My Current Go-To Nude Lip:

"Wing your eyeliner. Paint your nails black. Chin up. You got this. You f*cking own this."

Hello gorgeous!

Everyone needs a go-to lip color, one that is easy and fast but also beautiful and put-together. Having those makeup steps that you know you love are a must for days you are in a hurry, or even special occasions when you want to look your best.

This lip is one I wear more often than not, if you see me in photos wearing a nude lip, chances are... This is it! I get SO many questions whenever I wear these two products so I thought I'd get this post up for everyone curious.

Step 1: Lip Liner!

go-to nude lip 1Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil in Naked.

go-to nude lip 2This shade is a gorgeous mauvey-rose nude. It's on the darker end for a nude but you'll understand why I use this by the end! I absolutely love this liner because it is so long lasting! I definitely want to pick up more shades.

go-to nude lip 5The key to this lip is outlining and filling in the outer corners, but leaving the center of the lips open with no product on it.

go-to nude lip 6Here is how it should look....

Step 2: A pale nude lipstick

go-to nude lip 3Motives Lipstick in Flesh.

go-to nude lip 4This is an extremely pale nude, too nude for me on its own. I have to wear something underneath or overtop. But it's gorgeous when you find ways to wear it!

go-to nude lip 7Apply this as you would any regular lipstick, focusing more color on the center of the lips. Another lipstick I like for this lip is Revlon's Soft Nude! It's a very similar color.

go-to nude lip 8The lip line will be very dramatic so your next step is to take either your fingers or a lip brush and BLEND, BLEND, BLEND! I take a brush from an OCC lip tar and blend those edges, apply more lipstick to the center as you go because that initial color will fade a bit with the blending. You want this to be an ombre type feel, bright in the center and slowly fading to a darker shade. This will give you the illusion of fuller lips without having to over-line them.

go-to nude lip 9Sorry for the blurriness! You can easily swap out these products for any shades similar! Just grab a lip liner darker than the lipstick, leave the center bright..... And did I mention to blend?! :)

If it still looks like there are too harsh of edges, putting a nude or pink gloss over top can help blend out that lip liner a bit more.

Here is the final look in some photos! It looks different in some lighting and depending on what eye you wear so this is a fun lip to play with!

nude lip 1

nude lip 2

nude lip 4

nude lip 3

So there it is! I absolutely love how this looks. If you're one who struggles to find a nude lip that is flattering to you or one that doesn't wash you out, this is a good technique that you can try! Also great for those nudes that are way too pale for you! It darkens the lip and makes it a bit more wearable. And the fullness effect this technique gives is a plus too :)

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