How to: Foil Eyeshadows & Pigments using Eye Drops:

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Foiling eyeshadows, pigments, etc. is a fun and easy way to bring out the pigmentation and vibrancy in your products. Many people use MAC's Fix + but a more affordable alternative is using eye drops!

IMG_4706You can also use water to add vibrancy to your shadows but eye drops will work much better! Try using it on your pigments, any eyeshadows (including mattes!), even highlighters and face products.

I did a few swatches of different products to show you the dramatic difference when using this method. You just need a tiny amount to do this, if you add two or more drops, the consistency will become too liquidy (you can do that to make a liquid liner type product) so try to use only a tiny amount. I like to put one drop on the back of my hand, pat my brush in it and then pick up some product.

IMG_4799First up is MAC's Naked pigment. Using Fix + or eye drops with pigments can help make them much easier to work with and also, some pigments need that base to stick to and really bring out the pigmentation, Naked is a perfect example:

IMG_4793You can see in the swatch to the left, Naked is a fairly pale shade. If you pack it on the lid, you'll get great pigmentation but using eye drops really brings out that beautiful color and shine!

IMG_4805Next is a MICA Beauty pigment, this one is a fun example because the difference is huge and the foiled version is so stunning!

IMG_4814How beautiful is that?! It added an incredible metallic sheen to it and really brought out the vibrancy like crazy.

IMG_4818Makeup Geek's Insomnia is an extremely gorgeous pigment, however it is by far the most difficult to work with. It's a super chunky, messy glitter. I've tried using glitter glue before and it didn't work as well as I had hoped so I was really excited to see how well eye drops mixed with this pigment.

IMG_4831Look at the difference!! If you own Insomnia and have been struggling getting it to cooperate, try this method!

Along with eyeshadows and pigments, you can use the foiling method for face highlighters:

IMG_4851Becca's Moonstone highlighter.

IMG_4860Moonstone is already super pigmented and beautiful but if you want a very dramatic highlight, or even to use this as an eyeshadow, foiling is a fun way to make it pop even more.

There is just a few examples, I forgot to show a matte shade but foiling is a great way to make matte shadows even more vibrant or to bring out the vibrancy in those disappointing shades that just aren't as pigmented as you had hoped.

Grab a bunch of your favorite and not-so-favorite products and play! It's so fun seeing what something as simple and affordable an eye drops can do to transform your makeup applications.

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