Riri Woo Review - Say that 5 times fast!

Hello my loves!

I wanted to get this review up while Riri Woo is still available, I'm not sure how much longer it will be on the site - so get it while you can!

This is my very first Mac lipstick (Mac anything, for that matter!)... I have obsessed over Ruby Woo for years. Literally. I would always google it, look at swatches and people wearing it. As you can tell by my previous post, red lipstick is my favorite. And Ruby Woo is just the most perfect red there is. But as much as I would love to be a Mac snob, I just can't afford it. So, for years I stalked that lipstick LOL I wish I was joking. I would even go to the Mac counter and just swatch it, sigh, then leave hahaha...... So when I saw Riri Woo was released the first time, I did tons of research and although many people said it was exactly the same as Ruby Woo, I also saw reviews saying it is indeed an improved formula and slightly less drying. When it went back on sale, I had to get it. My 4 (almost 5) year old niece has always called me Riri so it's fate, right? ... Call it a treat for myself, darn it. I'm so glad I did.... But now, I may have created a monster. A Mac lipstick monster.

For those of you Mac newbies such as myself, it comes in this packaging:



I even love the Mac tubes. So small and sleek.


Retro Matte? I'm not sure the difference between Matte and Retro Matte, but as with all Matte formulas, it can be drying - but I'll get more into that later on..

Now, for the fun part :)




Rihanna's signature is engraved, I think it's gorgeous and adds such character.



It's perfect, I didn't even want to use it! I should have bought two :)


I obviously don't have Ruby Woo to compare, but I think Ruby Woo might be a TINY bit darker... On the lips, I'd guess it's not even noticeable. Riri Woo is very cool toned. This swatch is only 3 swipes, it's very pigmented.

*If you do own Ruby Woo, I definitely would say to pass on this (unless you are a huge Rihanna fan, of course) - it's so similar that you wouldn't be missing out on anything color-wise.


You can apply this straight from the tube or with a lip brush, it can be difficult to get a crisp line so I first applied it from the tube then went back with a lip brush to finish the edges and to clean it up. It does feel dry when applying, and does drag on your lips a bit so be sure to apply a lip balm beforehand. I wouldn't ever suggest applying this without one. I honestly didn't find this very drying throughout the day, just the typical dryness that you'd get from any matte - but not at all as dry as a lot of people say.

Typically when I wear red lipstick, they are pretty high maintenance. I always feel like I need to check it to make sure it isn't migrating all over the place so I was pleasantly surprised when I wore this and left the house for a few hours and didn't feel the need to constantly make sure it looked good - but when I did look in a mirror, I was pleasantly surprised at how amazing it looked. Literally, hours later - it still looked perfect! I had no problems at all with feathering or smudging. This is definitely the red you'll want to choose if wearing one for a special occasion or long day/night out.

My only complaint with this is that it didn't wear as well through a meal as I had hoped:


It wore down the color quite a bit in the center - you can see there is very clearly still a stain left over but it didn't last like I thought it would. But I just quickly reapplied it where needed and it looked just as perfect as before.



I'm really in love with this lipstick. It's a huge splurge for me, but it was so worth it. If you are looking for a fantastic stand-out red, go pick this up!

Riri Woo is $15 on the Mac website and you get free shipping!

Mac Cosmetics.

Don't forget - tomorrow is Friday, beauties!!!! :)

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