Hey dolls!

Just wanted to give you guys a heads up, there will be some changes on the blog!

Mainly, the name. When I first chose Estycare, it was when I started on Tumblr (I no longer have that page) and was geared towards skin care. Once I moved to Wordpress I found myself almost only writing about makeup and although I don't think many people even understood the Estycare name (esty is short for esthetician), it was a big decision for me to sway away from it.

I realize that I'll lose some traffic from this for a while, as any links from other blogs and sites will no longer work.. But I really want to take this blog as far as I possibly can, and I just don't feel confident or happy with the Estycare name right now. Maybe for a skin care blog later, but for now... Makeup!

So anywho, the look may possibly change as well but I haven't totally decided on that yet. But definitely the name.

Once I change everything over I will post about the name and where it came from :)

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I just wanted to take second to thank my readers, you guys are SO amazing and I am thankful for every single comment you leave! I've built some great friendships from blogging already and I am looking forward to the future!

Thanks in advance for your patience with these changes, I hope you guys will like the new name! :)