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I'm back!!! Current Makeup Favorites:

“Sometimes the greatest miracle is being able to face exactly where you’re at and say: This is where I am. No running, no hiding. There’s gold for me here and I intend to find it, no matter what.”

Hello my loves!!! It has been a while. After taking an entire year off from blogging, and honestly thinking I wouldn’t come back… I’ve realized how much I missed it. I wanted to apologize for my absence to those of you who genuinely loved this blog.

I’ve done a lot of soul searching.

A lot has changed in my life. And I realized just how much I was doing certain things because other people thought I should be doing them rather than because I genuinely wanted to. If any of you have found yourself in a similar place you know that simply ends up with you being miserable.

Creating a life the way YOU dream & envision it is so very important.

Fast forward to now ↬ I am in a much better place mentally. My business has grown, my relationship is incredible, and my family and I are healthy. Not much more you can ask for, right? I am focused once again and excited to be back to reviewing products - back to my roots. I’ve missed you all and thank you to those of you who stay in contact with me via my Instagram. You guys are truly the best.

So enough rambling! Here are a couple of my current favorite makeup products. Short but sweet; I haven’t been able to put these down!!

January 2019 Current Makeup Favorites.JPG
MAC Studio Fix Powder NC15 & Real Techniques Brush Crush 301.JPG

Call it a quarter-life crisis, I’ve barely worn makeup for the past couple months. I fell out of love with makeup for a while there.

Although this product is not new, I fell in love with MAC’s Studio Fix pressed powder (Shade NC15). I love applying it with my Real Techniques Brush Crush brush (say that 5 times fast) 301 - it’s a flat, dense brush and I either buff the powder in for a lighter coverage or dab/press it on for maximum coverage.

This powder is intense. It can become a full coverage powder real quick. But I love how versatile it is! I have been wearing this - and only this - as my base (and concealer) for the past month or so. It’s easy. When I’m lazy, I slap this on and it covers what I need it to cover but I can keep it lightweight in other areas that don’t need the coverage.

I’d recommend a primer underneath, either a mattifying/oil control or a hydrating primer depending on your skin type to help with longevity. I definitely wouldn’t wear this for a full 12 hour day, it breaks down too much on my skin. But for most days, this does the trick.

theBalm Take Home The Bronze in Oskar.JPG

theBalm’s Take Home the Bronze bronzer in Oskar…. As you can see, he’s very loved, and dirty. I’m so close to hitting pan!

** These bronzers have been renamed! This shade is now Oliver **

I’m pretty pale. So it’s hard for me to find bronzers that aren’t too orange or dark. This one is perfect. It contours and bronzes, not too warm and not too cool. I try to use others in my collection and always, always end up adding some of this over top because nothing compares! It blends beautifully, builds up well and lasts all day.

Merlot makeup look.jpg

In this photo, I am wearing theBalm’s bronzer as well as one of the blushes that I’ll talk about next!

bareMinerals Gen Nude blush - You Had Me At Merlot & That Peach Tho swatches.JPG

bareMinerals Gen Nude blushes in That Peach Tho and You Had Me At Merlot.

I love these blushes. I found them at TJMaxx, girrrrrl!!! That was a good shopping day!

I can’t say enough about these. They are gorgeous, pigmented, sooo creamy and blendable, they last all day. They are just so good. The Merlot shade is the blush I am wearing in the photo above. It’s definitely made for much darker skin tones than I have, and I have to use the lightest hand ever, but it was such a pretty shade! I couldn’t pass it up.

I’ll be picking up more shades, that is for sure.

Buxom Holographic Full-On Plumping Lip Gloss in Savannah swatch.JPG

I love Buxom’s glosses. I’ve said this countless of times but they are truly my favorite. This shade is impossible to photograph and I wish I could post a little boomerang video here to show you just how multidimensional this shade truly is… But you’ll just have to take my word for it. Buxom’s Holographic Full-On Lip Polish in Savannah is my absolute favorite lip topper ever right now. It is holographic, without a doubt. It shifts from the shade above to a gorgeous pink that I could not get to photograph for the life of me. It leaves the lips looking so juicy.

If you are unfamiliar with Buxom’s glosses, they do have a “plumping” formula that feels very cooling on the lips that some people may dislike but I enjoy (my boyfriend hates it lol) and it does have a slight scent. I definitely haven’t ever noticed plumping from any of Buxom’s products but I love them nonetheless. They just make good lippies. That’s all I can say!

That’s it for my current favorites! I hope you guys enjoyed and I hope that you’re as excited as I am that the blog is officially back!!! Please leave your favorites down in the comments below and leave any post recommendations that you’d like to see as well!

Love you all to the moon and back! xoxo.

Some of these products were sent to me by the company in PR. I am not being paid to talk about any of these products. Some links are affiliate links.

