Sephora Haul:

"You say there is an 'us' and a 'them' and we must fight. I say there is only an us. And we must love."

- I Wrote This For You


Hey babies! I have a fun haul from Sephora for you today :)

This isn't a VIB haul, unfortunately.. I am not one so could not partake in the wonderful 20% off-ness... BUT!... I did order all of these from a free gift card I received from a site called Swagbucks.

Before I get into the haul I'll explain, this site is free to join and basically they just want you to use their search engine. And occasionally while using it, you'll get "swagbucks" which are basically just points.. And when you earn a certain amount of points, you can exchange them for different things... They have a reward store, where you can get different random things but what I use this site for is the gift cards! If you earn 450-500 (depending on the card) swagbucks, you can exchange those points for a $5 gift card to different places, 1000 SB for a $10 card, 1500 SB for $15, etc... I had 10,000 points saved up so I got a $100 gift card to Sephore for FREE! They have cards for Target, Walmart, Sephora, Best Buy, Pay Pal, Toys R Us, Starbucks, Gamestop, TJ Maxx, CVS, Old Navy, Lowe's.. And the list goes on!!

I know, this seems like it's too good to be true but this is legit and no, this post is in no way sponsored.. I saw people talking about the site on facebook one day and did my research because I thought for sure it was a scam.. But it's not (YAY!) and I am on this site literally every day! The searches are kind of a pain to get points from so what I use is their Swagbucks TV, you just watch videos and for every couple you watch, you earn 2 swagbucks.. I'll keep it running in the background while I'm doing other things on my computer and the points add up! There is also a goal you can reach every day, and if you do you'll get bonus bucks at the end of each month. It's basically free money. If you have any questions about the site, feel free to leave them in the comments below. I've been using it for about a year now and I know quite a bit about the site. Also, when you order the cards, it's digitally so you don't have to give out your address or anything. You can use the cards either online or in store, you'll get a card number that you can give to the person at the register.. I've used cards online and I've also used a $50 gift card to Target (in store) before and had absolutely no problem redeeming it!

If you are interested in joining and trying it out, it's totally free. Click here to sign up - this is my referral code, I will receive some swagbuck points if you sign up through me but I don't receive money or anything. And if you don't want to use my code, just go to the main site and sign up! :)


And now on to the haul!!!

IMG_8125I ordered Two Faced's Better Than Sex mascara, Buxom lipgloss in White Russian, two Beauty Blenders (One for Amanda!) and the Lip Tar All-Star kit!

For my three samples, I forgot to take a picture but I got a sample of Smashbox's Photo Finish primer, and two perfume samples.

I'm not going to go into detail on these products because I plan to do a review on everything so look for those soon!


Along with those, I used the coupon code BLITZ (it's available until the 18th) for a sample bag of products! There are like four different bags to choose from, when you put the code in and click apply, a menu will pop up. The bag they come in are all the same, but you get different products for each.  I believe I chose the second one? I could be wrong, but this is what came in mine:

IMG_8127Sorry for the coloring, my camera was acting crazy.

IMG_8134The bag you get is pretty nice quality. Feels fairly sturdy and I like how large it is.

IMG_8136Am I the only one that just melts when you get little baby samples of lipsticks? They are just so cute!

In this sample bag you get: Ojon's color sustain pro... I think it's a shampoo? A lancome perfume sample, lancome Definicils mascara, Smashbox full exposure mascara, Smashbox CC cream, Urban Decay's anti-aging eyeshadow primer potion, and that Kat Von D lipstick in Celebutard.

Overall, an impressive extra to my order! I'm super excited to try everything out and I can't wait to get reviews up for you guys! Definitely join Swagbucks though, I keep looking at all these crazy expensive products and can't believe I didn't pay a dime for them.. I have a really hard time spending so much money on makeup from Sephora so using these gift cards is a fun way to splurge without really splurging :)

I hope you're having a great day!

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