Urban Decay Electric Palette:

"Sometimes carrying on, just carrying on, is the superhuman achievement."

- Albert Camus

Hello dolls! Today's review is of the new Urban Decay Electric Palette. When I first saw this, I shrugged it off immediately and told myself there was no point in my owning it. And like the makeup junkie I am, would keep watching and reading reviews, tutorials, etc and eventually started considering it.. I pretty much justified my purchasing it as... 'Well, I always want to do looks with fun bright pops of color but never have the shadows I need... This is perfect for that!' haha you fellow makeup hoarders will totally understand the internal battle :O)

 I apologize in advance, the pictures aren't as good of quality as I'd have wanted. I had a really hard time getting the camera to focus with the more shimmery shades and the brightness of them seemed to cause an issue as well. (This could just be my OCD talking lol) But hopefully you can see in enough detail <3

 20140608-124603-45963926.jpgFor those of you living under a rock who haven't seen this yet, it's a pressed pigment eyeshadow palette. :)

20140608-124603-45963656.jpgHere is the box, all shadows with names shown on the back.

20140608-124603-45963404.jpgThe packaging is the same as the box on the front. It's a fairly heavy duty plastic, it feels sturdy and I'd be pretty confident traveling with it. It has a magnetic closure, a large mirror inside and it includes a double sided brush as well.


20140608-124602-45962886.jpgIt comes with 10 shades, all incredibly bright and vibrant, some neon.

The shades Revolt and Chaos are repeats. Revolt was in the Anarchy Face Case and Chaos in the 1st Vice Palette!

All other shades are brand new. According to UD, 5 are mattes and 5 are shimmers... However I can't say all of them are. The pink shade, Savage is probably the only one I can say is a total matte. Gonzo, Slowburn, Chaos and Thrash are also considered mattes but they have a slight sparkle to them - but on the eye, they really can't be seen so I suppose that's why they are referred to as mattes!

20140608-124602-45962644.jpgThe pigmentation is incredible, absolutely pressed pigment quality. If you are unsure on owning this, head to your local Sephora or Ulta and just swatch them. Literally the slightest touch gives you insane color payoff.

20140608-124604-45964421.jpgThere is not a shade in this palette that I dislike. In the pan, if it doesn't wow you, I guarantee it will once it's on your eyes. They are all fantastic and absolutely gorgeous!

20140608-124602-45962377.jpgThe only shade I have a little trouble with is Revolt, because it's such a chunky glitter. Using Mac Fix + or even water can make this much easier to work with, it will boost the pigmentation a lot more and lessen the fallout. But it's not at all a deal breaker, it may be one of my favorite shades... Although I could never choose even 3 favorites! I absolutely love them all.

20140608-124604-45964162.jpgAlthough many of you have more than likely already seen this, it should be mentioned. The shades Slowburn, Savage, Jilted and Urban are technically "not intended for the immediate eye area."... It's not exactly common knowledge but many red, pink and purple shadows are typically said to not be used near the eyes. I don't know the exact reason offhand, but it has to do with the formulations of these shades.

I've used all shades on my eyes (even some on my lips) and have had absolutely no issues and no irritations. If you are super sensitive, I'd just do a patch test and see how your skin reacts. But really, you should be fine. By law they just have to include this!


20140608-124605-45965133.jpgAlso included in the palette is a double ended brush.

20140608-124604-45964664.jpgOne side is a flat shader brush for packing on color.

20140608-124604-45964902.jpgThe other side is a bit more of a fluffier brush, for blending.

I never use these brushes, but it does feel like good quality and I'm sure it works great.


Because this is a pressed pigment palette, you can also use these shades on your cheeks and lips as well! Super fun.

I absolutely adore this palette. It's quickly become one of my favorites and I'm a total neutral girl so I was really surprised I love it as much as I do. The colors are just so incredible and totally come to life once they are applied. The quality is top notch, true to Urban Decay form. They never let me down!

I have some looks coming soon using this palette! Keep your eyes open :)

The Electric Palette retails for $49 and is sold in store at Sephora, Ulta, as well as online!

*This is not a sponsored post, I purchased with my own money. All opinions are – and always will be – my own*

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