Current Favorites - March 2017:


"In life you will realize there is a role for everyone you meet. Some will test you, some will use you, some will love you and some will teach you. But the ones who are truly important are the ones who bring out the best in you. They are the rare amazing people who remind you why it's worth it."



Hey guys! How long has it been since I've done a favorites post?! Forever, it feels like. And surprisingly, I don't have a ton of products to share.

As many of you who follow my Instagram know, I've begun on the path of starting my own business and that has taken up much of my time - and money... So the makeup splurges are quite few and far between as of late. But these products are ones that I've been really loving so I wanted to share them!

If you are interested in more info on what exactly my business is, I plan to write a blog post all about it soon but in short, I will be back to taking clients! I'm renting a room in a salon and will be doing makeup, eyelash extensions and a bit of waxing. I will put a post up with photos as soon as I get the room 100% finished!

On to the favorites!

If you follow my Instagram, you know that I've been quite into bright eyeshadows lately... So of course it's fitting that I mention Sugarpill. They are the powerhouse of BRIGHT eyeshadows!

The swatches from left to right: Buttercupcake, Love +, Flamepoint, Acidberry, Poison Plum, Dollipop, Kitten Parade, and Candycrush.


I wanted to post a close-up of the two shimmer shades because I feel like the crazy bright mattes are what Sugarpill is known for... And the metallics don't get as much love as they probably should. They are SO FREAKING PRETTY! Kitten Parade is absolutely incredible as a lid shade.

I couldn't say enough about Sugarpill's eyeshadows. The pans are huge, they are crazy pigmented and bright. They blend easily, which can be difficult to find in such bright colors. They are just perfect.

Head over to my Instagram to see my latest posts using these eyeshadows!

Next up is Maybelline's Better Skin pressed powder. I've seen a bunch of positive reviews about it so after shattering yet another Rimmel Stay Matte powder (does that happen to anyone else? EVERY SINGLE ONE!)... I thought it was about time to try a new brand.

The mirror is HUGE! I also like that they include a sponge versus a powder puff.... I never use it but hey, it's nice to have just in case.

I can't even really tell you why I love this powder.... It just works. Nicely. My skin looks more flawless after I use this. And who doesn't want that?! It lasts pretty well over foundation. I do need to touch up at my usual times so I can't say that it holds oils any longer than typical but it's a beautiful powder!

I use the shade 10 - Porcelain.

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer..... I won't talk about this much because it's been a favorite of mine for many years but I purchased a new one a month or so ago and fell right back in love with it.

Tarte's Shape Tape is phenomenal and I wanted to include that one as well but I find it very drying under my eyes.... And MAC's concealer has the closest amount of pigmentation but is a bit more hydrating so I've actually been grabbing for it more than my Tarte concealer!

I use the shade NC15.

... It's just one of those oldie but goodies that I will forever love.

Next up is.... Soap brows!!!! Have you tried this yet?!

There are tons of videos using this technique now but I will link the originator - Pixiwoo!

Essentially, you are wetting your spoolie with either water or fix plus and working some soap into the brush and then combing through your brows. Whether before applying product or after, it works both ways. I also love using this on days when I'm not wearing any makeup to get my brows in the shape that I want them. They stay put all day and I love using soap more so than any brow gel!

I know it sounds weird, but give it a try! The soap I use is from Amazon - the trick is finding a soap that is totally clear and doesn't leave a film over your brows. These from Amazon don't and they come in a three pack.

Anastasia's Liquid Lipsticks..... Another favorite I've mentioned before but I just can't get enough of them. I literally want to own every single shade. They are one of my favorite formulas. And I know that liquid lip formulas are so individualized and everyone has preferences but these are wonderful, in my opinion.

They are super pigmented, they don't dry my lips out too much or feel uncomfortable. They wear remarkably well and.... I just love them!

From left to right: Pure Hollywood, Naked, Catnip, Vamp and Requiem.

A little bonus random favorite... My Erin Condren Life Planner. I know... I know. I didn't ever want to get on the planner bandwagon but this planner is so freaking good. It's perfect for what I need!

I will include my referral link here - you will get $10 off your purchase. These are pricey planners but she ALWAYS has deals and coupons so don't ever pay full price! If you'd like a post more dedicated to planning, let me know in the comments below!

I didn't think I would enjoy using a planner this much but my memory is terrible and it has helped me to remember things so much better! The physical act of taking the time to write things down is definitely a game changer for me.

So those are my current favorites! What are some things you are loving?! Let us know in the comments below!



Glowing Skin For Textured/Acne Prone Skin:

"Find what you're afraid of most and go live there."

- Chuck Palahniuk

Hey loves!

Today's focus is a quick how-to on creating a glow to the skin without using highlighters!


