DIY Hair Masque for Dandruff & Hair Loss:

Hello my loves! How are you?

For some reason this summer my scalp has been super dry, itchy and unfortunately, flaky - gross, I know.... Girl, don't act like you've never had dandruff! :) LOL Anyways, I have suspicions as to why, different lifestyle changes and such but regardless of the cause, no hair care products have been helping..

So I went to google!.... Seriously, what would we do without it?!

I found a ton of different hair masque recipes but most had foods I didn't have at the house so I finally found a simple one and decided to give it a try yesterday.

What you'll need:

  • A bowl
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Organic is best)
  • Honey
  • One to two ripe bananas (when they start turning brown)
  • Something to mash everything together with - preferably a food processor or blender (I'll explain why later)

The reasons for each ingredient?

Bananas are rich in:

 - potassium; a potassium deficiency can lead to hair loss.

 - natural oils; if your scalp is oily - only apply this masque from your ears down!

 - Vitamins; deficiency's in different vitamins can also cause hair loss!

 -  Carbohydrates; will strengthen your hair and also prevent hair loss



 - An amazing emollient that deeply penetrates the hair shaft. Not many oils can get as deeply as EVOO can!

 - Rich in Biotin; helps with hair growth

 - Vitamins A & E - antioxidants - that help heal dry/flaky scalp aka dandruff as well as hair growth.

- Anti-inflammatory which also helps with dandruff.

 - The chances of an allergic reaction are very low so this is great for a wide variety of people!



 - Antibacterial properties; help maintain a healthy scalp.

 - A humectant; helps retain and keep moisture.

 - Adds softness and shine.


Although this recipe is great for dandruff, as you can see it's also amazing for hair loss/growth!


So I'm not going to give super exact measurements because everyone will need to adjust the amounts depending on their length & type of hair. Mine is long and thick so I used two bananas, and just eyeballed how much EVOO & Honey I wanted; just be sure to use less honey than the other two ingredients (the stickiness can be a pain).

I'll show you how mine looked and then explain why it is very important to use a processor or blender:



I wasn't totally done mixing it up here but you can kind of see that my masher thing has very wide spaces so it didn't mash up the banana as well as I wanted... I tried to get all of the chunks out but assumed that the ones that did make it through would just rinse out in the shower... I was wrong. I stood in the shower for a good 15 minutes picking banana pieces out of my hair!

Moral of the story, be sure to blend this up as best as you can!

* I used two ripe bananas and maybe 3 tbsp EVOO and around 2 tbsp of honey... This turned out to be just enough to cover my entire head. Next time I will probably add a bit more EVOO but otherwise, it worked out pretty nicely.

I would recommend applying this over a sink as it can get VERY messy! If your hair is oily, only apply this from your ears down. If you suffer from dandruff and have the same issues I've been having, apply this to your scalp first and really work it in; rub and massage it into your scalp and then apply it to the rest of your hair.

Clip your hair up (optional, put in a shower cap) and let it sit for 20-30 minutes. Your hair will smell like delicious bananas!... Then hop in the shower and rinse it out! It can be a bit stubborn to remove, so shampooing will help to get everything out - I shampooed twice just to be sure - then condition as you usually do and you are all set!


Result? No flakes! I'm amazed at how well this worked after the first try! My hair feels pretty soft, looks a bit more shiny and without a doubt it helped the dryness :)


If you give this a try, let me know in the comments below! :)


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