Lorac Pro Contour Palette Review & Swatches:

"Letting go is such a difficult thing to understand. You can't try to let go. Trying to let go is like trying not to think about something. You're just going to think about it even more. I think letting go is less of an ending of one thing and more of an acceptance of everything. It's okay that this is the way it is right now. There's no other way it's supposed to be."

- Emery Allen

Hey dolls! I know, you saw the title of this and thought, "FINALLY!" haha it took me forever to get this finished with my current work schedule but that just means I've put it through insane amounts of testing over the past few weeks!! :)

Starting next week my schedule should die down a bit (fingers crossed) so I should be able to post much more regularly soon!! Thank you all for your well wishes and patience with the start of this new journey I'm on. It's exciting and already so rewarding!

Anywho, on to the review!!! Contour kits/palettes are huge right now. I don't think there are many companies that DON'T have one by now and let's just say, they aren't all created equally. That's for sure. Many are hits and misses, you'll love and use one shade in the palette and pass on most of the others... Sound familiar? Yeah, you aren't the only one.

I was very excited when I heard about Lorac releasing their own contour palette and I just had to put it to the test.

Lorac Pro Contour Palette Packaging 1

It comes in the classic Pro box.

Lorac Pro Contour Palette Directions 2

You get a little step-by-step booklet that is super helpful, especially for beginners!

Lorac Pro Contour Palette Review & Swatches 2

Before we get into the palette, we'll talk about the brush that comes with it!

Lorac Pro Contour Palette Brush 1

This brush can be used for both highlighting and contouring, although I confess... I haven't used it yet. I'll explain why in a minute.

Lorac Pro Contour Palette Brush 2

The brush is made very well, it's super dense and doesn't shed.

Lorac Pro Contour Palette Review & Swatches 1

In this palette you get three highlighting shades - 2 matte and 1 shimmer - and three contouring shades - all matte.

Lorac Pro Contour Palette Review & Swatches 3

Isn't she pretty?!?

Let's get into the swatches:

Lorac Pro Contour Palette - Beige Highlight Swatch 1

The first shade is Beige Highlight. The perfect under-eye setting/brightening powder for my light to medium toned babes.

Lorac Pro Contour Palette - Beige Highlight Swatch 2

Incredible pigmentation! Pale enough to highlight beautifully but creamy enough to prevent you from having that stark white highlight!

Lorac Pro Contour Palette - Yellow Highlight Swatch 1.JPG

Yellow highlight... You know we all want that Kim K. banana powder highlight! If you are super pale, be careful with this shade! This is perfect for medium to deeper skin tones.

Lorac Pro Contour Palette - Yellow Highlight Swatch 2

I'm pretty damn pale and this is the only yellow powder I've found that I can actually use!

Lorac Pro Contour Palette - Shimmer Highlight Swatch 1

Lastly for the highlights, Shimmer highlight. Perfect for highlighting the cheekbones - only for light skin tones though... I wish it was more universal - and even your brow bone or inner corners of the eyes!

Lorac Pro Contour Palette - Shimmer Highlight Swatch 2

On the left is a heavy swatch and the right is blended out. I actually like this! I didn't think I would when I saw how light it was but it's nice for those with pale skin. If this won't work on your skin tone as a highlighter, try it as an eyeshadow!


Lorac Pro Contour Palette - Light Contour Swatch 1

Light contour... Don't underestimate this shade. If you have pale skin, try this one first!

Lorac Pro Contour Palette - Light Contour Swatch 2

These contour shades look super orangey in the photos but I promise they aren't in person!

Lorac Pro Contour Palette - Deep Contour Swatch 1JPG

Deep contour is amazing for my dark skin beauties!

Lorac Pro Contour Palette - Deep Contour Swatch 2

How gorgeous is that shade! Use with caution, it's insanely pigmented.

Lorac Pro Contour Palette - Medium Contour Swatch 1

Lastly, Medium contour... Another you should not underestimate! I thought for sure this would be my shade but it ended up a bit darker on my skin than it looks in the pan!

Lorac Pro Contour Palette - Medium Contour Swatch 2

Totally NOT as orange as it looks here. In fact, it's not orange at all!! I hate when my camera picks up color wrong ;(


As you can probably tell by the swatches, they are insanely pigmented. Like... Eyeshadow quality pigmentation. So that's the reason why I haven't used the brush it comes with yet. Those bristles are so dense and with these super saturated shades and that brush, it'd be very easy to go way overboard.


The quality of this palette is incredible. They wear all day long, I've had absolutely no issues with patchiness and the contour shades are all cool-toned enough to never look muddy on the skin. This is by far the best contour palette I have tried yet! For anyone with light to deeper skin tones, this should be great for you. If you are of a darker skin tone, I'd recommend swatching this in store to see if the shades will work with your skin tone. I wish they had replaced the shimmer highlight with a slightly darker shade! But overall, this palette quickly has become one of my absolute favorites! I've used it every day since purchasing and I don't even touch my other highlight or contour shades anymore. It's fantastic!

The Lorac Pro Contour Palette is $45 wherever Lorac is sold.

*I purchased this product. All product reviews are – and ALWAYS will be – my own.*

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