Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Review:

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Hey dolls! I have a really exciting review for you today of some Makeup Geek eyeshadows! These have been raved about like crazy on YouTube and are compared to Mac eyeshadows all the time. Now, I don't own or have ever used any Mac eyeshadows so I won't be able to compare them for you guys today but definitely google dupes for MUG eyeshadows and you will find tons of posts with swatches.


For those of you who are unfamiliar with the brand, Makeup Geek was created by a popular YouTube-r Marlena who goes by the name Makeup Geek. She is such a sweetheart and a talented makeup artist, she gives great tips and has amazing tutorials so check out her youtube page! She created and runs this brand and has really quite an amazing following, and for good reason! Her products are absolutely amazing and for very affordable prices!


I placed an order last week for 7 eyeshadow pans and a Z-Palette (an empty magnetic palette you can place eyeshadow pans in).. They shipped within two days of ordering and got to me two days after shipping! I was so impressed because I ordered around Black Friday and they still came so quickly. Also, the packaging was great and everything was wrapped up very well.


zpaletteThe Z-Palette I ordered is the Dark Raspberry Damask, which was designed with Z-Palette by Makeup Geek so it is exclusive to MUG. This is absolutely gorgeous, even better in person. I am so pleased with this and I'm definitely going to get more! It holds 27 eyeshadow pans (the sizes of MUG shadows, or Mac). The MUG pans are already magnetized but this palette also comes along with a bunch of magnets to use for other pans you want to put in here.


You can also get these eyeshadows individually in little containers but I got the pans because I wanted them for the Z-Palette - These pans cost only $5.99 each!

cute!This is inside the sleeve of each individual pan packaging, how cute is this?! I just thought it was such a sweet touch and another reason why I adore Marlena.

mug1I ordered 7 eyeshadows, 5 mattes and two shimmers! I'll go through each of the shadows and then give you my opinion at the end of the post :)


Crème Brulee:





Described on the website: "A medium sand color with a soft matte finish"

Crème Brulee is a matte warm, sand-orange. Very pigmented, soft and not powdery at all! This is great for a transition shade or for blending out other shades.







On the site: "Matte medium brown"

Exactly as described, Latte is a matte mid-toned brown with nice pigmentation and is also soft and creamy; this is a tiny bit more powdery than some of the others.. I love this shade for the crease!


Cocoa Bear:





On the site: "Matte reddish brown"

Cocoa Bear is a matte warm red-brown, super pigmented and very creamy. I absolutely love this shade, it's so beautiful and unique! Another shade that is great for the crease, it's perfect to deepen and warm up any eyeshadow look.







On the site: "Deep matte brown"

Mocha is a perfect matte neutral dark brown for deepening the outer-v and the crease, very pigmented and creamy.







On the site: "Matte Pale Pink Brown"

Unexpected is a matte pale pink with brown undertones, more on the cool side. It has pretty good pigmentation but needs to be built up a little bit. A nice transition shade!


Prom Night:





On the site: "A pale purple with hints of grey and a shimmery finish"

Prom Night is a very unique shade, a purple with almost a duo-chrome type finish. This is absolutely gorgeous in person! Very pigmented!







On the site: "Shimmery Purple with Flecks of Silver"

Sensous is a pretty purple with gold and silver shimmers. It's very beautiful and pigmented, another shade that is unique to my collection.


So those are the shades I picked up and.... I WANT MORE! Ah, I am absolutely in love with these eyeshadows. In love, smitten, just... Yes. They are great! I've worn these twice so far, the first day without a primer or base underneath and they lasted for hours! Today I am wearing them again, with a primer underneath and they look amazing. Everything lives up to the hype completely and I am so impressed. Like I said, I can't say whether they are comparable to Mac but I totally believe it now when people say they are. And for $5.99, you can't beat it! I've already been on the site and looked at the other eyeshadows (they have so many to choose from) and I can't wait to pick up more! Two thumbs up! I love these so much.

Have you tried any MUG eyeshadows? If so, what are some of your favorite shades? Leave them in the comments below!

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