Sedona Lace Review Update!

Almost a week after posting my Sedona Lace review, I was contacted by Jason - Sedona Lace's owner. He read my review and wanted to know how he could help, and what they could do to improve in the future... We emailed back and forth and I will start by saying Jason was charming and very nice.. He replied quickly, and he spoke like a "normal person" and not at all like you'd imagine a business/company owner would; when I say that, I mean he didn't seem cocky or 'higher up' than my meager beauty blog.. He really cared about my opinion and offered to send replacements of any brushes I had trouble with. I was extremely impressed by this, considering how busy he is.. How many company owners ever take the time to really find out how people view their products, let alone read blog post/reviews?... Not many these days.

I received the brushes in less than a week - and I am pleased to say these are MUCH better than the others. Sedona Lace's brushes are handmade so each one isn't exactly the same. They have natural haired brushes as well as synthetic. Any brushes with natural hairs will shed at times, that's just the way it goes.. So keep that in mind if you do purchase the Vortex Set or any other natural brushes.

Here is the link to my previous review:


The packaging was very cute, just like when the Vortex Collection was sent to me, except this time it was in a purplish bag (was in a black one previously).. Love it!

/Users/marieholt/Pictures/Canon/Sedona Lace 2/IMG_3964.JPG


With this set, a nice booklet comes with it listing every brush and how you can use them.


The brushes that were sent are: the FB 05, EB 09, the EB 17, and the EB 21 - along with the 4 shadow palette and travel EB 13.


With my original set, the only brush I had a major problem with shedding is the Dome Contour FB 05 - which is a brush made of natural hair. Again, I expected some shedding but this one shed just way too much. This new one is a lot better, it didn't even shed during the first washing! I love this brush and use it every day I contour. I'm so excited to have this :)



Next, here is the Universal Blender EB 09:



 This feels denser than my original brush and it is much softer, it doesn't shed at all.
The Brow Spoolie Duo EB 17:
This end is supposed to be to fill in your brows.. I still think it's too thick but, I'm sure I could find a different use for it!
The spoolie is glued in! YAY! Very happy with this one, it's great (not all spoolies are created equal, you know :) )
The Detailed Shader EB 21:
I am so impressed with this one. This brush is great for smudging liner/shadow on the lower lash line.. The original felt very rough and had stray hairs. This one has no stray hairs and is SO much softer.
The 4 shadow palette & mini EB 13:
The shadows aren't too bad, a primer would be a must but they are pretty pigmented.
I love the mini EB 13 (as much as I love the regular size) - This is synthetic so it doesn't shed and it is very soft. I use the regular one for blending, and this one - I LOVE to use with setting powder under my eyes.
I am so excited to say these replacements were so much better! Thanks to Jason, Sedona Lace has absolutely regained a customer. Not only because the brushes are great, but also because there aren't enough companies who really care about their customers opinions.. I am happy to support companies like Sedona Lace!
Now I can recommend these with confidence - you will receive great quality brushes and amazing customer service! :)
Thanks to Jason & Sedona Lace! <3

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