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Billion Dollar Brows Best Sellers Kit Review:

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- Malcolm X

Hello dolls! A week ago I received this kit from Billion Dollar Brows, a company I had heard a lot about but never had access to. This is the Best Sellers Kit, basically a set with everything you'll need for gorgeous brows!

billion dollar brows best sellers kitIn this kit, you receive the Universal Brow Pencil (spoolie brush on one end!), a Clear Brow Gel, Brow Duo Highlighter & Concealer, a Smudge Brush and a jumbo pencil sharpener.

This kit is only $34.99 - a $73 value!

billion dollar brows best sellers kit 1 brow pencilThis is a retractable pencil so no sharpening is needed and as I said above, there is also a spoolie on the other end.

billion dollar brows best sellers kit 3This is a light brown shade and is said to be universal to any hair color. The pigmentation is lighter or darker depending on how much pressure you use when applying. You'll see below in the swatches! My only complaint with this pencil is I wish it were smaller, it can be difficult to get hair-like strokes because it's a bit wider. Similar to the size of an eyeliner pencil.

billion dollar brows best sellers kit 2The spoolie is nice, combs through the brows and blends the product nicely.

billion dollar brows best sellers kit 4 You can see from left to right, lighter to darker depending on how much pressure you use. I'd say this is more on the neutral side so it should definitely work for most people!

The lasting power on this pencil isn't as good as some of the higher end pencils so I usually carry it in my purse just in case but I'd say it lasts most of the day as long as you aren't touching your brows often.


billion dollar brows best sellers kit 5 brow gel

billion dollar brows best sellers kit 6 brow gel 2Here is the clear Brow Gel, it's more of a thinner consistency so if your brows are extremely stubborn, this may not be enough to hold them but overall, this is a great brow gel for every day use.


billion dollar brows best sellers kit highlight concealer pencil 1My favorite product in this kit! The Brow Duo Pencil. One end is a concealer, you can apply this to the top of your brows to correct any errors and really sculpt them out and the other end is a highlighter, amazing for underneath the brows to also sculpt and highlight the brow bone.

billion dollar brows best sellers kit highlight concealer pencil 2The top is the concealer and the bottom swatch is the highlight. These are so creamy, so smooth and incredibly blendable. I can't rave enough about this! I've used it every day since I've gotten it.


billion dollar brows best sellers kit sharpenerHere is the sharpener! I absolutely love that they included one for the Duo Pencil because many people don't have jumbo pencil sharpeners.


billion dollar brows best sellers kit brush 1Lastly, here is the smudge brush. You'll use this to blend out the Duo Pencil, to smudge and blend out that product around your brows and really carve them out for crisp, clean edges.

billion dollar brows best sellers kit brush 2

billion dollar brows best sellers kit brush 3This is fantastic quality, no issues with shedding and it blends the product really well.


IMG_3486I used this kit for my brows in this photo! Loving it <3


So there is the Best Sellers Kit! I am so impressed by all of these products and kits like this are something I always go for because you'll have everything you need for an amazing price! This would be a fantastic Christmas gift!

Head over to Billion Dollar Brows to check out all of their products! You can purchase this kit or each of the products separately if there is anything you are specifically interested in! They also have brow powers and other goodies as well!

* This was sent for review from the company. I genuinely love these products! All opinions are – and ALWAYS will be – my own! *

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