I saved the best for last - Sedona Lace Review Part 3:

Hey lovelies!

The last installment of my Sedona Lace brush haul and reviews will be..... dun dun dunnnnnn....

The Midnight Lace Set... My absolute favorite of all three!


This set comes with four synthetic face brushes.




As usual, the booklet is great and gives you helpful tips on how to use each of the brushes.



These brushes are SO incredibly soft and densely packed!




Kabuki Brush - This is the best kabuki brush I own.. I could just play with these brushes all day, they are that soft. I love to use this for powder or to blend out my blush & contour for that seamless look.



Synthetic Round Top Powder Brush 480



Guys... My love for this brush... Ugggh it's perfect. So soft and dense, I will only apply my foundation with this and the next one I'll show.... All my other brushes have been forgotten about since purchasing these... You know when people recommend a brush, and they say how airbrushed their skin looks when they use it for foundation, so you buy it and don't get that look from it at all? I always fall for that, buy a brush and end up disappointed and thinking maybe my skin is just too crappy for the brush to work the way I want it..... Well, this one? Airbrushed. Can I gush right now? I. love. this. brush!!!! It is the perfect brush for liquid foundation. It buffs it in perfectly and seriously gives an airbrushed look to your skin. Once I put a layer of foundation down, if you can still see any blemishes, redness or dark spots - I'll apply a tiny bit more to that area and sort of stipple this where I need it, and it covers everything so well. I use so much less concealer than I usually need to because this brush doesn't soak up all the product and just.... It's perfect. As a person who struggles with my skin, and that is always my biggest insecurity, this brush is a lifesaver. I'm in love. Okay.. I'll stop now LOL



Synthetic Flat Top Powder Brush 928


You have to feel these brushes to believe how soft they are. This brush is another that's great for liquid foundation, but I find that it gives a tiny bit less coverage than the one above, so if you don't want your foundation full coverage, you'd probably prefer to use this one. You can also use this to stipple in foundation for more coverage and it's also perfect for powder foundation as well.



Synthetic Angle Top Powder Brush 602


This brush is great for cream blush or bronzer. I love using angled brushes for blush because it chisels out your cheeks a bit more than traditional blush brushes. You can angle it so it follows your cheekbones perfectly.. But use a light hand with this and add up the intensity to your liking because the bristles are so dense that it's easy to go overboard with the color.


The Midnight Lace Synthetic Brush Set costs $49.95 but SL does 20% off deals quite a bit lately, so definitely keep an eye out and you'll be able to get an even better deal! I always post on my facebook page when they have a deal going on/coming up (estycareblog) !

Click here to view/purchase this brush set on their website!


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I LOVE these brushes, every set is amazing and do not disappoint in the least. I'm definitely buying all three sets for my makeup kit once I get the money to splurge. They are my go-to brushes and I barely even touch any of my others now. The quality is so amazing for the price! If you are looking for amazing makeup brushes and don't want to spend hundreds, I 100% recommend Sedona Lace. Have I mentioned that I'm in love? Because I am :) LOL

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