NYX Butt Naked Turn the other Cheek Palette - Review & Swatches:

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Hey dolls!

I have a fun review for you today of a new palette! Nyx Cosmetic's Butt Naked Turn the other Cheek palette... Quite the name, right? Well, it's the sequel to the very popular Butt Naked Eyes palette! They are both fairly similar from what I can tell so if you own the first, this one probably isn't necessary.. But boy, am I loving this and I just got it today!

As usual, we'll start with the packaging! This palette retails for $25.


bn2It comes in this box, with pictures of the palette on the back.. Love that!

This palette comes with 15 eyeshadows, 4 blushes and 3 highlighters!

bn3It's fairly large; the packaging is plastic.

bn4You get a nice big mirror, it opens to your eyeshadows and then the blushes & highlighters slide out from the bottom.

bn5This is a perfect neutral palette! When you look quickly, it appears to have 9 matte shades and 6 shimmery, but when swatching I noticed some of those shades are a bit on the satiny side. So I'd say you get 7 matte, 2 satin and 6 shimmery shades!

First the eyeshadow swatches, I did this a little differently than usual.. The top of the swatch is with the NYX jumbo pencil in Milk as a base, and then the lower half of the swatch is with no base underneath.

swatches1See the top half is more pigmented? Those have the base underneath.. I figured this would be easier to tell which ones benefit from having a base under them!

So here is the first row of shadows, the first three are matte and the second two are shimmery! The first shade is a pretty pale matte creamy shade, next is a matte brown, the third is a cool toned brown (it reminds me of Urban Decay's Tease), fourth shade is a black with golden sparkle, and the last shade is a gorgeous rose gold shade that is super shimmery.

swatches2Here's the second row!

The first shade is a warm matte brown, the second shade is a deeper matte brown - perfect for deepening the outer-v and crease! The third shade is more on the satin side, a pale creamy pink. The fourth shade is a very shimmery champagne/gold, and the last shade is an absolutely gorgeous shimmery brown (probably my favorite in the palette).

swatches3And the third row!

First shade is a matte black, second is a matte yellowy cream color - great for a browbone highlight. The third shade is another satin but slightly more shimmery than the other one - more on the champagne side, super pretty. The fourth shade is a true gold, very shimmery. And the last shade is a pretty white/yellow shimmer.

I'm terrible at describing shades, forgive me :)

The formula of these shadows is fantastic! I've never tried any of NYX's palettes so I was excited to try these and am SO happy with it. They are all very creamy, not too powdery and the pigmentation is phenomenal. The shimmer shades have better pigmentation than the mattes but that's pretty much to be expected, but even the matte ones are great! And I actually like when deeper mattes need to be built up more because it can be easy to over-do it when they are super pigmented.

I cannot wait to play with this, all of the colors are so gorgeous and there really isn't a shade that I don't like here, all of them are beautiful and super wearable.


Next let's check out the blushes and highlighters!


swatches4These blushes are fantastic! You get two matte and two shimmery ones. They are crazy pigmented and beautiful. The first shade is a super bright matte pink, the second shade reminds me of Milani's Luminoso, it's a beautiful orangey shade with a golden shimmer. The third shade is a cool toned matte pink, and the last shade is a shimmery deeper pink.

swatches5I couldn't get the highlighters to photograph well but they are super pretty and very pigmented. The first two are more on the pink side and the last one is cooler and more yellow. All are very pretty and I think would work for just about any skin tone!


I absolutely love this palette! Every single shadow in here, every blush and highlighter are all fantastic. I had expected at least a couple duds but really, there aren't any! $25 is a bit expensive for a Nyx product but it is so worth it, in my opinion. I'm glad this came out just in time for the holidays because I think it would be a great gift. LOVE THIS!

You can get this palette on NYX's website or at Ulta; it isn't on their site yet but I believe the display was brand new so I'm sure it will be up on the site soon!

Whether you grab this for a family member, friend or yourself, you can't go wrong. I think this will be great for any age group and any skin tone! Nice job Nyx, two thumbs up! :)

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