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Hello beauties!! A few weeks ago I placed an order with ColourPop for a couple shadows and some lippie stix & pencils.. You can check out my previous review on Frida.. That post gives a little rundown on who/what ColourPop is and also gives some info on the lip products they carry.

ColourPop Haul 1

They always leave a super cute handwritten note in every box... I love that!

This post will be pretty lengthy; I was thinking about breaking this down into multiple posts but since it's a haul, I wanted to also include swatches and a bit of a review so hopefully you guys will like this! I put a lot of work in, and took literally hundreds of pictures!

ColourPop Haul 2

I'll start with the lip products first!

ColourPop Haul 3

I picked up 5 Lippie Stix and 4 Lippie Pencils.

ColourPop Skimpy Lippie Stix 1Skimpy was the one shade that I did not purchase the matching pencil for.. I have a shade similar to it so it would have been a waste of money.

ColourPop Skimpy Lippie Stix 2Skimpy is a glossy finish!

ColourPop Skimpy Swatch 1On the site it is described as a soft pale nude.

ColourPop Skimpy Swatch 2

This shade is super pigmented and gorgeous! I purchased it knowing it would more than likely wash me out on its own so this is a shade I will mix with others or layer with different lip liners. It has a beautiful shine/gloss to it and feels amazing on the lips.


ColourPop Bound Lippie Stix 1Next is Bound!

ColourPop Bound Lippie Stix 2Bound is also a glossy finish.

ColourPop Bound Swatches 1The lip liner is darker and is described as a mid-toned nude pink. The Lippie Stick is a light pink.

ColourPop Bound Swatches 2I love that the lip liner is darker! Line your lips as you normally would and fill in just the outer corners, blending it inward and then apply the lipstick all over... Gorgeous! It makes your lips look full and beautiful. I love these shades! Super pigmented and smooth to apply.


ColourPop Brink Lippie Stix 1Brink.

ColourPop Brink Lippie Stix 2

Brink is a matte finish.

ColourPop Brink Swatches 1

The pencil matches fairly closely, however it's a tiny bit deeper. These are both described as warm dusty taupes.

ColourPop Brink Swatches 2

These are just stunning! It applies with a slight shine and then dries down to a matte. Super creamy for a matte lipstick!!


ColourPop Ellarie Lippie Stix 1


ColourPop Ellarie Lippie Stix 2

Ellarie is also a matte finish.

ColourPop Ellarie Swatches 1

This is probably my favorite from all the lippies I purchased!! The pencil is a deep blackened violet and the lipstick is described as a sultry cranberry.. The perfect description!

ColourPop Ellarie Swatches 2

How absolutely perfect are these shades?! This gives you that ultra sexy, vampy lip that is always in trend for the fall and winter.


(I used all four eyeshadows in this look!!!)

ellarie lip swatch 2

I could easily see myself wearing this religiously! It lasts forever on the lips and it did not dry mine out at all, after hours of wear. I was very impressed.. They honestly don't feel like mattes. They are much more moisturizing than most.


ColourPop Dalia Lippie Stix 1

Last, but not least is Dalia.

ColourPop Dalia Lippie Stix 2

A matte finish.

ColourPop Dalia Swatches 1

Another shade perfect for the fall and winter. This has to be a MAC dupe or something!!

ColourPop Dalia Swatches 2

So pigmented, so creamy and smooth. I couldn't believe how comfortable all of these mattes feel. It's truly impressive.


So there are the lip products! There isn't one I disliked, the formula is just perfection on each.


Now for the Super Shock shadows! I only purchased four because I wanted to try them out before I went crazy with buying a ton. All four are mattes!

ColourPop Haul 7

The packaging is super cute! A mint/teal shade and the inside is purple.. It's the little things :)

ColourPop Haul 4

These are a creme-to-powder type formula so it's super important to keep the caps on TIGHT so they don't dry out!!

ColourPop Haul 5Each comes in a jar and you get 2.1g of product.

ColourPop Bandit 2

Each shade is written on the bottom along with what type of finish it is.

ColourPop Haul 6

Let's check out the shades!

ColourPop Bandit 1

Bandit is a warm rusty brown.

ColourPop Bandit Swatches

You guys know how much I just love warm red browns... And this is PERFECTION. In the crease?! Heaven. Pure heaven.


ColourPop Mittens 1

Mittens is a deep warm brown with a red violet undertone.

ColourPop Mittens Swatches

This shade just makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside..... Yeah, I'm a loser. But seriously... It's just a buttery, smooth, deep warm, absolutely gorgeous brown. It's just so beautiful.


ColourPop Hustle 1

Hustle is a burgundy violet.

ColourPop Hustle Swatches

This is such a unique shade! It's just beautiful. Am I being too repetitive yet?! I can't help it. These shades are so lovely.


ColourPop Doe-A-Deer 1

Last, but not least... Doe-A-Deer, a blackened violet.

ColourPop Doe-A-Deer Swatches

True to its name, just a perfect deep, dark violet shade.



This is a look I did using all four eyeshadows.


The formula on these is out of this world. Unlike anything I have ever used before. You literally have to feel these for yourself to understand. They feel like velvet. That's the best way I can describe it.

Because these start as almost a cream, it is said that the best way to apply these is with your finger. I've played with these throughout the week and tried a bunch of different brushes out and some definitely work better than others. I found that synthetic brushes seemed to work the best (Sigma's E40 was perfect for crease blending). Brushes with natural hairs tended to make these a bit patchy so I'd say either stick with your fingers or synthetic brushes.

It definitely takes a little getting used to. These are not your traditional powder eyeshadows. I'd recommend taking a day you're free to play with these and get the hang of them, figure out how you like to apply them best. But once you get used to it, they blend like an absolute dream. They last all day and do not budge once they set. When I first got these in the mail, I did swatches on the back of my hand... Washed my hands over 10 times throughout the day and there was still color on my hands. They are that pigmented and long-wearing.

I can officially say, not only do the lip products live up to the hype... But the shadows do too. I'm dying for the blushes now as well!

Have your tried ColourPop yet? If so, what are some of your favorite products and shades? Let us know in the comments below!

ColourPop is a cruelty-free, made in the USA company. Every lip and eye product is only $5 each! An incredible deal. I'm in love!

*I purchased these products with my own money. All opinions are - and ALWAYS will be - my own!*

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