How to depot lipsticks:

"You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there's still going to be somebody who hates peaches."

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Hello, my loves! How are you? Is it absolutely freezing where you live? Because we are getting a huge snow storm here and it SUCKS! I'm going stir crazy, but.... I did get this blog post done, huh? :)

This post may not be useful for everyone.. But for any makeup artists or someone who wants another alternative to storing their lipsticks, I hope this will be helpful!

Depotting lipsticks is super easy and actually pretty fun!

What you'll need:

what you need1Lipsticks of your choice, something to store them in (these stackable containers are amazing for makeup kits), a spatula or something small to remove the lipstick with (I use that thing in the top left corner from a nail kit) and a hair dryer! Also, optional is a label maker, if you'll want to label each lipstick. The paper in mine ran out so I started just writing down the name of each lipstick and taping it on each section.

whatyouneed2I got this amazing storage container from Hobby Lobby. It was in the craft section!

d1These are perfect for makeup kits, they take up a lot less room and it's easy to find which shade of lipstick you're looking for.


So, to start you'll need to twist off one section of the container and have that ready. Next, twist up your lipstick as high as it will go:


2Then just break off that entire piece of lipstick into the container.

3You'll find a lot of left over product in the base of the tube so this is where that spatula comes in handy.

4Scrape out any bit of lipstick leftover, and put it in the container.

5Empty! :)

6Next, take your spatula and chop up the lipstick as much as you can. This will help it to melt down much quicker and more evenly than if you were to leave it whole in the container.

7Once you have it cut up into smaller pieces, try to smooth it out on the bottom as much as you can. Either with your finger or with the spatula.

8Then take the blow dryer, on the hottest setting and hold it above the container. Be careful because this can get very hot! I like to hold it over until I see the lipstick melting down a bit, then I'll press down the lipstick and try to flatten it more, then apply more heat, and continue until it's all melted down. Again, please be careful because not only does the container get hot, but the lipstick does as well while it's melting and can easily burn you if you aren't careful.

It takes a while to melt it down initially but you should start to see a sheen to the lipstick. Have patience, some are more stubborn than others - This Revlon lippie took a little while but Wet N Wild lipsticks melt down really quickly! Each brand will be different :)

9So here is when it's melted down more, there are still going to be chunks of lipstick so that's where you turn the heat off, and mush up what you can, then apply more heat again. I like to pick up the container and tap it on the table while the lipstick is melting, this helps it settle down into more of an even, flat surface.

10You'll get a few bubbles but that's normal. Once it's totally melted, tap it a few more times on the table to remove any bubbles and to make sure it's melted down totally.

Once it's all melted down, I like to clean up the top and sides a bit with a Q-Tip or tissue, just so it's not messy looking.

end1Here is another shade when it is cooled down.

11Let them sit for a while, or even set them in the fridge to cool. Once they are cooled down, I like to label with the name and finish of each lipstick!

These are amazing storage for your makeup kit or even at home if you don't have much room to spare. It's so easy, fun and the containers are really affordable as well. Check the craft section and you'll find different options :)

I hope this was helpful! Have a great day!

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