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Hey dolls! Whether you've been a long time follower of mine or someone who is fairly new to TMUA (hey girl, hey!), you more than likely already know my favorite brand for eyeshadows.... Makeup Geek. I've posted two hauls with reviews and swatches so check those out here and here!

There are so many things I want from this brand from brushes to blushes, pigments and more eyeshadows... But I've been slowly trying to build up my collection and this is of more eyeshadows and one of the brushes. I plan to haul more soon and I definitely want to get some of the blushes to test out. But the eyeshadows are my favorite. The quality is the best. Pigmentation, blending, lasting power... They are always compared to MAC eyeshadows but honestly, they are better. The company is cruelty free and made in the USA. The owner Marlena, I've raved about a million times already but she is the sweetest, kindest soul. I've absolutely loved seeing her baby grow into the powerhouse it is today and it will continue to be.

If you haven't tried Makeup Geek yet, go check out the website. I promise, you will not regret it.


*This is going to be fairly lengthy, lots of photos! You guys know I like being super thorough :) *

The shipping is always super fast and they package everything securely!

Makeup Geek Haul 1

Makeup Geek Haul 2

I ordered two Z-Palettes, the large black ($20) and a small bright pink one ($14.99). I always get one of these whenever I order from MUG. They sell a ton of different varieties and I've been eyeing the small size for forever to carry in my purse! These all come with the magnetic backing but the MUG eyeshadow pans are already magnetized!

Makeup Geek Pointed Crease Brush

I only picked up one brush but I plan to get more with my next order! This is the pointed crease brush ($7.99). The quality is really nice and I love this for detailed crease work. It's dense enough to get a lot of pigment on the eyes but it's also fluffy enough to blend pretty easily. Love this for cut crease looks!

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow HaulI got 14 eyeshadows - 3 of the newer foiled eyeshadows! The regular shadows are $5.99 each and the foiled shadows are $9.99.

MUG Barcelona Beach

Barcelona Beach.

MUG Barcelona Beach Swatch 2

A matte medium sand shade.

MUG Barcelona Beach Swatch 1

I love this shade for the crease! You can apply it as a light wash for a transition/blending shade or build it up for a lot of depth.


MUG Cupcake


MUG Cupcake Swatch 2

A matte medium pink.

MUG Cupcake Swatch 1

Another shade I absolutely love for in the crease! I don't wear pinks very often but this is so wearable and you'd be surprised how many looks this works with!


MUG Preppy


MUG Preppy Swatch 2

A matte khaki brown.

MUG Preppy Swatch 1

This is a gorgeous mustardy shade that may be intimidating to some but is so incredible as a transition shade! This reminds me a lot of a Bobbi Brown eyeshadow that was discontinued! This is absolutely stunning with a brown dramatic eye!


MUG High Tea

High Tea.

MUG High Tea Swatch 2

A matte medium brown with strong gray undertones.

MUG High Tea Swatch 1

Can you tell I was feeling the unique shades this time around? This is a newer shade to the line and I'm obsessed. It pulls a little more gray in person and it's just so different than any other shade I own. It's so gorgeous!


MUG Dirty Martini

Dirty Martini.

MUG Dirty Martini Swatch 2

A matte olive green.

MUG Dirty Martini Swatch 1

I've been getting a lot of requests on IG lately to do more looks using green eyeshadows and since I have green eyes, I don't own many and usually don't wear green very often so I was excited to pick this up and it is such a stunner! It's so versatile, you can create a smokey eye with it, smoke out the lower lash line for a pop of color or even use a super light wash of color and use it in the crease!


MUG Chickadee


MUG Chickadee Swatch 2

A matte yellow orange.

MUG Chickadee Swatch 1

This shadow is perfection. Oranges can be scary. But this in the crease with some other warm toned shadows?! Heaven! It's so pigmented so make sure you use a light hand and build the color up!


MUG Lemon Drop

Lemon Drop.

MUG Lemon Drop Swatch 2

A shimmery bright lemon yellow.

MUG Lemon Drop Swatch 1

When I ordered this I wasn't paying attention and thought it was a matte shade but either way, this shade is so beautiful. It has almost a gold-like tone to it! I used this on the inner corners on that Flame Thrower look I did in my previous post. It's so pigmented and blends like a dream.


MUG Poppy


MUG Poppy Swatch 2

A matte orange with subtle pink undertones.

MUG Poppy Swatch 1

It's so hard to describe this shade. It's not easy for mattes to have different dimensions but this one does. It can look slightly red, slightly orange, coral, pink.. It's so unique and just beautiful!


MUG Peacock


MUG Peacock Swatch 3

A matte deep teal blue.

MUG Peacock Swatch 1

This one gave me trouble swatching and it was slightly powdery. It's a gorgeous shade but I think a base underneath would be an absolute must. Pigmentation was hard to build up with nothing underneath it.

MUG Peacock Swatch 2

I've worn this and didn't have any issues with patchiness, some shadows just don't swatch well but this worked really well with a MAC Paint Pot underneath.


MUG Wistera (New Formula)


MUG Wistera (New Formula) Swatch 2

A matte pale purple.

MUG Wistera (New Formula) Swatch 1

This is the new formulated version. Anything before 2015 is a slightly different shade. It's a pretty pastel purple! Nice pigmentation and perfect for a transition shade, especially with purple eyeshadow looks!


MUG Duchess


MUG Duchess Swatch 2

A matte cool purple.

MUG Duchess Swatch 1

This is a beautiful deep purple that looks almost navy in some lighting. It's so beautiful! This is absolute perfection smoked out on the lower lash-line.


MUG In The Spotlight Foiled Eyeshadow

In The Spotlight.

MUG In The Spotlight Foiled Eyeshadow Swatch 2

A soft pink with coral undertones and a foiled finish.

MUG In The Spotlight Foiled Eyeshadow Swatch 1

Oh.... This eyeshadow.... Is SO EFFING BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! There are no words. You have to see it in person to get the full effect. It's perfect. So incredibly creamy and soft, it feels like butter. Applying these foiled shadows with your fingers gets the best result! Pack this on the lids with cupcake in the crease?! Done and done. A simple, stunning every day eyeshadow look. This is one of my all time favorite shadows and I've only had it for a few weeks.


MUG Flame Thrower Foiled Eyeshadow

Flame Thrower.

MUG Flame Thrower Foiled Eyeshadow Swatch 2

A true brightened warm copper with a foiled finish.

MUG Flame Thrower Foiled Eyeshadow Swatch 1

Another shade that you have to see in person. No words for this one... It's SO unique and it's a show stopper, without a doubt. These foiled eyeshadows are so incredibly pigmented and soft... I want them all.


MUG Caitlin Rose Foiled Eyeshadow

Caitlin Rose.

MUG Caitlin Rose Foiled Eyeshadow Swatch 2

A bright amethyst purple with a foiled finish.

MUG Caitlin Rose Foiled Eyeshadow Swatch 1

100% of the proceeds for this eyeshadow go to support Batten Disease. This was named after a little girl who suffered from this disease and that is a huge reason I purchased this shadow, aside it being absolutely gorgeous. As with the other foiled shadows, it's super creamy and pigmented.


There is my haul! I plan to order more soon so keep your eyes open. I knew I wouldn't be disappointed by these and I don't think I've done an eyeshadow look without using them since they came in. As I've said, you MUST try MUG if you haven't yet!!!

What are some of your favorite Makeup Geek products? Let us know in the comments below!

*This post is not sponsored. I purchased these products with my own money. All opinions are – and ALWAYS will be – 100% my own.*

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