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Hello, my loves! Today's post is all about my favorite, must have brushes at the moment.  This was a request from Melissa on Instagram (thanks doll!) <3

10689437_10154543516150392_8774990602966599727_nI have slowly built up my brush collection over the past two years and although I'd like to get a lot of high-end brushes, I have a pretty broad selection of favorites ranging from drugstore prices to slightly higher end.

IMG_3369Let's get started with face brushes!

IMG_3372My absolute holy grail - cannot live without it - brush is Sedona Lace's Synthetic Round Top - 480. I use this for my liquid foundation, every single day that I wear makeup... I'll try to use something else and ALWAYS go back to this.

IMG_3376It's super dense so it gives full coverage and buffs the foundation in beautifully. I can't say enough about this brush, it's amazing.

I got this in Sedona Lace's Midnight Lace Synthetic Brush Set but you can also purchase it separately for $18.95. For a review on this set, click here!

I prefer synthetic brushes because they don't shed and they dry much faster than natural hair brushes!


IMG_3380I go between two tools when blending out under-eye concealer, my Beauty Blender... And this beautiful baby. Sigma's Tapered Kabuki F86.

IMG_3382This brush is SO dense. It blends concealer beautifully and if you apply too much, it soaks up just enough so you never get cakey. My only complaint is that because it is so dense, it takes forever to dry... This takes the longest out of all my other brushes. But that's nothing to really complain about when it's made so well and works perfectly!

I got this in the Jaclyn Hill set, unfortunately it was limited edition but you can purchase this separately for $24 as well as in a few of their other sets.


IMG_3395Another brush I love for concealer, this I use for spot concealing redness & blemishes - Sedona Lace's Synthetic Small Flat Top 872.

IMG_3399This brush blends concealer into small areas so well! It gives great coverage so I always use this whenever I'm breaking out.

This brush is sold separately for $16.95 as well as in the Se7ven Midnight Lace Synthetic Brush Set. For a review on this set, click here!


IMG_3384My favorite brush for blush (say that 5 times fast!) is this angled brush from Eco Tools, I believe this was sold in a set, I've had it for years so check your local drugstores if you're interested in picking this up. They have a bunch of different sets and all are very inexpensive!

IMG_3385I'm not quite sure what it is about this brush that I love so much, it's just really nice. I've never had an issue with shedding, it applies just the right amount of product and it blends blush really well. I love using angled brushes to apply blush, it makes it so easy for that perfect application.


IMG_3401For bronzer, I love using the Sedona Lace Synthetic Rounded Powder brush 980. This is a nice dense powder brush, I love this for a less precise contour and to warm up the face with bronzers. Fantastic quality, no shedding.

The Synthetic Rounded Powder brush is sold separately for $18.95 or in the 12 Piece Synthetic Brush set.


IMG_3390My favorite brush for contouring is the Sedona Lace Dome Contour FB05. This is shaped perfectly for getting in the hollows of your cheeks without giving a super harsh contour, it's also perfect for contouring the forehead and jawline. It's natural hairs so it does shed from time to time but not too badly.

This is sold separately for $16.95 and in the Vortex set (you can purchase just the brushes and also the brushes with a brush belt).


I have two brushes that I love for highlighting:

IMG_3404The best fan brush you will ever own! The Sedona Lace Jumbo Fan FB 01... There are no words for how nice this brush is. It is SO SOFT, so densely packed, so luxurious! It applies highlighters beautifully. I absolutely love this brush. The quality is incredible.

You can purchase this brush separately for $18.95 or in the Vortex set.


IMG_3388My other favorite for highlighting is the Sigma Tapered Highlighter  F35. Another I got in the Jaclyn Hill set... This is a small tulip shaped brush that is the perfect size for applying a highlighter to your cheekbones, nose, etc. The quality is amazing, no problems with shedding.

The Sigma Tapered Highlighter is $24.


IMG_3407To apply setting & pressed powders, I've used the E.l.f Powder Brush for years! This is in the Studio line and costs only $3!! It's so densely packed and doesn't ever shed. The only problem I've had is with the ferrule breaking apart from the brush handle but gluing it back in solves the problem. And for $3, who can complain?! It's a great brush.


Now for the eye brushes!

IMG_3410These two are almost identical and I use interchangeable. The Sigma Blending E25 and the Sedona Lace Universal Blender EB 09. The Sedona Lace brush is a tiny bit larger and a little bit less dense but you can't really tell application wise. These blend beautifully and fit into the crease of the eye really well.

The Sigma E25 is $14 and the Sedona Lace EB 09 is $13.95.


