Memebox Review - #11 Cacao Cosmetics:

"Confront the dark parts of yourself, and work to banish them with illumination and forgiveness. Your willingness to wrestle with your demons will cause your angels to sing."

- August Wilson

Hey beauties! I have another Memebox to review today! I'm loving these and this one, I like even better than the first!

This box is called Memebox Special #11 Cacao Cosmetics... Unfortunately it is currently sold out, I'm not sure if they get more in or not but I do have a promo code that is valid until the end of August and can be used towards any purchase!

$5 off promo code: SAERW4


* I haven't tried any of these products yet because my skin has been going BONKERS lately (thanks to stress) so I wanted to hold off until it was back to normal before I started testing out anything new. If there is something specific you want an in depth review on, let me know via Facebook, Twitter, IG - links at the end - or in the comments below!! *

IMG_9587.JPGAs you could have probably guessed, the theme of this box is chocolate. Oh yes, they had me at chocolate. Is your mouth watering yet? I will say this many times throughout this post... I wish you could smell these products!!

The description on the site, "Whoever said chocolate is bad for you? Your skin we mean! In the ancient world, Cacao was regarded as the Food of the Gods due to the many beauty benefits it offered for both the skin and health. With its high antioxidant content, raw cacao is guaranteed to make your skin appear dramatically healthier as it locks in nutrients and collagen within the skin, while also removing any excess oil and impurities from the pores. So, don't look for your chocolate fix from candy bars - pamper your skin instead with the Cacao Box!"

.... Intrigued? :) Let's get into the box!

IMG_9588.JPGAs always, the box is super cute. Click here to check out my previous Memebox review!


Okay, product #1:

IMG_9586.JPGEtude House Milk Talk (200ml - full size - $7)

Product Description:

"This adorably packaged body wash is one of Etude House's favorites among its fans for the heavenly sweet, chocolatey fragrance! Plus, it can be used as both a body wash and a bath milk - simply pour it in for a hot and bubble chocolate bath."

This smells exactly like chocolate milk. Gahhhh can I already start with wishing you could smell this?! I literally want to go make chocolate milk right now LOL

As I said above, I haven't tried any of this so if you do want to know about anything specific - let me know!


Product #2:

IMG_9585.JPGWondeRuci Cacao Brightening Mask (100g - full size - $38)

Product Description:

"Enjoy a luxurious aroma massage effect with this Cacao Brightening Mask right in your home! The real cacao components from the mask cleanse away all dirt and impurities piled up in your pores and the various minerals included work to moisturize and brighten up your complexion. (The mask texture also looks, feels, and smells exactly like real chocolate so be careful not to eat it!)."

This. Mask. Smells. AMAZING!!!!!

IMG_9584It's a very thick texture, surprisingly smooth and easy to apply. I've put this on my hand so far but I think I may try this out tonight. You will want to eat your face off with this on! According to the site, this mask is anti-aging, removes impurities and is skin-brightening. I can't wait to see how this works!


Product #3:

IMG_9583.JPGPure Smile Essence Mask Chocolate Milk (23ml - full size - $1)

Product Description:

"Replenish your completion into a baby-face with this Chocolate Milk Mask rich in milk protein nutrients, cacao extracts, vitamin E, and collagen which all work to hydrate and smooth out uneven texture."

This is one of those sheet masks, I love these for spa nights to quickly refresh your skin. It says to leave this on for 15-20 minutes and gently pat in the remaining product into your skin.

This is sold on Memebox's website.


Product #4:

IMG_9582Evas Vitamin Cleansing Dessert Magic Cream Soap Coconut & Cacao (130g - full size - $18)

Product Description:

"While some cleansers with larger foam particles, excess vibration or friction can irritate the skin, this coconut and cacao-infused Cream Soap works gently yet thoroughly with micro foam particles that reach deeply into your pores, leaving your face refreshing clean and smooth."

IMG_9581Nice, simple packaging.

IMG_9580.JPGThis product is super intriguing to me. The How To Use says, "Massage the foams onto your face from the inner towards the outer contours of the face Then use your fingers to gently roll the foams."..... Huh? lol I'm assuming that just means this foams up. I'm really looking forward to trying this because I love using creamy cleaners to remove all my makeup.

This is sold on Memebox's website!


Product #5:

IMG_9579.JPGPure Smile Choosy Lip Scrub Chocolate (25g - full size - $11)

Product Description:

"This gentle Choosy Lip Scrub is packed with all sorts of natural gouges - sugar, cacao extracts, bees wax, shaw butter, jojoba oil, macadamia oil - for removing dead skins, deeply nourishing, and adding an extra luster to your dry, chapped lips."

I haven't opened this yet because I'm currently finishing up a lip scrub I made at home but I'm super excited for this! I love lip scrubs! And a chocolate one is a plus :)

This is sold on Memebox's website.


Product #6:

IMG_9578.JPGPurederm Nose Pore 6 Strips Choco Cacao (6ea - full size - $6)

Product Description:

"This Nose Pore Strips Choco Cacao is a one-step pore care treatment specifically designed to unclog execs blackheads, whiteheads, dirt and oil piled up in your pores. You'll feel a dramatic difference after just one use."

Nose strips are always disgusting fun, no? Chocolate ones? Very interesting! I'm definitely doing a pamper night tonight and playing with all of these goodies :)

This is sold separately on Memebox's website.


Notice a theme throughout this post? Aside from the chocolate.... All of these are full size products!!! This box is only $23 and you get $81 worth of product!I really hope this comes back in stock for any of you who will be interested. I'm SO impressed by this box!

Memebox has a ton of fun boxes to choose from so definitely go browse the site and put that coupon code to use!

SAERW4 for $5 off!

*I received this Memebox for review. These opinions are – and ALWAYS will be – my own.*

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