We've all seen the dramatically highlighted women on Instagram. Glowing to the Gods. Love it or hate it, a "glow" can be absolutely beautiful and make you look more awake and youthful. But many of us don't want to go that dramatic - and more importantly for this blog post, most of us can't.

Highlighters can accentuate any texture on your skin like crazy and for those of us with texture, acne, and/or fine lines, we don't want ANY of that accentuated.

The trick? ......... Beauty oils! 

The oils I use the most often are Boscia's Tsubaki Beauty Oil or just plain Jojoba Oil (more affordable option) but there are hundreds to choose from on the market.

There are three ways I add oils into my makeup routine - During my skincare routine, before applying makeup, mixed in with my foundation as well as after applying all creams/liquids (before any powders).

Mixing with foundation:


I prefer liquid foundations and I always mix it on the back of my hand prior to applying. I find that this warms up the product a bit and helps give you a smooth application. Mix two to three drops of your oil to the foundation before applying.

This gives a luminous glow to the foundation. Dependent on the foundation and oil, it may lessen the coverage slightly so I always like to try different brands to see which mix is my favorite.



Not only does this give you a glow but if you are oily to combination, it may help improve the longevity of your foundation! When you add oil to the skin, it doesn't feel the need to produce as it normally would throughout the day so I typically find that my foundation doesn't break up as quickly as it usually would!

My favorite way to get an added glow is applying the oil over top of my foundation and concealer. This technique doesn't work with every foundation, some do get broken down by the oil and you'll find spaces that almost lift off of your skin but when you find one that works? Ohhhh, it is beautiful!

I apply about two or three drops to my damp Real Technique Sponge (beauty blender, drugstore sponge, whatever you want to use!) and dab the oil into the areas of my face that I want an extra glow.

Using an oil will give your skin a natural looking glow instead of using glittery/shimmer highlighters that will enhance the look of texture on the skin! Truly, I love doing this!

If you are nervous about using oils, check out my previous blog post! Never fear! Oils are your friend. :) 

Give it a try and tell me what you think in the comments below!


Oil Cleansing and why you need to do it:

"Commit to loving yourself completely. It's the most radical thing you will do in your lifetime."

- Andrea Gibson

Oil cleansing. Chances are you've heard about it... Oils are huge in the skincare industry right now - and for good reason! They are amazing for preserving and maintaining the health of your skin. Whether you are as dry as a desert, you'd compare your face to an oil slick, or you fall somewhere in-between, oils are your friend. Let me explain why... 

For starters, oils preserve your youth! They help to prevent/prolong fine lines/aging and they also protect your skin from free radicals as well as trapping and holding moisture in the deep layers of your skin. 

All skin types can benefit from using oils! Dry skin needs as much moisture as possible so oils are usually a no-brainer but my oily skin beauties usually cringe at the thought of putting even MORE oil on their skin.

But listen, hear me out.... Oil attracts oil! The more hydrated and nourished your skin feels, the less it needs to produce oil. That doesn't necessarily mean you will go from an oily skin type to combination skin - skin types are (typically) genetic - however, it can help drastically when your skin is off balance and over-producing oils.

......... Someone count how many times I say oil in this post.

There are so many different kinds of oils now. Cleansing oils, moisturizers, beauty oils, serums... Oh, marketing. Today we'll keep to cleansing oils but if you'd like to hear more about any others, let me know in the comments below!

The main difference in each cleansing oil is the base oil that is used. Each are good for certain skin types/concerns so it's important to know what your skin type is before purchasing!

Essentially, you have good and bad oils. The "good" oil, your cleansing oils, will grab onto the bad oils (sebum, dirt, makeup, etc.) and when you rinse, it will take those bad oils with it. If you are very oily/acne prone, I do recommend doing a double-cleanse and following the oil with your typical cleanser. This will ensure that your skin is 100% clean!


These cleansing oils not only include specific "good" oils but they can also include antioxidants, anti-aging ingredients or acne-fighting ingredients for added benefits.

The best cleansing oils for your skin type:

Dry Skin:

  • Macadamia 
  • Avocado
  • Coconut Oil
  • Sweet Almond 
  • Argan Oil

Oily Skin:

  • Grapeseed
  • Jojoba
  • Safflower 
  • Evening Primrose
  • Hemp Oil

Combination Skin:

  • Coconut
  • Rosehip
  • Almond 
  • Apricot
  • Sesame

Sensitive Skin:

  • Grapeseed
  • Calendula 
  • Jojoba
  • Sunflower
  • Coconut

How to use:

You'll want to apply your cleansing oil with dry hands, on dry skin. Work it in really well throughout your face, massaging it in and focus on your most congested areas. It removes eye-makeup like a dream! After you are done massaging the oil into your skin, add some water to your hands and this will emulsify and break down the oils on your face. Rinse a few times. If you feel that there is still some oil residue left on your skin, double cleanse with your typical cleanser.

