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One of the most common questions I get asked, both from my readers and students is: "Can you show me how to apply false lashes?"

To anyone starting out in makeup all the way to the more experienced, and even for many makeup artists, applying lashes - whether to yourself or someone else - can be the trickiest and most difficult skill to master. (aside from winged liner but that's for another day) :)

I'll start by saying it takes a lot of practice. Don't expect to read this, go sit in the mirror and pop them on in a minute. You'll need to practice to get your hand-eye coordination down and to get comfortable with applying them. It took me over a year to get to the point where I could put them on within a few seconds and even still some days, it takes me some time to get them on perfectly. Practice makes perfect!

I'll share my tips for applying lashes on yourself and also throw in a few tips for applying to other people.

First comes first, the supplies! You need a good set of lashes, EYELASH adhesive (please do not use anything other than glue meant for your eyes), a tiltable mirror, tweezers (optional) and small manicure scissors.

When you are first learning, I highly recommend you choose lashes with a very thin lash band. The thicker the band, the more difficult they can be to apply. Lashes with a thin band will be easier to mold to the shape of your eye and they also don't lift from the inner corners as much as a thicker band will, as long as you apply it properly!

I'll be using my Esqido lashes in Unforgettable:

Esqido Lashes in Unforgettable

These are mink lashes and a bit more on the pricey side so if you're looking for drugstore, I'd recommend Ardell or Kiss lashes! You can find affordable lashes with very thin, some invisible, bands and they are super easy to work with!

These lashes in Unforgettable have the perfect lash band for beginners. It's not so thin that it's flimsy but not too thick to where it doesn't mold and bend to fit your lids.


Your first step is to gently take the lashes out of the packaging. Set one of the lashes on your eye, as close to your lash line as possible - without applying any glue - to size them and see how much/if you need to trim them. ALWAYS trim the outer corner and never from the inner corner to keep them looking as natural and realistic as possible!

I always have to trim my lashes because I have little baby eyes LOL so I trimmed a fair amount off these with small manicure scissors.

How to trim false lashes

Trim a little bit at a time, you can always take off more but there's no going back if you take off too much!


Once you trimmed the lash, set it back on your eye to make sure it will fit your eye perfectly.


Once your lashes are the right size, I like to bend them between my fingers a little bit to get more of a curve to the band. This will help with application!

How to apply false lashes


Next, you'll want to apply mascara. I prefer to apply it before lashes because piling it on once the falsies are on can wear them down much faster and cut down the amount of times you can reuse them. If you apply the lashes properly, you won't need to blend them into your natural lashes with any additional mascara.


Your next step is to apply lash adhesive. The glue I've been using religiously is Esqido's Companion Long Lasting Bond.

Esqido companion lash glue review

This glue keeps your lashes on through anything but somehow is still easy to remove at the end of the night. I never have issues with my lashes falling out as I have with other lash glues with a long lasting power. How Esqido created a glue with the best of both worlds is beyond me but you won't hear me complaining.


I like to add a tiny bit more glue to both the inner and outer corners to make sure they don't lift throughout the day.

Applying lash glue to lash how to

Let the glue get tacky before applying! This is a must. If you put glue on a lash and immediately try to apply it, it will flop all over the place and you'll end up with a mess.

Let the glue sit for a minute or two, usually most brands will change color slightly so you know when the right time is! Once it's tacky, it will stick right to your lash line but still give enough time to get them placed right where you want them.

When you are applying lashes to a client, DO NOT blow on the glue!!!!! Shake it around little or set it down to get tacky while you throw on a blush or something but never blow on the glue. This will spread bacteria and germs and your client will not be happy with you!


One of my biggest pieces of advice that may seem silly but makes a HUGE difference, look down in the mirror while you are applying. When I was first starting out, I would look almost straight ahead into a mirror and couldn't figure out why I could not get the lash right on my lash line. Looking down into a mirror lets you see right to the base of your lashes and makes it SO much easier to place it right exactly where you want it.How to apply false lashes 3

I prefer to use pointed tweezers but try a few different styles out to see what works best for you.


I personally find it the most easiest on myself, and when applying on clients, to place the lash band in the center of the eye first. Once you have that placed as close to the lash line as possible, I grab the outer corner and get that on, followed by the inner corner.


Once the band is on, when applying lashes on myself - I wouldn't do this with a client - I like to turn my tweezers to the side and squeeze the lash band and my lashes together. I'll do this from the outer corner to the center and then flip the tweezers and do the inner corners as well. This will ensure that your falsies are as close to the lash line as possible and they will blend beautifully with your natural lashes.

This photo is from a different makeup look because I forgot to take photos while applying the Unforgettable style! This is what happens when you have only a few hours a week to work on blog posts LOL:

How to apply false lashes 1

Squeezing the lashes together not only helps them to look seamless with your natural lashes, blends in perfectly but it also keeps them on even longer!


And your lashes are on! Let the glue dry down and depending on what look I'm doing and if it's needed, mask any glue that is still showing with some liner or eyeshadow.

Esqido lashes in unforgettable how to apply lashes

Here is the final look using the Esqido lashes.


My last bit of advice, please remove your lashes gently. I always put a little bit of makeup remove on a q-tip and rub gently at the base of my lashes to loosen up the band. I cringe when I see people just rip of lashes! Be gentle!


I hope these tips helped you! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask via the comment section below or on any of my social media - links below.

*Some products have been sent to me by the company. All opinions are my own.*

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