bareMinerals bareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation Review:

"Do you think the universe fights for souls to be together? Some things are too strange and strong to be coincidences."

- Emery Allen

Hello beauties! Today's review is of a foundation I've had for months.... And just procrastinated the hell out of this post lol Honestly, foundation reviews are my least favorite to do. They are such a personable product in that everyone has difference preferences, different skin types, many different reasons for why they love or hate a foundation.. Many areas for this post to offend some people. I'll start by saying I mean no offense to anyone who loves this product, I'm glad it worked for you but unfortunately, this was a total fail for me!

bareminerals foundation 1This is BareMinerals' first liquid foundation. I was so excited when I first began hearing rumors of this and was so grateful when my friend Sarah sent me this (thank you again, beautiful! xoxo) and I have tested this out throughout the months, with different brushes and applicators to see how well it applies and lasts for each.

bareminerals foundation 2I can't find the photos of the brush on its own but this is sold separately and recommended when applying this foundation. It's definitely the first of its kind, if you can tell from the photos above.. It's a flat top but the center inside is cut right out, so there is what looks like a hole in the center of the brush. It's a shallow area that you are meant to put drops of the foundation in, and then buff it into the skin. The brush is nice, extremely soft and I found no issues with it. I may try it with other foundations and see how well it does with those.

bareminerals foundation 3The packaging is nice, a plastic bottle and very sturdy.

bareminerals foundation 4This is a very liquidy foundation so as it says on the back, you have to shake it really well. I've noticed a huge difference in application when you don't shake it as well, it almost thickens the foundation up a bit when you shake it really well.

bareminerals foundation 6When applying in the brush, it's recommended to use a certain amount of drops depending on how much coverage you want.

bareminerals foundation 7Excuse the redness, I was in Ulta before these and of course ended up covered in swatches :) But this worked out nicely because you can see the coverage this way!

bareminerals foundation 8Okay, so... I'll start by saying that I absolutely despise the way this smells... And I'm not usually one to complain about any scents in makeup. But this just smells... I don't know. Just gross. And definitely like I don't want it anywhere near my face.

bareminerals foundation 9The coverage is buildable so that is nice..... But.. The next complaint, the texture.. The feeling.. This feels greasy to me, and it NEVER fully sinks into the skin. No matter how little I use, no matter what I use to apply *even a Beauty Blender, which I thought for sure would save this! It's just one of those that sits on top of your skin and never warms up and blends in. There is literally just a layer of moveable foundation sitting on your face.

bareminerals foundation 10So here it is all blended in, streakiness was common for me and near impossible to get rid of... Also, because it doesn't absorb into the skin like a normal liquid foundation would.

bareminerals foundation 11Here is a perfect example of that, I applied this on the back of my hand and walked around the house for at least a half an hour, came back and ran my finger across it... Can you see that streak? This foundation never sets for me. It rubs off, it moves, it slides.... Ick.

Again guys, I apologize if you love this foundation but it was an absolute fail for me. I have tried using many different brushes, my fingers, a beauty blender... Pretty much everything I could and it never worked the way I'd have wanted it to. I really hate posting bad reviews, especially when it's a makeup line I've loved for a long time but I wouldn't ever lie about my opinion on a product and like I said, I really dislike this foundation :(

bareMinerals Pure Brightening Serum Foundation is $29 everywhere bareMinerals is sold.

* This was not sent for review... Just from a wonderful friend :) All opinions are – and ALWAYS will be – my own! *

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