Rimmel Provocalips:

"Things don't go wrong and break your heart so you can become bitter and give up. They happen to break you down and build you up so you can be all that you were intended to be."

Hello beauties! Rimmel has come out with quite a few new lip products recently and one of the most talked about is the Provocalips line... These are pretty unique to the beauty industry, high-end and drugstore, because these claim to be "kiss proof"! The claims are: 16 hour wear, kiss proof, transfer proof, and food proof, high impact color. Non-drying and moisturizing all day long... These are some pretty big claims, and would be even for more expensive lip products so with these only being around $7-8.. I just had to get my hands on them and put them to the test!

Rimmel provocalips 1

These are dual ended. I like that you can see what shade you are getting, completely true to color in the tube.

rimmel provocalips 2

These are a nice size, easy to store away in your makeup drawers.

rimmel provocalips 3

Step 1 - Intense color! You apply this first, as you would any lip color...

rimmel provocalips 4

It's a doe-foot applicator which makes this very easy to apply.

It feels very smooth and creamy, not too thick but these definitely pack a punch! They are so pigmented!

I wouldn't recommend applying this without following through with the second step. This feels very tacky on the lips and dries pretty quickly. It becomes very uncomfortable so the next step is key!

rimmel provocalips 5

Step 2 - Lock & Shine... This end is basically a sealant for your lip color. It feels somewhat like a gloss when first applied and then dries down.

rimmel provocalips 6

This right here is the game changer. They are completely clear for every shade. This is what adds your moisture and what locks in your color and keeps it from transferring.

I found that my lips would begin feeling dry after a few hours but once you re-apply this gloss, it rehydrates and makes your lips much more comfortable again.

Before I get into the shades, let me tell you... I am so impressed by these! THEY ARE KISS PROOF!!!! Hallelujah!!!! Once you apply the "lock & shine"... Kiss the back of your hand..... Literally nothing. Nothing transfers..... Did you hear me?! NOTHING! I was shocked to see that this actually worked and I am absolutely loving these! I've been testing them out for a few days and I'm already waiting for Rimmel to add more shades to the line :)


Here is when first applied. It starts with a bit of a shine, and some shades do have a sheen to them.. Not quite shimmer but there's something extra to them (you'll see below)... But with this shade (Heart Breaker) it does matte down after a while.

1463129_10155108750935392_3607937521295465917_nAfter eating super greasy food a few hours later. It wears down the very inner part, which is super typical for lip stains.

My only complaint with these is that it does ball up on the inside of your lips and gives you that uncomfortable feeling after eating so I found myself biting at my lips a bit, but once you re-apply the lock & shine step, it helps make it more comfortable.

You don't need a lip liner with these but make sure you get those crisp, clean lips and perfect it before you apply the lock and shine because these are extremely difficult to remove after it sets! You'll need an oil-based makeup remover to get this off at the end of the day!!

Overall, I'm really loving these. I do wish they didn't ball up on the inside of the lips as much but for a stain that you can wear all day and not have to worry about it going anywhere, it's definitely something I'm willing to deal with!

Here are the three shades I picked up.. I wanted more but the other shades were opened :(

rimmel provocalips swatches 2

rimmel provocalips swatches 1

From left to right: Skinny Dipping, Kiss Fatal and Heart Breaker.

rimmel provocalips skinny dipping

Skinny Dipping is a brown-toned nude with a sheen to it, almost borderline a shimmer... This is not my favorite and I'm debating on returning it. It just does not flatter my skin tone at all.

rimmel provocalips kiss fatal

Kiss Fatal is another shade with a sheen to it, this is a very unique shade! It has a hint of purple to it and is very gorgeous. I'd say this would look good on just about any skin tone!

rimmel provocalips heart breaker

Heart Breaker... My favorite! This is a warm, muted brown-toned red.. Absolutely gorgeous!!

I absolutely love these and will definitely pick up another shade or two!

There are 8 shades available and don't worry about rushing to pick them up, they are permanent! :)

*I purchased these with my own money. All reviews are – and ALWAYS will be – my own!*

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