I have very acne-prone combination to oily skin. I have seen a huge difference when incorporating oils into my daily skincare routine. Not only for cleansing but also moisturizing and even in my foundation to give a glow and believe it or not, to make my foundation last longer!

Here are some of my favorite cleansing oils - 

Excuse the chips of paint missing from my desk - these Ikea desks don't last for very long!!!

From left to right:

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Cleansing Oil ($32) - This oil is more on the pricey side but I absolutely love Juice Beauty and this is one product I need to repurchase. It's part of their anti-aging line and is suitable for all skin types. The main ingredients are: Malic Acid, Aloe Leaf Juice, Jojoba Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Sunflower Oil and Borage Oil to name a few.

Dermalogica Precleanse ($10-$40 depending on size) - We use Dermalogica at the beauty school I teach at and I have grown to love and adore Precleanse so much. It removes makeup beautifully and I've seen beautiful changes in our guests skin when they incorporate this into their routine. Ingredients: Borage Seed Oil, Kukui & Apricot Oils, Rice Bran and Vitamin E Oils.

Jojoba Oil (the Vitamin Shoppe brand - $9.99) - A staple in my household, I love Jojoba Oil and mainly use it for topically applying essential oils but this has quickly become a go-to for thoroughly removing my makeup. I love saturating a makeup wipe with Jojoba Oil to take off as much makeup as possible before cleansing with my regular skin care routine.


With all of these oils, you want to make sure to apply with dry hands to a dry face. Massage it in really well for a few minutes and apply water when you are ready to remove the product.

Have you used cleansing oils before? What are some of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!


Melt Cosmetics - Dark Matter & Rust Eyeshadow Stacks:


"Just don't give up on me, on people, on yourself. I know people fill your holes with disappointments, but there's so much hope left to go around. Please do not throw yourself to the wild and let the wolves hunt you down. You were born a creature to be feared, to be valued, to be loved; not to be thrown away as if your parents raised you to be disposable. Trust me, you weren't brought to this planet to leave empty handed. You were meant to touch, to love, and to fight; to bring walls down, to repair your armor, and build your own castle. Life didn't teach you how to survive just so you can give up when it gets a little harder."

- Ming D. Liu, Stories I'll tell one day #81


Hello my darlings! Today's review is very exciting for me. Melt Cosmetics has been a brand that I've swooned over for a while now but never let myself splurge... After hearing one of my students (Hey Carla!!!) rave about the Dark Matter stack, I knew I had to get it. I've had it for months now and when they released the Rust stack, it was over. Another hole in my heart until I had it in my hands. These palettes - color wise - are so ME! Saying that I love warm, rusty tones would be an understatement. So I figured I'd include both in this review! Grab a drink and snack because it's going to be a long one!! I hope you all enjoy :)

For those of you unfamiliar with Melt Cosmetics, these eyeshadow palettes are magnetic circles that stack together. I absolutely love the packaging and find it so fun and creative. They don't take up a lot of room and easily fit in my vanity drawers so I appreciate that so much.

Another huge plus is that the eyeshadow pans are HUGE! With the Dark Matter stack, you get 3.57g of product total and Rust, 2.96 g... It bums me out a bit that you get less in one but I'm assuming it's because you are getting an extra eyeshadow in the Rust Stack.


Let's start with Dark Matter first:

My reviews on this stack are a bit mixed. You will see the swatch differences between this stack and the Rust shadows... I found that these eyeshadows were more on the dry side. Enigma (the red shade) more than all of the others. With that being said, I still very much love these shadows and find that they are very pigmented and blendable.

This stack comes with 4 eyeshadows - all matte - and retails for $48:



Blurr is the first and lightest shade. It's the perfect transition shade. Think - Makeup Geek's Peach Smoothie - it's very similar to that! 



Unseen is the second and is sort of like a step deeper and warmer than Blurr. Unseen is an amazing shade for the crease. I love using this to warm up any eyeshadow looks while bringing a little bit of depth.


Enigma is the next shade and the one that I was the most excited about in this stack. As I've said it feels very dry to the touch and doesn't give that smooth, creamy feel that many loved eyeshadows do. I'm not sure if I just got an off formula or if they are all dry like this - if you own it, please leave a comment below and let me know how yours is! But I still really love this eyeshadow. It takes some building up for full pigment but overall, it's gorgeous.


The last eyeshadow is Dark Matter, a deep black. It's also a little dry but beautiful and very pigmented.



You'll see a big difference between these swatches and the Rust stack. I think the dryness comes through on these swatches. They are good but I do wish they were smooth and creamier.


Alright, the star of the show is the Rust Stack. Truly. This became my favorite eyeshadow palette within the first use. It is absolute perfection. From shades to formula, pigmentation to blend-ability. It. Is. Perfect!!!!

