higher end brushes, while the others feel like cheapy dollar store brushes... Maybe I just got a bad set? I don't know but eh.... I absolutely recommend spending the little extra to get Sigma brushes.
Thank you for reading!
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