Makeup Brush RAVE Review.... Part 1:

Hey sweets!

Recently, Sedona Lace had a 20% off everything sale so I purchased 3 sets of brushes.. There is quite a bit to go over so it'll be broken down into three posts...

First - the 12 Piece Synthetic Professional Makeup Brushes with Brush Cup Holder ($79.95):

I love this set!!!




It comes with a travel cup holder that has two snaps on each side; it's made very well, keeps the brushes extremely safe, is perfect for travel and can also be used as a holder for brushes on your desk/vanity/makeup station.

*I received these within ONE week! :-D *

As with every set you buy from SL, you receive a booklet that describes each brush and what it can be used for.



The brushes are inside the case when shipped, and wrapped up very nicely.


These are synthetic brushes, which means they are cruelty free, extremely soft, great for powder, liquid and cream makeup. Also, synthetic brushes do not shed like natural haired brushes tend to. They didn't bleed at all during the first washing and are made so well. I really can't say enough about these synthetic sets from SL. I'm in love!


Here are the brushes that come in this kit:


Powder Brush 376



This brush is very large and dense, SO soft! I love to use this for a quick dust of powder or for an overall flush of bronzer.



Duo Fiber Brush 813




This is another large brush, very soft and not as densely packed as the others but that makes this perfect for blending out contour, bronzer, or blush.



Foundation Brush 727


I'm not huge into using foundation brushes, but this is nice for applying a cream highlight to your cheekbones, or even setting under-eye concealer. Very dense and soft (you'll get sick of hearing that by the end of this! LOL)



Large Angle Contour Brush 850


You can't have enough of these angled face brushes, great for contouring and blush, even bronzer around the perimeter of your face. This is smaller than my other angled brushes so it's great for a more precise contour. As with all the others, this is so soft and made perfectly.



Concealer Brush 954



Can you guess what I'm going to say? Haha DENSE! :) perfect for concealer, there are so many bristles packed into this brush, you'll get great coverage. It's small enough to use for a cream shadow on your lids as well.



Medium Angled Shading Brush 407



This brush is great for creating that outer 'v', blending and adding a lot of depth to your look.



Small Angled Brush 561


This brush is great for gel liner, smudging a darker shadow at the lash line and it's also small and dense enough to fill in your brows.



Large Shader Brush 941


I like this brush for applying primer or cream shadow to my lids. It's super dense so it is great for concealer as well.



Tapered Blending Brush 863


This brush is so fluffy and soft, perfect for blending eyeshadow -it blends beautifully! And you can even use this to blend out concealer.



Pencil Brush 904


I love this pencil brush because it's so dense and it's perfect for smudging shadow on the lower lash line. I love this for smokey looks.



Eye Shading Brush 305


This is perfect for packing color on your lids, I also like this for applying a highlight under my brow bone.



Eyeliner Brush 772


Great for gel liner, the tip is pointed enough to get a precise wing and it's dense enough so it doesn't bend too easily so you can get those clean lines.


This was a super quick run-through just to show what comes in this set - I really can't say enough about these brushes. The girly side of me absolutely LOVES the pink and black; I love that because of the colors, these don't look dirty as quickly as my other brushes do and they are so pretty sitting on my vanity :)

They are made so well and can 100% stand up to any other competition. I am amazed at how incredibly soft they are and they've quickly become my go-to brushes. I love my Vortex set but these synthetic brushes are beyond what I expected! Can you feel love for makeup brushes? Because I find myself gazing at these with adoration LOL only true makeup junkies may understand that :-D

Sedona Lace has great prices and they do deals often, if you want to invest in high quality brushes without spending hundreds - check out their site, they also have eyeshadow, blush and concealer palettes, foundations as well as gel liners!

I'll post part 2 and 3 to this soon! Sooo excited to show you the next sets, I'm even MORE in love with those ones!

& thanks for your patience this week guys, I'm finally starting to feel better! :)

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