This stack comes with 5 eyeshadows - all matte - and retails for $58.

The first eyeshadow is Classic. A warm-ish yellow. I love using this as a base, to set my eyeshadow primer/base, and as a highlight shade. I usually prefer shimmer highlight shades for my inner corner and brow bone, even for the lid, but this gives a subtle highlight and it's really nice.




Next is Antique, a beautiful peach. Amazing for a transition shade!!! 



Rubbish... This shade may scare some, it's a mustardy brown. I'm obsessed! It reminds me so much of Bobbi Brown's Camel, another one of my favorites. I love those weird yellow/brown/dirty-ish looking eyeshadows! 


Rust is the next shade and when I first got this, I thought that Rubbish would be my favorite but the second I applied this to my eyes... I think I squealed out loud. If you guys had seen me apply this stack for the first time you would have either thought I was hilarious or crazy.... Maybe both... It's warm and buttery, it blends like a DREAM. I have no words for how beautiful this shade is!!! 


The last shade is Rott, a deep brown. It doesn't look like much in the pan but it totally completes this stack! Pigmentation is insane and it also blends super easily.



These eyeshadows are amazing. This is what I was expecting from a Melt Cosmetics stack. Buttery, creamy, pigmented and honestly, this stack made blending easy. You always hear people say that about eyeshadows but this is truly the first eyeshadows that I can say that with. Obsessed isn't a strong enough word for how I feel about this palette. I love it so much.


I love both of these palettes. It easy to see which is my favorite out of the two but I plan to purchase every other Melt stack, that's for sure. 

Here are a few makeup looks I've done using Dark Matter and Rust:



Dark Matter



I hope you all found this review helpful! Have you tried any products from Melt? Let us know in the comments below! What are your favorites? Any hate-its?!


Sephora Haul 2016:

“I used to have faith in fate, believed it would some day be us if I played the cards right, or if I tried hard enough to be someone worth searching for.

Then one afternoon, I sat there alone with a pen in my hand and bleakness in my heart, and the thoughts of you stopped providing comfort.

"You weren't elixir, but the plague I tried to avoid,” I said.“

I wish I could speak to myself a few years ago. I’d tell her to stop wishing on every 11:11 for a love so futile, to let go of someone who made her lose sight of her constellations and allowed her to see herself as a city night without stars.

I’d tell her that she was the universe he would never be a part of, and that will be one of the best things she’ll ever have."

- Ming D. Liu, Stories I'll never tell #135

Hello beauties! I placed an order to Sephora a few weeks ago and have been testing out all of the products I purchased so I thought it would be fun to do a haul and include little mini reviews of each.

I'll skip over the Caudalie Beauty Elixir because I've already done a review on that! Check it out here.


Next I picked up the Peter Thomas Roth Glycolic Acid 10% Moisturizer ($45): I've loved this brand for years and have mentioned other products in previous posts.

I was curious to try this because my skin usually reacts well to glycolic acid, and well.... This brand just always pulls me in. I haven't been using it daily because it's pretty strong so I try to use it every other day. I can't say whether I like this or not yet... I'm not sure. I'll need to use it for a few months to really come up with a for sure answer.



The other skincare product I picked up.... 

Sunday Riley's Power Couple Duo ($85):

I've been absolutely dying to try both of these products from Sunday Riley and when I saw they had both in a nice sized kit, I just had to snag it! It contains the Luna Oil and Good Genes. Both are great sizes for a kit. Luna and Good Genes are 1 oz in the full size and in the kit, both are .5oz.. That may not sound like a lot but these will easily last you a few months! I'm so glad they made them large enough to really get a feel for them. Skincare products need to be used for at least a few months before you can really start to see changes (most of the time) so this is awesome! These both cost $105 for the full size so the price is on point too!

The Luna Oil is for use only at night and I've kept my Good Genes uses to night only as well. Apply Luna first and let that sit for about 5 minutes before applying Good Genes.... Let me tell you, I saw a difference in my skin within the first week of using these. I don't know if they put baby unicorn tears in here or what but I'm obsessed! My skin has been glowing. I've noticed so many more "good skin days" since adding this to my regimen and although they are both extremely expensive, I definitely plan on buying the full size of both.

This kit is an incredible deal!! 


I picked up the travel size of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer in Luminous Bronze Light ($24):

I wasn't sure if this would look good on my skin tone or not so I thought the travel size was a much better option than dropping $50 on something I may dislike. It's .5oz of product and would probably last a very long time - I wish all companies sold travel sizes like this!


They have one other shade in this range and this is the lightest. It has definitely specks of glitter and it's quite warm. It's not a shade you'd want to use for contouring but it gives you quite the bronze. It's so much more pigmented than it seems! 




