bareMinerals Prime Time BB Primer-Cream Review:

"True beauty is about who you are as a human being, your principles, your moral compass."

- Ellen DeGeneres

Hello gorgeous! Foundation primers are one of those products that, as a makeup artist, I feel are extremely important. It's the first step (aside from moisturizing!) and it sets the stage, so to speak... For all other products! The same goes for priming the eyes. This can help add moisture, prevent oils from breaking down your foundation, provides SPF in many cases as well as evening out skin tone and minimizing the look of pores. Primers on the market today have tons of claims and each target different things...

bareMinerals Prime Time BB Primer-Cream 1

I've been testing out this one from bareMinerals for the past month now! The claims are, "Perfect, protect and prime"... Sounds perfect, right? It has an SPF of 30 and comes in 4 different shades; fair, light, medium and tan.

You get 30ml/1fl. oz. of product and I love that this comes with a pump.

Now, a BB primer is not very common to see so this definitely peaked my interest a bit. It is tinted and with the BB title, the assumption would be that it adds a tiny bit of coverage along with evening out your skin...

bareMinerals Prime Time BB-Primer cream 2The shade I have is light, it's a tiny bit too dark for me but once you really blend it in, you can't tell too much.. If you are typically the lightest/close to the lightest shade of foundation, I'd suggest grab the fair shade! I'm not sure about the others but they may run a tiny bit darker.

bareMinerals Prime Time BB Primer-Cream 3It has a very creamy texture, not liquidy and it's very smooth and easy to blend. It covers up a tiny bit of redness but not much and if you have a lot of discoloration, acne scarring or blemishes, you'll definitely need more than this to take care of the redness.

I have heard quite a few people say that this breaks them out. I haven't had that issue but it is something to consider, especially if you are prone to break outs. Overall, I like this but I'm not wowed by it. It's okay, and I could easily see this being used on days where you don't want to wear any makeup; just throw this on for the SPF and the tiny bit of coverage..

I didn't see it prolong my makeup for any longer than it normally lasts, but I don't have too much of an issue with my foundation breaking down throughout the day typically. I think this is a primer you'd want to pair with another one (yes, the mixing queen also loves mixing primers).... This could knock out your sun protection as well as a bit of evening out skin tone and then throw another on to minimize your pores and keep your foundation lasting longer. Would I say go run out and get this? No. But it's not a bad product.. Just not one that I'd tell you to jump at the opportunity to try, know what I mean?

bareMinerals BB Primer-Cream is $26 and available everywhere bareMinerals is sold!

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