L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation Review:

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Hello my beauties! Today's review is of the new L'Oreal Pro Matte Foundation. This has been talked about quite a bit recently and many of you on Instagram requested I review this and I am so glad I did! Before I get into my opinion of this, we'll chat about the packaging!

*I have combination to normal skin, typically I only get oily in my t-zone. Acne-prone and currently a few dry patches*

loreal pro matte foundation 1This comes in a squeeze tube, it looks like you don't get much product but there is 1oz. in here which is typical for most foundations. I picked up the shade 102 Shell Beige, I believe the second to lightest in the line. This pale baby... It's even a tiny bit dark for me but it's very forgiving!

loreal pro matte foundation 2The back gives a little info on the foundation, it is said to be a demi-matte... I disagree, this is a total matte. Completely matte.. 24 HR wear? Well, I refuse to wear my foundation for that long but I wouldn't be surprised if it was. Coverage, medium... Yes and no, it's definitely buildable and this would be an awesome foundation to mix with a moisturizer or an oil to lessen the coverage and keep it more natural looking but overall, it's super full coverage! And it's also layerable (is that a word?.... Well now it is) which I absolutely love!

loreal pro matte foundation swatches 1I'd say this is almost a mousse-like texture. Not liquidy, but not a cream either.

loreal pro matte foundation swatches 2It's super creamy and blends out really nicely.

As I said above, this foundation is super matte. I'd recommend this for my oily to normal ladies but if you have dry skin, even dry patches, I'd say try this with caution... It can cling to dry patches but honestly, I had a few and just put a thicker moisturizer on first and it really wasn't noticeable anymore so keep your receipt but, it's absolutely worth a try. If you like more dewey-looking skin, mix this with your favorite beauty oil or luminizing primer because as I said, this is MATTE!!!!

Okay, are you sitting down......?

This foundation.... May.... Actually..... Be competition........... For my Estee Lauder Double Wear..... I KNOW! Are you absolutely shocked?!!!!

Seriously. I am FLOORED at how fantastic this foundation looks. My skin has been very temperamental lately and when I wear this, my skin looks flawless. Absolutely flawless. Like.... Maybe even better than the Double Wear.... Yeah, I said it. This is one of those foundations that every time I look in a mirror I find myself saying, "Wow.... That looks beautiful."... It's just such a gorgeous, flawless finish. Especially for those of you beauties who love that flawless, full coverage look. It's just stunning. Going on a first date? Girl. Wear this. He'll fall in love! :)

Here are some photos of me wearing this foundation. It doesn't photograph quite as well as I would like, believe it or not it looks even BETTER in person!

pro matte foundation 2

This even hides many of my pores!

pro matte foundation 4

With flash.

pro matte foundation 5

Natural lighting.

pro matte foundation 7

Artificial Lighting.

Side note: if you'd like a tutorial on this look, let me know!

I can't recommend this foundation enough! I haven't tried the powder in this line but this is so matte that I don't even find myself grabbing for a powder to set. I started to get slightly dewey looking after about 4 hours, right near my nose and a tiny bit on my chin. But it didn't break down the foundation at all and if anything it just helped make it look a little bit more natural. You can definitely blot and apply a little powder if you prefer the total matte look. The lasting power is fantastic, I've worn this all day and it hasn't broken down on me at all. Another huge plus, blush and bronzers apply beautifully over this foundation. I've found that with some, if you don't wait long enough some powder products can look patchy. With this, everything works well together and blends beautifully. I'm in love. Absolutely in love!!!!

L'Oreal's Pro Matte Foundation is available everywhere L'Oreal is sold. Ranging from around $8-12. I purchased mine from CVS for just under $8.

*I purchased this with my own money. All reviews are – and ALWAYS will be – my own!*

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