I'm a little too pale for this right now so I'll be saving this for when I get a bit more of a tan. It's beautiful though and adds a natural looking bronzy glow to the skin. It lasts all day and didn't fade after 7 hours of wear. 


Lastly, I went a little crazy in the Anastasia section of Sephora.. I already own the liquid lipstick in Pure Hollywood and love it so I was anxious to try a few other shades. I also picked up two of the lip glosses. I want to get the Modern Renaissance palette but it has been sold out so that will be the next purchase hopefully!

I picked up three shades of liquid lipsticks ($20):

From left to right: Naked, Catnip & Vamp.

I absolutely LOVE all three shades. They are super pigmented and long wearing. I'm not very picky when it comes to liquid lipsticks, I love almost every one I try but this formula is one of the best in my opinion.



Naked is a great nude shade for my pale beauties, especially those with yellow/olive undertones who have a hard time finding pale nudes that look "natural" on them. Sorry, the only photo I have wearing this one so far is a crappy Snapchat picture. I love doing a slight ombre with a darker lip liner.





Catnip is a bright, vibrant pink and although I don't wear pink lip colors very often, I grab for this one a lot!

My only complaint with this one, an error in packaging: the sifter is not working properly and way too much product comes out with each application. I could have sent it back for a replacement but I hate doing that so I just try to scrape the product back into the tube before application.




Vamp is hands down one of my favorite lipsticks I own. It pulls very dark on me once it dries completely and looks more brown than red but it's so unique and it's incredible for fall! 



Last but not least, the lip glosses! Unfortunately I don't have photos wearing these yet but let me know if you'd like to see them on! ($16):

Undressed is on the left and Gilded on the right.

Undressed is a beautiful peachy nude and Gilded is a gorgeous gold metallic!

These are the most pigmented glosses I've ever used! They are slightly sticky but not too bad and pretty long-wearing for a gloss. I plan to purchase more shades for sure! 


So there's my haul! I hope you enjoyed it!

I recently placed an order to Forever 21 for some clothes so if you'd like to see that haul as well, let me know! As always, leave any post requests you'd like to see in the comments below!

Love you all.


Caudalie Beauty Elixir

"No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell."

- Carl Jung

Hey loves! Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir is a product that has been the topic of some conversation lately in the beauty community and after hearing so many good reviews (and some bad), I had to try it for myself.

This is a toning mist made for all skin types - except dry. The claims:

  • Sets makeup
  • Provides an instant boost of radiance
  • Tightens the appearance of pores
  • Solution for: Dullness/uneven texture, pores and dryness


On Sephora’s website,Inspired by Queen Isabelle of Hungary's famous elixir of youth, Beauty Elixir is formulated with grape extracts and clarifying ingredients to provide an immediate burst of radiance. The complexion treatment reduces dullness and is infused with toning rosemary, astringent mint, and soothing rose essential oil to prepare your skin for further treatments. 


Beloved by celebrities and makeup artists worldwide, the Beauty Elixir is the ideal priming base and setting spray between layers of makeup for a long-lasting and smooth finish. Perfect as an aftershave for men, the formula contains essential oils and plant extracts to clarify and brighten the complexion. The therapeutic scent is invigorating throughout the day and can be used mid-day at the office for an instant pick-me-up and in the evening to refresh your makeup so that it looks like you had just applied it.”


Man, do they know how to talk up a product! I’m sure you can see now why I was so curious :) 


As always, we’ll start with the packaging:

Caudalie Beauty Elixir Review

Beautiful! I love the frosted glass, it has a nice feel to it. Heavy and sturdy. 

The mist is absolutely perfect. Not too much, not too little. It doesn't leave splatter of product on your freshly applied makeup, which I am so appreciative of.

One complaint, the scent is strong. More so than I expected and I’ve never been one to be put off by fragrance in products. It’s not terrible, very spa-like but super intense. So if you aren’t a fan of strong scents in your products, this may be one that you want to avoid. Or try it in store to see if you’d like it.


The claims? Some I agree with, others not so much. But let’s talk about the ingredients first because that will tie in with some of my opinion.

  • Water - The most abundant ingredient in this product. Pretty typical for toners like this.
  • Alcohol - Ahhh, why must companies do this! Alcohol on your skin is extremely drying and overall just BAD.
  • Bitter Orange Flower Water - An ingredient commonly used in skincare, soaps, shampoos, etc. Used as a skin-conditioning agent as well as for fragrance. The methanol content can make this irritating to the skin.
  • Fragrance - Another additive that I wish companies would omit. As I’ve said, the fragrance is extremely strong in this product. And fragrance is a known irritant for many skin types.
  • Rosemary Leaf Oil - Antioxidant and antimicrobial. Also used for fragrance.
  • Potassium Alum - An astringent used for tightening or tingling sensation.

