Studio 35 Beauty Cleansing Towelettes Review:

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Hey lovelies!

Another skin care related review for you today! I went to Walgreens last night to pick up some cold medicine (I've been sick on and off for an entire month!) and of course, I had to stop in the makeup section... I grabbed another shade from the Revlon Matte balms, I'll show you guys that in a post soon.. But while browsing, I saw a display of four different kinds of cleansing towelettes from a brand I have never seen or heard of and just had to get some. The CVS cleansing & makeup remover wipes are my favorite but I'm always on the lookout for more makeup wipes that I enjoy.

So, it appears this Studio 35 brand is only at Walgreens (you can also get it on Interestingly enough, I can't find much about this brand - not even a website... So no clue what that's all about.

Anywho, here's the packaging:

ct1There were 3 other kinds with different claims, I grabbed this one because Bergamot is great for sensitive skin...



Well, apparently green tea & bergamot is just the scent because they are not in the ingredients at all... Can we say false advertising?... The ingredient DMDM Hydantoin is a slight concern, it is an antimicrobial formaldehyde releaser... Basically it's a preservative. This can irritate someone with very sensitive skin, or can cause some irritation with prolonged use. The rest of the ingredients are pretty basic, what you'll find in most makeup wipes. There are hibiscus, daisy and honeysuckle extracts but they are last on the list so there's no telling how much or how little is used.

On to the wipes themselves:

ct3Both sides are the same, no roughness to them.

These are $4.99.

I think these are okay, they did remove my makeup fairly well but unfortunately, they irritated my eyes. Of course that's the biggest thing when you are looking for good makeup remover wipes; you want ones that can be used to get off all that eyeshadow and mascara without it feeling like your eyes are on fire...

They aren't the worst wipes I've ever used, but I've had better... Ya know what I mean? :)

So, I won't be purchasing these again.. They did well at removing my makeup but I'm disappointed in the green tea & bergamot claim and because they irritated my eyes....

Back to my holy grail CVS wipes!

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