Lorac Unzipped Palette - Review & Swatches:

"Any moment might be our last. Everything is more beautiful because we're doomed. You will never be lovelier than you are now. We will never be here again." 

Hello dolls! Last week I was wandering around Ulta and randomly found myself at the Lorac section.. I have the first Lorac Pro Palette but other than that, I've never owned anything else from the brand and don't often browse the line.. As much as I love the idea of the Pro palette, the shades just don't last as long on my eyes as I'd like so that's probably a big reason why I never bother to look... But something called me over, and I picked up the tester for the Unzipped palette... Again, no clue why I was drawn to this but I started swatching and immediately fell in love.

*This is a picture heavy post!!!

Looks using this palette are shown at the bottom, if you want any tutorials, let me know in the comments below!

IMG_4053The Unzipped Palette is $40. You get 10 eyeshadows; 2 satins, 3 mattes and 5 shimmer/metallics.

IMG_4058It also comes with a Behind The Scenes eyeshadow primer.


IMG_4059It's cardboard packaging and a nice size, pretty small and thin so it's good for storage and travel.

IMG_4062These are gorgeous rose-toned shades.. It reminds me a lot of the Naked 3 except SO much better (and I love that palette... This blows it out of the water).


Let's get into the shades!

IMG_4644The first shade is Undercover, I'd consider this a satin finish. It's not matte but it isn't a total metallic.

IMG_4572It's a gorgeous pale cream with a slight pink undertone. It has a beautiful sheen to it but no shimmers.


IMG_4648Unbelievable is quite aptly named, this shade is hands down the best in the palette, quality wise. The pigmentation, the texture, creaminess... It's flawless.

IMG_4586This is literally one swipe. SO gorgeous.


IMG_4653Unattainable is another fantastic color with great pigmentation.

IMG_4587It has a stunning metallic finish, no chunky glitters. Just pure pigment. Many of these feel and look like pressed pigments.


IMG_4654Unconditional is a rose-mauve matte.

IMG_4594Fantastic crease and blending shade.


IMG_4659Unbridled... Oh, this shade!!!!

IMG_4605There are no words for how incredible this shade is. A matte, warm wine with brown undertones. Perfect for deepening the crease and outer corners. Also on the lower lash line... Ahhh! Perfection.


IMG_4661Undiscovered is a pale gold.

IMG_4612This is the only shade that I had some trouble building up for a swatch. I haven't worn this one on my eyes yet so I can't say how it wears. It's a beautiful shade but it has a bit more of a chunky glitter type feel to it. Still good quality but it's definitely not the best in the palette.


IMG_4664Unreal is another beauty! A perfect rose-gold.

IMG_4613How gorgeous is this! I absolutely love this shade all over the lid. It's beautiful.


IMG_4667Uncensored is a unique shade to my collection. It's a warm metallic bronze-brown.

IMG_4619This shade is so beautiful. Also fantastic pigmentation.


IMG_4670Unspoken is the last matte in the palette, a perfect mid-toned warm brown for the crease.

IMG_4631Great blending, crease or transition shade. Works great with the other shades in this palette. I'm glad they put in two matte shades for blending!


IMG_4673Untamed is somewhat similar to Unbridled in that it's a warm wine-brown. I'd call this a satin, it's not a total metallic but definitely not matte.

IMG_4637On the eyes, the shine doesn't show up as much so you can definitely wear this on the outer corners or even bring it into the crease. It's gorgeous!


IMG_4688This palette has become my favorite overnight. The quality is absolutely fantastic. And the wear-time? Perfect. I can apply these at 8am and come home from work at 7:30 and they will still look the same. Seriously. Of course, remember that if your lids are oily or if you typically have issues with wear-time on your shadows, they may not stay as well for you. Be sure to wear a base underneath! I always apply MAC's Paint Pot in Painterly underneath and they last forever!


IMG_4681Can we take a moment of silence for how beautiful these are?! Gahhh I am gushing!

I've done a few looks using this palette already:



1891165_10154688641450392_1051726924225629650_nAll shades are from this palette!


IMG_1659 IMG_1683 IMG_1707With this look, I also used a few shades from Makeup Geek and Kitten from Stila on my lid, but that gorgeous berry shade in the crease and lower lash-line  is Unbridled!


If you want step-by-steps on how to do these looks, let me know! I'd like to start filming but my computer is filled to the max so I'll try to figure something out asap :)


I can't say enough about this palette, I absolutely love it and I'm so glad I picked it up. It's way underrated!!!!

The Unzipped palette is $40; Lorac is available online and at Ulta!


* I purchased this palette with my own money. All opinions are - and ALWAYS will be - my own!*

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