Sonia Kashuk Full Glam Eyelashes:

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Hello, my loves! I have a quick review of a pair of false lashes I've been absolutely loving!

Sonia Kashuk has around 4 different style of falsies, as well as sets of two pairs!

This set is called 'Full Glam'

20140706-161711-58631693.jpgThey are gorgeous, full and glamorous lashes. Along with the lashes you get glue, not sure how well this works. I always use Ardell's lash adhesive!

20140706-161731-58651909.jpgThe band on these lashes is perfection. It's thicker so it blends into your lashes really well and it has enough stiffness to the band that makes it really easy to apply. You know those lashes you try to put on but are so floppy and all over the place that it's hard to get them on right? These stay with a perfect curve that fit really snug to your lashes.

If you have trouble with applying lashes, I'd recommend these! The band on these make it so easy.

20140706-161801-58681873.jpgThese photos are from my Urban Decay Electric Palette look.

20140706-161802-58682457.jpgAnother thing I love about these lashes - my eyes are really small so I ALWAYS struggle with finding false lashes that don't look ridiculously huge and drag-queenish on me. These? Perfect length! They add drama and depth but they aren't so long that they hit my brow-bone.

20140706-162817-59297414.jpgThese lashes are gorgeous! I'll be picking up more styles soon :)

Sonia Kashuk falsies are sold at Target. These lashes are $4.99.

What are some of your favorite Sonia Kashuk products? Let us know in the comments below!


*I purchased this product with my own money. All opinions are – and always will be – my own*


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