These are only some of the ingredients, overall I can’t say that this is a product that would improve your skin over time at all but can provide some of those claims above, but also beware of the alcohol and fragrance that could cause irritation for more sensitive skin types.

My routine, as mentioned in the Milani Conceal & Perfect Foundation review (coming soon!) - I like to apply a thin layer of foundation and let it dry, follow with misting my face with this Elixir and once that dries, applying one more thin layer of foundation for extra coverage where needed. At the end of my makeup, I finalize with another mist of this product.


I’ve been enjoying this. I wasn’t expecting much; I try to go into every review with a clean slate and no expectations, regardless of what reviews I’ve heard. I definitely have been loving my makeup more than I usually do. I agree that it sets makeup well - does it provide any additional longevity? Nah. I wouldn’t say that. But it does leave a beautiful finish and can be used the same way you’d use a Mac Fix+ type product. It tones down any powderiness and gives a more natural glow to the skin. Which leads me to also agree that it gives a boost of radiance. Absolutely.

Does it tighten pores? Nope. I don’t feel or see any tightening whatsoever but I’d say that with just about any product with a claim like that. Most don't.

I also don’t agree to it being a solution for texture… It’s the esthetician in me when I say texture is texture and no makeup product on the planet can tone that down. But it does help with dullness, again due to the radiance it gives.


Overall, I’ve been loving this. Do I think it’s worth the hefty $49 price tag? No. Would I repurchase…..…… Okay, maybe. :)

Have you tried this yet? If so, leave your opinions in the comments below and leave any recommendations for other finishing sprays you love!


Liquid Lipstick as Eyeliner?!

"Your heart is the light of the world. Don't cover it with your mind."

- Mooji

Hello beauties! How are you?

I love finding multiple uses for products. Blushes and bronzers for eyeshadows, gel liner as brow pomades, etc... My newest love is using liquid lipsticks as eyeliners! The formulas make it so easy to apply, super long lasting and totally smudge-proof! It's also a perfect alternative to those shades you own that may not have looked the best on you. Try it on the eyes and I bet you'll love it!

Lolita as an eyeliner makeup look with makeup geek

I used Kat Von D's Lolita as an example because a lot of people purchased the 2nd edition (it was a bad batch) and find that it does not go with their skin tone.

Kat Von D's Lolita as eyeliner

It's a more subtle look than using a black liner, which I love. This is an awesome way to incorporate fun colors into your look without it being super dramatic.... Try a brighter, more vibrant lippie for that drama!


Lolita packaging

So here is Lolita, keep in mind that there are other formulations of this so yours may look different than mine. This one was a bad batch and they are now selling the shade that it should be. You can use any liquid lipstick! If you'd like to see more looks using another shade, let me know! :)

Lolita swatch

I like to apply it to the back of my hand and then dip my brush in it. If you will be applying this to someone else or a client, make sure you put it on a palette to stay sanitary!

Brush for eyeliner

The brush I absolutely LOVE to use for applying eyeliner is the Morphe M160 -1/16. I get the perfect liner/wing every single time! Use whatever your favorite liner brush is and apply as you would any other liner.


Apply quickly because liquid lipsticks tends to dry and set much faster than a gel liner would but once it's on, it STAYS and looks vibrant all day long.

If you try this out, tag me in your pictures and hashtag #themakeupaffair! I would love to see your work! <3

What are your favorite multi-use products? Let us know in the comments below!!

*I purchased product mentioned with my own money. All opinions are – and ALWAYS will be – 100% my own.*

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Morphe Brushes Haul and Review:

"Look at the moon tonight. It's bright and filled with craters and imperfections but it's the master of the seas, the illuminator of the night, it brings comfort and burden, just like you who's having a dull moment. You're the moon in an empty space."

Hey beauties! I recently ordered a bunch of brushes from Morphe Brushes (I haven't tried their shadows yet but I plan to in the future) - I am constantly on the hunt for nice brushes at an affordable price! You can purchase Morphe brushes in kits or separately and I always prefer to purchase each brush separately because the quality is usually better in my opinion. I've purchased kits from other brands and they just never seem to be made as well.

There are a bunch of different brush lines and price ranges. So I picked up 12 in a few different styles to test out the quality in every price range.

Morphe Brushes & Blinking Beaute Haul
Morphe Brushes & Blinking Beaute Haul

I also picked up a pair of lashes from Blinking Beaute; if you'd like a review, let me know!

Morphe Brushes Review
Morphe Brushes Review

These brushes range from $1.99-$11.98!


Morphe Brush 1 - M160 -1:16
Morphe Brush 1 - M160 -1:16

The M160-1/16 Angled Taklon Liner brush ($1.99) - This brush comes in a few different sizes. The 1/16th size is the smallest and is perfect for lining the eyes and creating a wing. It is synthetic so it's awesome for gel liner!

