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About two months ago I ordered the Nume Titan 3 Curling wand(s).. As many of you have probably seen and heard, Nume is a very popular company who makes curling wands, straighteners, hair dryers, as well as hair care products. They are raved about throughout the YouTube beauty community and at any given time you can find great coupon codes for a nice amount of money off your order.

The Titan 3 curling wand comes with three interchangeable barrels - a 19mm, 25mm, and 32mm. It retails for $246 but they almost always have it on sale - and the coupon codes are amazing. The one I used was $120 off and there was a sale on that wand, I can't remember how much I paid exactly but it was around $90! Such an amazing deal and let me tell you, this wand is AMAZING!!!



The box is really nice, it has a magnet closing and keeps the wand really safe and secure. From top to bottom, the 19mm barrel, 25mm, then 32mm.

19mm - a little more than 3/4 inch

25mm - 1 inch

32mm - 1 1/4 inches



It comes with a glove and an informational pamphlet. I highly recommend using the glove, especially if you aren't used to using curling wands. I've burned myself a million times and I've used these for years!


The cord is really long and where it attaches to the wand, it swivels all the way around so it moves with you very easily.



I took this photo while it was heating up - it literally heats up in SECONDS! I love that you can adjust this to your liking, if you set it below 180 degrees, it will light up blue. If you set it above that (very damaging to your hair), it lights up red.


To remove the barrel, you press these two knobs on the front and back. They click so you know it's all the way pressed in, then hold them as you put a new one on and release to lock in the new barrel.



These curls were with the 19mm!


Update - 2/25/14!!! Here are two more photos of curls using the 25mm barrel:



Still just as impressed as when I posted this review. The curls last for days! :)



I can't even say how much I love this wand! I purchased the Titan 3 because it has the three barrels - I literally do not need any other curling irons/wands and that is amazing. I hate needing a million different ones for different sized curls! You can create so many looks with this wand.

One of my absolute favorite parts about owning this - the curls last for days. I have extremely straight hair that does not hold a curl. Literally, with any curling iron I've used my hair will start to go flat within an hour, and be totally flat by the end of the day. With this wand, my hair stays curled for days.

From the site: "The NuMe Signature Titan 3 uses negative ion technology to get you the lasting look you want, quickly and without the damage of conventional irons and curlers."

I'm not sure what negative ion technology means, but I totally believe this. It heats up so quickly, and you don't have to hold your hair on it for long to get a lasting curl. You know those old curling irons, where you have to hold a piece of hair on it for what feels like forever just to get an okay curl? Not with this. Hold it for less than 15 seconds and it gives you a perfect curl that will LAST! I really can't say enough about this, and Nume has a customer for life.

Be sure to keep an eye out, these sell out so quickly (as does every other wand they have) - Here is the link to the Titan 3 but definitely check out their other wands as well, I've haven't seen a bad review yet!

**This is in NO way sponsored, I bought this with my own money and you will ALWAYS receive 100% honest reviews from me!

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