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Today begins the reviews for my gigantic haul from the amazing Amanda! If you have no clue what I'm talking about, check out my HUGE haul post :)

BH Cosmetics is a makeup company that sells good quality makeup for low prices, they have eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers, foundations, primers, brushes - everything you could think of! Pretty much identical to Coastal Scents and a couple other companies (their products are all made at the same factories in China).. The products from all these companies are pretty hit and miss. Some are amazing, others not so much. It's definitely trial and error when you purchase from these sites so I wanted to review one of their palettes today in the hopes that it will help anyone wondering about this particular palette.

BH Cosmetics has a line of three eyeshadow and blush palettes (unique to BH) called the California Makeup Palette Collection - there is a San Francisco palette, Hollywood and Malibu. Each has the same amount of product, just different shades of eyeshadows and blushes (as well as highlights, although they are all referred to as blushes).

I have the Malibu palette!



IMG_7478It comes in a slip - the packaging is the same on both the slip and the actual palette.



malibu3The two sides open up, and on each "door" are the eyeshadows.

malibu4Then the middle part flips up for the blushes & highlight colors, as well as a nice mirror.

I'll show each section of shadows and swatch them!

As with all BH Cosmetics products, some of these eyeshadows are hit and miss. Each swatch has the shade alone (with absolutely nothing underneath) next to the shade with NYX's jumbo pencil in Milk underneath to show you how much the color can pop when a base is put underneath. I'm going by two's so you can get a good view of each shade!

m5Here is the left side of the palette.


  • The yellow shade is matte - definitely needs to be built up, the pigmentation wasn't great on it but if you are willing to work with it, it's a beautiful color.
  • The next is a teal/turquoise-blueish with shimmer, very beautiful - a base will really help this one stand out.


  • The first shade is a beautiful matte blue -not the deepest in the palette - it took some working with but you can get good color payoff, this shade makes me think of the ocean.
  • The next is a matte neon green with a hint of yellow to it, I was surprised at how great the color payoff was. You don't even really need a base with this one!


  • The first shade here is a light tan with a little bit of shimmer, more of a sheen than sparkle. It took a lot of work to get this color built up and I'd recommend a base that is similar to the shade because the white didn't really help it stand out more.
  • The second shade is a deep matte brown, not as much pigmentation as I had hoped but this could be a great color for deepening the crease.


  • This first shade was difficult to work with... It took so much to build up any color, it pretty much only gave me sparkle rather than color, and the NYX pencil just overpowered the color - this one was a big flop for me. which is a shame because it looks like it could be a gorgeous highlight color.
  • The second shade is a bright gold, nice color payoff. Very shimmery, leaning towards metallic. Pretty good color payoff.

m6Now for the right side!

malibuswatches5Ah, I love these two shades! They make me think of a mermaid..

  • The first is a gorgeous shimmery green, I own nothing like it and the color payoff is great.
  • The next shade is a light teal with a little bit of a sheen to it. Pretty good pigmentation, a base can help this stand out more.


  • The first shade, I love! A stunning light blue with a metallic finish, great pigmentation!
  • The second shade is the deep matte blue, I really wish this had better pigmentation.. It's such a gorgeous color but it takes a lot to build it up.


  • The first shade here is a beautiful bronzy brown, great pigmentation!
  • The next is a peachy bronze-ish shade, a lot of sparkle/glitter but pretty good payoff.

malibuswatches8The last two of the eyeshadows:

  • the first shade was another total flop for me.. I could barely get this to build up, it was more glitter than color.
  • The second and last shade is a pretty matte orange, good color payoff!

Okay, now for the blush section!



  • The top left shade is most definitely a blush - a gorgeous coral pink - it is so beautiful! Feels very creamy soft, not powdery at all and has great pigmentation!
  • The second shade confuses me... This is not a blush, bronzer or even a highlight... It's another eyeshadow in my opinion. It is absolutely beautiful though, probably one of my favorites in this palette.. Hard to explain this color, it has pink/peachy undertones to it but also a bronzy sheen. I don't know, but it's gorgeous!
  • The third shade (on the bottom left of the palette) is a pretty highlight, this is very built up but it can add a gorgeous shine to the cheekbones.
  • The last shade, I'd have to say is another highlight.. More on the gold side, it has good color payoff and is really pretty! I'd recommend this one as a highlight for darker skin tones.

So there it is! Overall, I love this palette. I knew to expect some shades to be better than others. Some have better pigmentation, some are super creamy while others are more on the chalky side. It's typical for this brand and definitely not a death sentence, especially for the price!

These palettes are originally $17.95 but they are always on sale! Right now, they are $9!!!!! All that product for such a low price! I recommend these palettes for pretty much anyone - great for beginners all the way up to the makeup hoarder like myself! :)

I hope you enjoyed this review! Have you tried any of these palettes? Let me know in the comment section below!

I have a bunch of more reviews coming soon! :)

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