RAVE Review Part 2.... Hello, Midnight Lace!

Hey lovelies! Only a few more days until the weekend!! :)

Continuing my Makeup brushes review; the next set I ordered from Sedona Lace was the Se7ven Mightnight Lace Synthetic Brush Set. As the name implies, it comes with 7 brushes; I got it 20% off during a deal (they have them often!) but it is regularly $59.95.... They are described as, "larger than typical eye brushes and smaller than face brushes, these mid-sized tools will help you reach all the hollows and contours of your face with ease." This set may not be necessary for certain people but I love these! They are great for facial contouring, and perfect for applying and blending out concealer.

They are synthetic brushes, which means they work great with powder, liquid, and cream makeup. They also don't shed!


Cute packaging, like always.




I really love that SL adds these pamphlets: they list uses for each brush, but of course you can use them for whatever you want! Just some great ideas and starting points for each brush.



As you can see, they are a good deal larger than eye brushes.

Here are the brushes:


Synthetic Small Angled Flat Brush 618




These flat top brushes are great for buffing out product. This one is great for nose contouring.



Synthetic Small Round Dome Brush 217



This brush is perfect for blending out concealer. I will apply my concealer in the inverted triangle style under my eyes and blend out the edges with this.


Here you can see better the size difference, it's quite larger than SL's blending brush EB 09.



Synthetic Small Round Flat Brush 847



As with the other set, all of these brushes are so dense and well made. This is another great for buffing out product and I like this to apply cream shadow quickly.



Synthetic Small Tapered Brush 224



This brush is perfect for those smaller areas of your face, inner corners of your eyes and around your nose. I'll use this to blend in my under-eye concealer, and then use the Small Round Dome 217 brush to blend out the concealer I use for brightening; they work great together.



Synthetic Small Flat Top 872



I love this brush to apply concealer, it's my go-to brush now when it comes to concealing blemishes. You get so much more coverage when you use this.



Synthetic Small Angle Brush 773



I haven't used this one yet but it would be perfect for contouring your nose, and I think it may be small enough to use for eyeshadow as well.



Synthetic Small Round Brush 312



This is another perfect brush for buffing out product, and it's also small enough to use on the eyes.


These brushes are great across the board. I love the pink and black, of course. They are so dense and soft, they didn't bleed or shed at all during the first washing and I love that this set can test your imagination, finding ways to use all of them because they are so unique. Although all of these are perfect for concealer, cream products, and facial contouring - I think everyone can find a different use for each. I'm excited to play with these more and find even more uses for them :)

Part three and my favorite set is coming up soon!

Head over to Sedona Lace's website to check the Se7ven Midnight Lace Synthetic Brush Set out.


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