Battle Of The Setting Sprays!

Hey dolls!

There are so many makeup setting sprays on the market now, it makes it difficult to choose which one. Do they work? Are they really worth the hype? Should I splurge and get a higher end spray or opt for a drugstore version?

Today we'll talk about three sprays, two high end (both from the same brand) and a drugstore version.


The extremely popular Urban Decay setting sprays, and Elf's Makeup Mist & Set.

- Please keep in mind, I have combination to oily skin and I live in Upstate NY; very harsh winters and 80's-90's in the summer. Your results may vary depending on your skin type and the climate you live in! -

We'll start with Urban Decay's Setting Sprays:


These large sizes cost $30 each. I purchased them for my makeup kit... You can find travel sizes for under $10 that will last you a few months, I'd recommend trying those before you go for the big size. They are 4.0 fl oz (118 ml).. Quite a bit of product in these, and they will last you a very long time.

I'll start by saying, I HATE the packaging. It gets dirty and gross looking so quickly!!

I've used the All Nighter spray for almost a year. I first purchased a smaller travel size:IMG_5390

The large size is 4 fl oz, and the smaller size is 1 fl oz. The travel size lasted me a very long time, I don't use it every day - if you used it daily I'd say it would last you a few months.

With both of these, the directions are:

"Shake well. Apply makeup. Hold the bottle 8" - 10" away and mist face 2-4 times, in an "X" and "T" formation."

With all setting sprays, I will apply my foundation and concealer then spray my face... Next I'll put on my setting powder, finish applying the rest of my makeup and once I'm done, spray again. I find that they last longer if you layer it a bit. I've also heard people spray their face first, then apply all their makeup and spray at the end.. I haven't tried that way so I can't say how that works.

On the box of All Nighter, it says:

"Stop this makeup meltdown with this groundbreaking, clinically tested formula. ALL NIGHTER mists on weightlessly to keep your makeup looking gorgeously just-applied for up to 16 hours - without melting, cracking, fading, or settling into fine lines. The result? Smoother-looking skin and vibrant makeup that lasts ALL DAY. For all skin types."

When I first used this, I really loved it. It doesn't break me out and it seemed to keep my makeup on for quite a bit longer than typical; in the winter.... In the summer, it definitely hasn't work as well. Does it really last 16 hours? Eh, my makeup doesn't look as good as it did after 5 or 6 hours, so definitely not 16 hours later...I mean, it works... But not as much as it probably should for $30 a bottle.

So, on to the De-Slick version. I purchased this for my kit as well, but wanted to try it out on myself before I used it on clients.

On the box:

"Meet your most powerful oil-control ally. DE-SLICK mists on weightlessly to control oil, deflect surface shine and keep skin looking beautifully matte. High-tech ingredients help keep foundation, shadow, and blush from smudging, sliding or fading - so you hardly ever need to touch up. Goodbye shine, hello vibrant, long-lasting makeup."

This seemed to hold up my makeup a little bit better than the All Nighter spray on the hotter, more muggy days and it controls my oil a little better than the other.

But.... Here comes the contradiction to all I just said.......


The ingredients are exactly the same........ Pause........... Okay...? I don't know. They got me on this one.  Maybe they aren't including all the ingredients? Nope. I checked the site to see if there are more, and this is it.  De-Slick seems to work better for me, it seems to control oil better.... But how? No clue.

So, needless to say... If you are a makeup artist, I really don't think you need to buy every version. I wish I had looked at the ingredients before I ordered these (shame on you, esthetician! you should know better!), but oh well. I have no clue why De-Slick works better for me. It's a mystery. Maybe one of my fabulous readers can enlighten me on this?

Overall, these do work. I like that the spray/mist on these is light and it doesn't make your face too damp - it dries very quickly. It doesn't feel like you have a layer of product on your face, so the lightweight claim is true in my opinion. For sure, they hold up foundation better and longer than a foundation would alone, or even with a primer underneath. But they don't prolong my eyeshadow "life" or my blush any longer.. I find that my blush color fades pretty quickly with these, which is disappointing.

**Something to be noted - these sprays contain alcohol, and not just a little.. Alcohol is the second highest ingredient (water is the most abundant)... Not a fan of that. Just something to keep in mind, especially if you have dry skin or skin conditions.

I don't want it to seem like I'm bashing these in any way; I do love them! But, I don't have much money to spare and I love finding cheaper alternatives - not only for myself, but also for my readers!


Okay, so are they better than drugstore versions?


The Elf Makeup Mist & Set... It costs $3!

I love that it is packaged in plastic, so you know it hasn't been tampered with.

On the box:

"Keep your makeup staying in place all day with a radiance boosting invisible hold. Spray on after makeup application to set makeup in place or during the day for a quick touch up to refresh. The invigorating mist moisturizes and soothes the skin with key ingredients Aloe, Green Tea, Cucumber and Vitamins A, C & E. The lightweight, comfortable and alcohol free formula improves makeup wearability and prevents color from running or fading."

There is no alcohol in this, but there are quite a few parabens... So, there are good and bad points to each. Eh, you can't win 'em all...

*Parabens are preservatives, preventing the growth of microorganisms and give cosmetics a longer shelf-life.. Organic products avoid using parabens, but they typically don't last as long and some even need to be refrigerated.


This spray is 2.02 fl oz (60 ml) so it will probably last you a couple months, but again... It's only $3!

I wish that the directions and ingredients were listed on the bottle, but they are only on the box unfortunately.

The spray/mist on this a bit heavier than the UD sprays... If you don't hold it far enough away, your face will get pretty damp. But if it feels like it's too much, you can blot your face to soak up any excess product... It's not too much to complain about when you are only spending $3 though...

I am so incredibly pleased to tell you that I like this even MORE than the Urban Decay sprays!!! Yesterday I tried this out, I was outside all day long (it was in the 70's-80's) and my makeup barely wore down after 6 hours of wear, I only had to touch up a little concealer on areas where I had covered blemishes, and blot a little in my T-zone.. Miraculously, my blush still looked like it did when I first applied it (that's my big test for setting sprays, if blush lasts - it's amazing.) and it seemed like even my eyeshadow stayed vibrant for longer! After 7 hours, there was no fading! Also, it's very lightweight and doesn't feel heavy on your skin. I have read reviews that this spray has a scent but I really don't smell much of anything.. Figured I'd mention it, maybe if you are very sensitive to scents you'd notice, not sure.. But, the reviews did say that the scent went away in seconds.

Anywho! I am so impressed with this spray and I will not be purchasing the Urban Decay ones again... And that's difficult for me to say, because UD is probably my all-time favorite high end brand... But $30 versus $3?! I'm sold!

Purchase e.l.f. Studio Makeup Mist & Set ELF Professional Quality Clear Setting Sprayfrom!


Again, you may have different results depending on your skin type and the climate you live in.. But this Elf spray has been amazing for me!

Surprisingly, the underdog won this battle :)

Thank you Olivia for this post request!! I hope it helped and you enjoyed it! xoxo

*I purchased these products with my own money. These opinions are and ALWAYS will be 100% my own!*

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