Naked Palettes: Which should you choose?

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The first Naked palette was released in 2010 and people went crazy for it. And for good reason, it is amazing! A year later, here comes Naked 2 and along with it, questions on if both are worth owning and if not, which one is best for you? Urban Decay is one of my all-time favorite high end brands. And as a UD junkie, I own both, as well as the Naked Basics palette. But for those on a budget, I wanted to show you all three and try to help steer you in the right direction when heading off to purchase one.


The Naked palettes retail for $50 each, both containing 12 shades which makes each eyeshadow in the palette around $4 (and some change)... The Naked Basics palette is $27 with 6 shadows, which makes them around $4.50 each.

The price does seem very high, but when you look at it that way and do the math, you are getting high end eyeshadows for drugstore prices :)


I'll go through each palette in detail and then at the end do a comparison to help you decide which to purchase!

* Forgive me, I'm not the best at describing colors; these are so hard to explain! LOL

Okay, so we'll start with the original Naked palette:


The packaging is nice, that cardboard-ish kind that most come in. It has a felt-like feel to it..It gets dirty fairly easily but it's easy to wipe down and it travels pretty well, I've never had a problem with any damage.


Along with this palette you get an eyeshadow brush and a mini primer potion (eyeshadow primer).


This is a great primer, it has a doe-foot applicator and this little tube lasts me forever, the first one I got lasted me an entire year!



The brush is okay... Nothing to write home about. I've used mine maybe once.

Now for the shadows! :)



Virgin is a pale cream color, no big chunks of glitter, it's more on the frosty side. Great for a lid color or for the inner tear duct.

Sin is a gorgeous pinky champagne, also more on the frost side versus shimmer/glittery.

Naked is the first of two matte colors; a light beige-brown, more on the taupe side. It's perfect for a blending shade and in the crease.



Sidecar is a stunning light bronze, it has large chunks of glitter and does have bad fallout because of that, I recommend either doing your eye makeup first or holding a tissue under your eye to catch the fallout. It's best to pack this color on, it's beautiful on the lids!

Buck is the second and last matte shade, a warm brown pretty much a deeper version of Naked. Perfect for the crease and deepening the outer-V.

Half Baked is UD's classic, perfect gold. A warm toned bronze, shimmery - it doesn't have huge pieces of glitter and just adds a beautiful shine.



Smog is a medium bronze, more on the brown side; similar to Half Baked in that it has that beautiful shine to it.

Darkhorse is a deep, muddy brown with bits of bronze shimmers.

Toasted is a gorgeous shimmery pinky brown, this is one that's hard to describe. It's such a unique color!



Hustle is a deep, plum/mauve brown. It looks like a deeper version of Toasted, but it has less shimmer.

Creep is a grey/black with multicolored shimmers, this is the only color in this palette that needs a bit of building up to get it really dark.

Gunmetal is a shimmery blue-grey, it's really gorgeous and unique. In-pan doesn't do it justice, this one needs to be seen in person for sure.


Naked 2:



Excuse the mirror - the result of hair spray lol all my mirrors end up like this! haha

I love the packaging for this one, it's in a hard metal case and it's very sturdy. It clicks shut instead of a magnet like the 1st palette.

This one comes with:


A sample size of the Urban Decay Lip Junkie in the shade Naked.. I've never used it, not a huge fan of the color.




The brush is better than the one that comes with the first Naked palette.. It has a blending brush on one side and a flat shader brush on the other side.

The shadows:



Foxy is the first of three matte shades; a pale yellow, a bit powdery but it's nice for a brow-bone highlight.

Half Baked is the only repeat from the Naked palette.

Bootycall is a light pinky/white frost, most similar to Virgin from the first palette. Great for an all over lid color, browbone or the inner corner/tear duct.



Chopper is an orangy-bronze, reminds me of a penny.. Very beautiful, larger shimmers/glitter - very prone to fallout.

Tease is the 2nd matte shade; a gorgeous mauve-brown, perfect for the crease.

Snakebite is a unique dark, almost dirty bronze. Shimmery, very buttery - less prone to fallout.



Suspect is a beautiful champagne-bronze frost, similar in texture to Snakebite. Very buttery and soft.

Pistol is a beautiful grey, more on the brown side. Frosty, no glitter or sparkle.

Verve is one of my favorites in this palette, a silver frost with almost a pink/lilac undertone. It's gorgeous!



YDK is another super unique shade, a copper/bronze-brown. Super creamy but very prone to fallout.

Busted is a deep, warm burgundy brown, light frost - no shimmer/glitter.

Blackout is a matte, super deep black.


Both of these palettes are amazing. The pigmentation is phenomenal, they are creamy and easy to blend.


Naked 2 on top, Naked below (hehe)


So, to decide which to choose........

The main differences between the two are: the first Naked palette is more on the warm-toned side. And while Naked 2 does have a few warm-toned shades, the palette leans toward cool-toned.

Here is a post on how to figure out if you are warm or cool toned! This is important when choosing out makeup, and can really help you pick between these two if you only want one.


If you are warm toned, I'd suggest the Naked palette.

Cool toned - Naked 2.

Neutral toned - you can get away with either. But you may pull warm, or cool...

For example, I'm neutral toned but I pull more cool rather than warm. So although I can get away with using either palette, I prefer to use Naked 2 because the colors look a little better on me.


It can be a little confusing but you get the hang of it after a while! :)

Of course, you can always choose whichever colors are more appealing to you. Looking quickly, these look very similar but they are quite different! The best part about makeup is personalizing it so don't feel like you need to choose one over the other just because of your undertone.

* Keep in mind that these are almost totally shimmer palettes. Naked 1 has only two matte shades and Naked 2 has three... So if you are a matte girl, I'd suggest an all-matte palette, or even the Lorac Pro which has an even amount of mattes and shimmers.


Now, for the Naked Basics palette:


It is quite simply, a basic palette. It has 5 totally matte shades and one demi-matte shade that gives a satin finish.

These shadows have an "improved formula" from the first Naked palettes; they are very creamy and soft, slightly less powdery and aren't as prone to fallout.



Venus is the demi-matte, it has a slight frost to it and is amazing for all over the lid, or as a highlight on the brow-bone, inner corner or tear duct.

Foxy is a repeat from the Naked 2 palette, matte pale yellow that is great for highlighting the brow-bone.

W.O.S. (Walk Of Shame) a matte very pale pink, another great for a brow-bone highlight.



Naked 2 is kind of the offspring of Naked from the Naked palette and Tease from the Naked 2. It's perfect for the crease and as a transition color.

Faint is a beautiful beige-brown, great for the crease and the outer-V.

Crave looks black in the pan but is a very deep, dark brown. If you pack it on, it can look black.


The Naked Basics palette is perfect for a neutral eye, but it can absolutely be built up for a smokey eye as well. It's really the essential companion palette. You can wear this alone and create quite a few gorgeous looks, or combine it with any other shadows you want. The first three are amazing highlighters, Naked 2 is great for a transition color and the last two are amazing for the crease and smoking out colors!



Overall, you can't go wrong with any of these. All three are absolutely fantastic palettes for a great value. You can't beat the pigmentation (seriously, amazing!!) and the colors are so unique and gorgeous. But, for anyone on a budget, I hope this helped you decide which one you'd rather have! It's a tough decision (Which is why I own all three!)  :)

I suggest you purchase these from either Ulta, Sephora or Urban Decay - avoid Amazon or Ebay, I've seen many fake versions of these! Be careful!


*I purchased these products with my own money. These opinions are and ALWAYS will be 100% my own!*

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