Avon Mega Effects Mascara:


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Hello my loves!

I've been testing out Avon's new Mega Effects mascara for a little over a month now and wanted to share a pretty in-depth review with you!

This mascara costs $10 and is the most unique looking applicator I've ever seen... The second I saw the commercial for this I knew I had to get it! Here is the boxing and packaging first:





packaging5The packaging is pretty cool looking; fairly small and compact, not too wide so it doesn't take up too much space.

packaging6First comes off the pink cap... And then you have to hold the black end with one hand and grab the handle of the brush with the other, and then wiggle it back and forth to pull it out:

p1And with that, comes my biggest complaint about this... (But it's not a deal breaker)

p2It's pulled through this, sort of filtered type space... And unfortunately, it just doesn't stop enough product from coming through, so you get a bit too much on the brush. Here is what it looks like right when you pull it out of the container:

product2See all that excess product?

product1Like I said, it's not a deal breaker or anything.. I just dab it on tissue paper and then apply it.

... Now for the brush:

brush1He's a cute little paint brush guy... See the hinge? You can bend it to whatever angle you want, makes it really easy to get deep up in your lashes...... And I am pleased to say, I LOVE this brush!




brush3You get bristles at every angle! Even the ends have small bristles so you can turn this to the side and get right in the inner corner of your eyes.


The formula is more on the wet side, which isn't exactly my favorite.. I definitely prefer dryer formulas and I'm not quite sure how much this will dry out since it is in a jar-ish type thing rather than a tube.


This is after one coat, without curling my lashes.

This mascara gives great length, but not much in the volume department. I already have fairly long lashes so mine literally touch my brow-bone when I really layer this a few times.. But I do wish it gave more volume.



Again, I didn't curl my lashes at all..... Do you see that curl?! Very impressive!



IMG_7080AHH! Sorry for the scary close up and the messy eyebrows, I'm growing them out a bit :)

So, here is after three coats.. Still not much volume but I think this is great for every day wear. And I am so pleased to say that I have not had a problem with this smudging for flaking!

Overall, I give this a thumbs up! I absolutely love the brush, you can get every single lash and it's also perfect for the bottom lash-line as well! I love to layer this with other mascaras so I get the volume from one and the length from this one!

I think this is great for anyone who wants length to their lashes, and I'm curious to see if it helps add curl to anyone with lashes that are more on the straight side! This brush can be a bit intimidating to some so if you aren't adventurous with your mascara, I'd say you can pass this up without losing out on too much.. But I think this is great, a super innovative design and I'm excited to see if Avon comes out with more versions, and also if any other companies give this a try!

I hope you are having a great day!

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