L'Oreal Youth Code Texture Perfector Review - Serum Concentrate & Day/Night Cream:

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Today's review is of two products from L'Oreal that have gotten quite a bit of hype lately in the beauty community:

l001Youth Code Texture Perfecter Day/Night Cream and the Serum Concentrate!

IMG_6999These are targeted more towards women in their 20's - 30's although any age - and any skin type - can use these! You can use one or both in conjunction with each other, both day and night as part of your skin care routine.

Pricing - more on the expensive side for the drugstore, they are both $24.99 each but they are marked down quite often. When I grabbed these they were on sale for $20 and I used some coupons from CVS and got them for fairly cheap, I can't remember how much exactly but if you time it right you can definitely get these for a good deal cheaper!

Packaging - insanely cute! I absolutely love the pink and in my opinion they look pretty high end. They are both in glass containers with plastic tops. Very sturdy but of course be careful not to drop them since they are glass :)

Claims - *All skin types*  visibly tightens pores, diminishes fine lines, and "reveals petal soft skin".... Is this true? For both? Let's see!


We'll start with the Serum first:

IMG_6996It has a  pump which is great. This can be applied both in the AM & PM and you put it on dry skin, after using your cleanser but before your moisturizer (or before the Day/Night Cream that we'll talk about next).

IMG_8673It's a super lightweight formula and the smell is absolutely amazing. I can't describe it but I just love it so much. Just pump about this size into your hands and work it really well into your face and neck, once you feel it is absorbed, you can apply your moisturizer!

I was very pleasantly surprised to really feel a difference in the texture of my skin after using this for about a month! It hasn't broken my skin out, which is impressive, and I find myself grabbing for it every single day and night. I LOVE THIS! I can't say I've seen a difference in my pores but to be honest, I think you'll need to go the high end route to ever see a difference in pore size. And as for fine lines, thankfully I don't have any yet but I do think that this could be a great preventative measure to take throughout your 20's! My skin definitely feels softer after using this, and mine typically is very temperamental so I'm super impressed that it really made a difference. I highly recommend it!


Day/Night Cream:


IMG_7002This is in a pretty large jar, same scent as the serum - it is light pink in color and also very, very lightweight which I love. Most moisturizers that are targeted as creams are fairly thick and heavy so I'm glad this isn't.

You apply this after the Serum Concentrate. Take a super small amount and rub it into both your face and neck, it sinks into your skin quickly and leaves it feeling moisturized and soft.

Now, does this also live up to the claims?.... I spent about a month using this alone, and then a month using the serum alone and I'm not sure I can say it does... It doesn't seem to make a difference in the texture/feel, pores, anything.. It's a nice moisturizer, but for $20-$25 I definitely expected more.


Overall, I recommend the Serum Concentrate and I think the Day/Night Cream could be something you passed on. As I've said, it's a nice moisturizer but if you are looking for a dramatic difference in the texture of your skin, just grab the serum and wear it under your current/favorite moisturizer! But always remember that everyone's skin is different and will react to products differently so if you are curious, grab them both and don't forget drugstores have fantastic return policies so keep the receipt and you can always return them! No shame in that, girl! :)

* You can purchase these products at any drugstore as well as Target, Walmart and via L’Oreal's website*


Have you tried these yet? If so, what are your opinions on them? Leave it in the comment section below.

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