theBalm's Meet Matt(e) Palette Review & Swatches:

I recently won theBalm's Meet Matt(e) eyeshadow palette in a facebook giveaway my good friend from gave. This is my first product from theBalm and it definitely won't be the last! :)


First impression - I didn't expect it to be as small as it is but I love the size. The rare times I do travel, I have the bad habit of bringing way too much makeup. So when I have little palettes like this, it makes things so much easier. This can easily fit in a small makeup bag and would easily travel in your purse.


A size comparison: between this and UD's Naked Basics palette - Meet Matt(e) is 9.5g and 0.33oz and Naked Basics is 7.8g and 0.3oz.. Although the Meet Matt(e) palette seems very small, you do get quite a bit of product... And I don't know about you, but I haven't ever hit pan on an eyeshadow so smaller palettes really don't bother me much :)


It's a heavy duty cardboard material and comes with a slip on cover to prevent the palette from opening, although there is a strong magnet keeping it closed so it would take quite a bit to open this during travel, even without the slip on.


The back is really cute with a silly description of this Matt character, as well as the names of each eyeshadow.



Some of these shades are slightly deeper in person than how they appear in the palette above.

photo 7

From left to right:

Matt Smith - a light matte beige; great for a simple highlight, a base color, or used for blending.

Matt Gallagher - a medium matte brown; a perfect crease color.

Matt Ramirez - a deep matte brown; I love this for the outer V.

Matt McDonald - I wouldn't consider this a matte, it has a slight sheen to it. A blueish grey tone.

Matt Horowitz - Another shade with a slight sheen, a very pretty, deep ocean blue.

Matt Chung - a pale light pink matte. Very similar to the light pink in the Lorac Pro Palette, except this one has a bit more white to it.

Matt Batali - A deep matte eggplant/purple shade; gorgeous and also reminds me a lot of the deep purple in the Lorac Pro Palette, except in the pro palette it has shimmer and this one is totally matte.

Matt Schilling - a matte teal that seems to lean a bit on the blue side but there is some green to it. This is deeper in person than it appears in the photo above.

Matt Patel - a matte mauve with some brown and grey undertones.


There isn't one shade in this palette that disappoints. The pigmentation on every one is great, they are all creamy and none are powdery (which is impressive for matte shades). They remind me of a mixture between Lorac's and Urban Decay's shadows.. Having never tried theBalm's products before, I wasn't sure what to expect but once I swatched them, I was blown away by the pigmentation, they blend easily and if used with a primer, these will last all day.

If you are a lover of matte shades, I absolutely recommend this. Also, shade wise - I think this palette would be good for anyone  because the deep colors make this palette perfect for smokey eyes, but you can also use a light hand for more natural looks and the brown shades are great for neutral girls as well.


This retails for $34.00. It is no longer available on theBalm's website (Meet Matt(e) Nude is though).. You can purchase this on Amazon (probably for fairly cheap) and ($34.50). If you've found this for sale on any other website, please list it in the comments!

Purchase theBalm - Meet Matt(e) Matte Eyeshadow Palette from!


Thank you so much Amanda for the amazing giveaways, I am so happy to have this! <3

Go check out her site: daily posts on deals, samples, freebies and coupons, she does giveaways often and is one of the sweetest women you'll ever meet! -->

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