Benefit's Hoola Bronzer - Review & Swatches:

"But no matter how full the universe is of dark energy, it still manages to make the night sky look beautiful."

Hey dolls! Benefit's Hoola bronzer is one of the most talked about makeup products on blogs and YouTube, and it has been for years. You know I love testing out those products and seeing if they live up to the hype! I picked this up a few weeks ago and have been trying it out ever since..


IMG_0679The packaging is a box style, just like their blushes.

IMG_0677A small mirror is on the top lid and it comes with a brush.


IMG_0682You get 0.28 oz of product.

IMG_0683It's coming off more orange in these photos but this is a great shade for contouring. It warms up the face slightly but still gives that great natural looking shadow that you want while sculpting out your cheekbones, forehead, nose, ect.

The lasting power on this is impressive. It lasts through 10 hour days, even longer (although by then my skin is screaming at me to take the makeup OFF).. It blends nicely, better than any drugstore bronzers I've used. I'm very impressed and find myself grabbing for this more than any other bronzer I own.

I definitely use this more for contouring, and when I want a bronzer for all over the face, I still use NYC's Sunny.. I use them hand-in-hand often, Hoola to contour, Sunny to blend it out and warm up my skin tone. It absolutely can be used for bronzing in general but I prefer it for contouring!.... How many times have I said contouring in this post?!

Does this live up to the hype? I'd have to say yes. The pigmentation is nice but buildable, so if you are pale (like little ol me) or of a deep skin tone, it can be applied as lightly or as heavy as you need. I love it!


What are some of your favorite Benefit products? Let us know in the comments below!

Benefit is available online and at Sephora. Benefit's Hoola bronzer is $28.

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