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Hello gorgeous! ColourPop is a new company that has been absolutely raved about in the beauty community recently. It's safe to say they already have a cult following! When companies like this pop up, it always makes me hesitant because we always see so many sponsored post and reviews with new products that it's hard to differentiate what is genuinely good and what isn't...

ColourPop is made in the US (California, to be exact) and is cruelty free! This brand has eyeshadows as well as lipsticks and lip pencils, which are called Lippie Stix and Lippie Pencils - these usually go hand in hand together so there is always a matching or complimentary lip pencil for your lipstick! Everything is $5 each so it's insanely affordable!

Dani, from Coffee Break With Dani, collaborated with ColourPop to create her very own shade of lip pencil and lipstick called Frida.

coffeebreakwithdani frida photoSwoon!

She reached out to me via Instagram, yep... She follows me (I died!)...... Let me fan girl for a moment and tell you how absolutely incredible she is. She has such a beautiful soul and she shines like no other. She is gorgeous, inside and out. I could just go on and on, gushing about her and my ridiculous love for that woman but I'll just say that if you aren't subscribed to her yet, go do it now! Her videos are awesome, she's so knowledgable and funny and sweet and... Okay, I'm gushing again. I am so thankful that she reached out to me and the fact that she wanted me to have these shades just brings tears to my eyes every time I think about it. I am writing this post both out of my love and support for her as well as my new obsession and love for these lip products!

Let's get into the review before I keep ranting and raving! :)

Colourpop frida 1The packaging is super cute!! I love the holographic font. It's super simple but different and beautiful.

colourpop lippie pencil fridaThe lippie pencil is smooth and creamy, it applies so easily and does not drag on the lips at all. You could wear these as a lip color with nothing on top and it would be pigmented and comfortable!

colourpop lippie stick fridaThe lippie stick is a twist up and I absolutely love the packaging. The shape and size makes it so easy for a quick and clean application.

The formula is incredible. It is so smooth, so creamy. It glides on like a dream and is crazy pigmented.. And best of all, the lasting power is fantastic! When I first wore this, I thought it may not last long because it is that creamy... But I was pleasantly surprised when I looked in the mirror hours later and it still looked as it did when first applied.

colourpop frida swatches 1Frida is a warm-toned nude peachy pink. The lip liner is a tiny bit darker than the lipstick and compliments it perfectly! The lipstick is a satin finish so it gives a tiny bit of a shine to the lips but eventually mattes down and stays super comfortable on the lips.

Here's some IG pictures with me wearing both the pencil and lipstick!

colourpop frida on the lips 1

colourpop frida on the lips 2

It's a beautiful and unique shade and I've seen tons of different women wearing this of all skin tones and ethnicities, and it looks incredible on everyone! A huge plus!

I haven't tried any shadows from ColourPop yet so I can't speak on the hype with those but these lip products are truly worth the hype. I absolutely love them and I could easily see myself purchasing every shade, or close to it! They have a bunch of wearable shades and even super fun colors like green and an awesome grey-toned shade as well! There's a ton of variety on the site so go browse but make sure Frida ends up in your cart! :)

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