IMG_3413Another fantastic blending brush is the Sigma Tapered Blending E40. This is amazing for applying transition shades and blending out any shadows. It's larger than the two mentioned above.

The Sigma E40 is $16 and sold in a few different sets.


IMG_3418Pretty much identical to the Sigma E40 is the Sedona Lace Synthetic Tapered Blending brush 863. The shape and size is the same, the only difference is the bristles. This is a bit softer than the E40 but they work pretty much the same. This is my go-to for transition shades... This brush has used Makeup Geek's Peach Smoothie pretty much every day :)

Sedona Lace's Synthetic Tapered Blending brush is $13.95.


IMG_3442A more affordable alternative for a blending brush is this one from Target, it's the Up & Up brand - I believe they look different now so check your Target! These are only a few dollars and they are great quality, they blend well and I've had no issues with shedding.


IMG_3433This brush came in a set with a smaller sized brush at CVS. It's called the Essence Of Beauty Crease Brush Duo. These are fantastic quality! I always find myself grabbing them for all types of purposes, from crease-work, applying a shade in the inner corner and even for blending on the lower lash line. Both brushes are great.

The Essence Of Beauty Crease Brush Duo is $5.99 at CVS.


IMG_3417A go-to brush for crease work is the Sedona Lace Pointed Crease brush EB 15. Another synthetic brush that blends beautifully. I love using this for smokier looks, it applies the perfect amount of deep, dark shades and allows you to build up the color and blend all at the same time. It fits perfectly in the crease and outer-v.

The Sedona Lace EB 15 is $13.95.


IMG_3423The brush I love to use for applying cream bases and shadows is the Sedona Lace Flat Synthetic EB 11. Great quality, it applies cream products beautifully.

The Sedona Lace Flat Synthetic brush is $13.95 and sold in sets.


IMG_3426My favorite pencil brush is the Sigma Pencil E30. This is densely packed but super soft so it's perfect for blending out shadows on your lower lash-line. This is a must for smokey eyes!

The Sigma E30 is $14.


 IMG_3429A favorite angled brush is the Sedona Lace Angled Detail EB 23. I like using this brush to fill in my brows, it gives more of a natural look rather than harsh. I don't use this daily because I've been mainly using brow pencils but I love this whenever I want to use shadow or pomade.

The Sedona Lace Angled Detail brush is $13.95 or sold in the Vortex Set.


IMG_3430A favorite angled brush for applying gel liner is this one from Eco Tools. Another I purchased years ago in a set, the bristles are packed very close together so it's easy to get a very precise line.


IMG_3443The Sigma Eyeliner E05 is a brush I love to use to get that perfect cat eye wing. It's densely packed but pointed perfectly and the hairs stay in place so you always get a precise wing. This is the travel size that came as a gift in the Jaclyn Hill set.

The Sigma Eyeliner brush E05 is $14.


IMG_3450Yet another favorite for gel liner! The Real Techniques Silicone Eye Liner Brush. I was so excited to try this because it's one piece and not bristles. With many liner brushes, you have issues with stray hairs that can make the line look messy, especially after using it for longer periods of time. With this, it's one piece of flexible silicone so you get a clean line. It's very easy to clean, you can just wipe off the product and never have to worry about dry time. My only complaint is that you have to go in for product more often. Brushes hold more product, this holds just a tiny bit but that sometimes can make it easier for beginners as well so you don't apply too much product.

The Real Techniques Silicone Eye Liner brush is $5.99.


IMG_3446The cheapest option for applying eyeliner? A paint brush! I purchased a huge pack of these for only a few dollars and they are amazing! Check your local craft store, many paint brushes are amazing for applying makeup :)


IMG_3436My go-to brush for packing on color... This is a brush from Bare Minerals. I received it in my kit when I went to beauty school... The other Bare Minerals brushes shed terribly but I always find myself grabbing for this one. It packs on color really well and I love how small it is.


IMG_3438Let's end this post on another drugstore brush! The E.l.f Eye Shadow Brush. This brush is so densely packed, no shedding and SO affordable!!

IMG_3440I used to always use this for applying my brow-bone highlight but now I've used it almost daily to smudge out shadow on my lower lash line. This little baby packs a punch and really applies and blends pigment beautifully. This can also be used to pack eyeshadow on the lid.

The E.l.f Eyeshadow Brush is $1!!!!


So there are my current go-to makeup brushes! I'm always on the hunt for amazing brushes so leave your recommendations down below!!

*I purchased these products with my own money. These opinions are – and ALWAYS will be – my own.*

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