Sedona Lace Contour and Blush Palette - Review & Swatches:

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Hey dolls! It has been so long. Too long. Work has taken over my life this month and I am so glad to be back to a normal schedule and back to chatting with you all!

As you know, Sedona Lace is a company I have known and loved for years. I've reviewed a ton of their products and I not only love sharing these with you because the quality is great but also because the price is RIGHT!

What more could you want?! Today's review is of the Contour and Blush Palette.

This is a product I was very curious about. Contour palettes are huge right now, as we all know but as I've said in other posts, not all are created equally. This palette is less than $16 so I just had to know if it was worth that and more.

Sedona Lace Contour And Blush Palette 1

The packaging is super simple.It's plastic and has the Sedona Lace logo. I do wish that it said Contour & Blush or something on it so I know when I'm grabbing for it! Having to open it to see which palette it is can be annoying at times. But the packaging is sturdy and I feel comfortable traveling with it.

Sedona Lace Contour and Blush Palette 2

You get two highlight shades, two blush and two contour/bronzers. Can we talk about how HUGE these pans are?! It may be hard to tell in this photo but they are gigantic. You will never get through an entire shade in this palette in a lifetime!

Sedona Lace Contour and Blush Palette swatches 1 highlight and blush

The top row has two highlight shades and a bright pink blush. The pigmentation is incredible!

Sedona Lace Contour and Blush Palette swatches highlight and blush

I was pleasantly surprised by these shades. The pale cream highlight/setting shade in the middle is perfect for my skin tone! I have a hard time finding good under-eye setting/highlighting powders and this is perfect. They aren't too chalky and apply evenly.

The highlight shades are matte and the pink blush has a slight shimmer which gives a stunning glow without chunks of glitter. I can skip a highlight when I use this blush and you get such a beautiful natural glow to the skin.


Sedona Lace Contour and Blush Palette swatches 1 contour and blush

The bottom row has your two contour/bronzer shades and a coral blush. All three shades are matte!

Sedona Lace Contour and Blush Palette swatches contour and blush

These contour shades can actually be used to contour!! They aren't too warm but not so cool that they'd look ashy on some skin tones. They are buildable but pigmented so go in with a light hand! The blushes are insanely pigmented as well so you definitely want to go lightly with those and add more as needed.


This palette is fantastic. I wasn't sure what to expect with it but I was blown away at not only the pigmentation but even more important, the lasting power! Every shade in here lasts all day long on my skin. I was so impressed. Typically with more affordable contour, highlight and blush powders, they don't last nearly as long on the skin so when I got home after a long day and looked in the mirror, I was SO happy to see everything was just as pigmented and beautiful as when I first applied it.

My only complaint is that this palette will not work for every skin tone. I wish that they'd release this in different shades for my tan and deeper/darker beauties!

The Sedona Lace Contour and Blush Palette is $15.95! I definitely recommend this! It would be awesome for anyone starting to build a makeup kit. When I first started I began with almost all Sedona Lace products! They are just as good as the higher end brands.

Use the code ' themakeupaffair ' for $4 off your order!

If you'd like to see this palette used in a look, let me know!


I have a bunch of reviews/looks coming soon but if you'd like to see anything specific, let me know in the comments below!

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