First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy Eye Cream:

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Hey babes!  I am constantly on the hunt for the perfect eye cream. It seems that most have so many claims but hardly do anything more than moisturize, if that! I've been trying to find one to recommend that is fairly affordable rather than going the Clinique or Bobbi Brown route... So I had heard good things about this one from First Aid Beauty:

First Aid Eye Duty Triple Remedy Eye Cream 1Eye Duty Triple Remedy Eye Cream... The claims, " Instantly brighten, depuff and smooth. Safe for sensitive skin."

On Sephora's Site:

"Eye Duty Triple Remedy instantly erases dark circles while delivering serious, long-term skincare benefits to the orbital eye area. Upon application, it instantly brightens the entire eye area with a soft universal tint and light reflecting pigments that create an illusion of bright, smooth, and youthful skin. Over the long term, actives in the formula significantly improve the appearance of undereye puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines. The unique stainless steel applicator, which mimics the shape of the pinkie finger, delivers micro stimulation to the area while flawlessly blending the product into the skin. The results are instant with no clumping, caking, or messiness.

Triple Remedy is packed with a host of age defying ingredients. Retinyl palmitate and GABA support the skin’s natural collagen production to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Licorice root brightens dark circles. Caffeine and coralline extract, a red algae, work together to soothe and enhance blood flow to the eye area to minimize puffiness."

This is $36 everywhere First Aid Beauty is sold.

.... I'll show the packaging and product before I get into my opinion on this, as well as all these claims...

First Aid Eye Duty Triple Remedy Eye Cream 2

It is a squeeze tube and it comes out from the back of this metal piece. The idea is you dab this on under your eyes, and then flip it over and work it in with the applicator.

First Aid Eye Duty Triple Remedy Eye Cream 3

This is very cooling so it feels nice when you apply, however I don't find that it works in the product well enough so I end up just using my fingers to make sure the product blend and sinks into the skin.

First Aid Eye Duty Triple Remedy Eye Cream 4The product has a tint to it (and here is your brightening effect).

First Aid Eye Duty Triple Remedy Eye Cream 5It's a lightweight texture and blends nicely enough into the skin.

Alright, so... I've been using this for the past few months, regularly.. With skin care, you really have to try it for extended periods of time to see whether it will genuinely make changes or not.

In my opinion, and let me stress that it is.. I know many love this product, but to me - This works better as a brightening concealer than an eye cream. I don't find it overly moisturizing. I like to apply my eye creams under my eyes and on my lids as well, and if anything this may dry out my skin more than moisturize it. It has not in any way helped with depuffing or smoothing... I've seen no changes in brightening over time... In short, this has done nothing for me. The brightening is simply from the tint of the product. I'll apply this before makeup because it does add a brightness and lift to the eyes...But as an eye cream - a $36 eye cream - no.... Not a love for me. I'm using this up and will not repurchase again.

What are some of your favorite eye creams? Let us know in the comments below!

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