Taking a break:

Hello loves,

If you don't follow my social media, I've decided to take a slight break from blogging for a little while. My grandfather had a heart attack and unfortunately, things have gone downhill the past few days. There are a lot of questions that need answering and we don't know whether he'll come out of this or not to be totally honest. I'd just like to spend as much time with family as possible as well as trying my best to keep my head on straight enough to function at work. I will be back as soon as possible, but I'm not quite sure what direction this will go. Literally every day is different with new worries and struggles and I'm sure you all know how nerve-racking situations like this are.

I just wanted to come on here quickly to update and let you all know what's going on. I have been working on a bunch of things but it's hard to focus enough right now to finish any one of them. Bear with me, I know I've been saying this so much lately. There's a lot on my plate and this is just tipping me off the edge right now.

I wanted to thank everyone that has sent well wishes and to everyone who has said a prayer or two for my grampa. It's so appreciated. I can't thank everyone who supports me enough. I have the most amazing "followers" and friends thanks to this blog and I just love and appreciate you all so much. Before I start crying, I'll end this here :)

Thank you for your love, patience and prayers.


Marie <3