Morphe Brush 2 - M160 -1:16
Morphe Brush 2 - M160 -1:16

I don't know how they only sell this for $1.99!! The quality is fantastic. It doesn't shed and it feels better than my higher end brushes.

Morphe Brush 3 - M160 -1:16
Morphe Brush 3 - M160 -1:16

I have always struggled to find the perfect liner brush. This became my favorite within one use. It makes applying liner so easy, especially for my fellow small-eyed beauties. I have a hard time finding brushes small enough; my liner ends up way too thick with most brushes and with this, you can create a line as thin or as thick as you want. It doesn't fray out at all and keeps it's shape throughout the entire application process. I need to buy a ton of these.


Morphe Brushes 1 - G29 Angled Liner
Morphe Brushes 1 - G29 Angled Liner

G29 Angled Liner ($4.95) - Another angled brush, this one is also synthetic and a little bit thicker than the previous brush.

Morphe Brushes 2 - G29 Angled Liner
Morphe Brushes 2 - G29 Angled Liner

This can be used for liner, smoking out/smudging liner and shadows or even for the brows. The quality is great! No shedding or fraying.


Morphe Brushes 1 - BK20
Morphe Brushes 1 - BK20

BK20 Angle Brow ($1.99) - On the packaging, this brush says B20 but on the site it's BK20 so if you're looking for it and can't find it, try the other name. This is the only brush I don't like and wonder why I purchased it to begin with. It's a boar fur and I have other angled brushes like this that I despise so I have NO clue why I got this... Maybe I meant to put something else in my cart.

Morphe Brushes 2 - BK20
Morphe Brushes 2 - BK20

These are so thick and rough feeling. I'm sure some people like using these but I just don't get it.

Morphe Brushes 3 - BK20
Morphe Brushes 3 - BK20

If you have thicker, full brows and need a brush to just lightly fill them in, this may work for you but mine are too thin to even attempt using this. I've tried using it for smudging liner/shadow but it's so rough that it hurt my eyes. I'll probably keep this for when I'm doing more special effects type makeup.


Morphe Brushes 1 - B75 Flat Liner
Morphe Brushes 1 - B75 Flat Liner

B75 Flat Liner ($2.99) - I wanted a flat liner brush for smudging/smoking out my liner and shadows, especially on the lower lash line. This is made really well, no shedding and it's firm but has enough give to smoke and blend out product with ease. This gets right under the bottom lashes really nicely.

Morphe Brushes 2 - B75 Flat Liner
Morphe Brushes 2 - B75 Flat Liner

You could also use this to carve out your brows using concealer!


Morphe Brushes 1 - BK19 Mini Oval Taklon
Morphe Brushes 1 - BK19 Mini Oval Taklon

BK19 Mini Oval Taklon ($1.99) - Another that says B on the brush but shows up as BK on the website. This is a synthetic lip brush.

Morphe Brushes 2 - BK19 Mini Oval Taklon
Morphe Brushes 2 - BK19 Mini Oval Taklon

Great quality and very dense so you can apply a nice amount of product quickly.


Morphe Brushes 1 - M562 Tiny Crease Blender
Morphe Brushes 1 - M562 Tiny Crease Blender

M562 Tiny Crease Blender ($3.99) - A tiny synthetic blending brush! Amazing for detailed work, cut creases and also perfect for those with small eyes.

Morphe Brushes 3 - M562 Tiny Crease Blender
Morphe Brushes 3 - M562 Tiny Crease Blender

Compared to a Sigma Blending E25.

Morphe Brushes 2 - M562 Tiny Crease Blender
Morphe Brushes 2 - M562 Tiny Crease Blender

Nice quality, no shedding and it blends eyeshadows beautifully.


Morphe Brushes 1 - M433 Pro Firm Blending Fluff
Morphe Brushes 1 - M433 Pro Firm Blending Fluff

M433 Pro Firm Blending Fluff - Currently sold out and I can't remember how much this one was but only a few dollars. It's a classic goat hair blending brush.

Morphe Brushes 2 - M433 Pro Firm Blending Fluff
Morphe Brushes 2 - M433 Pro Firm Blending Fluff

No shedding, nice quality. It does fray out after some use but if you are familiar with goat hair brushes, that is normal.

Morphe Brushes 3 - M433 Pro Firm Blending Fluff
Morphe Brushes 3 - M433 Pro Firm Blending Fluff

Identical to the Sigma E25 and Sedona Lace EB09.


Morphe Brushes 1 - B79 Pointed Blender
Morphe Brushes 1 - B79 Pointed Blender

B79 Pointed Blender ($4.99) - A sable/goat blend, it has that tulip shape that I absolutely love for blending brushes. It fits in the crease and blends out beautifully! This one shed a hair or two during the first wash but I haven't had problems since.

Morphe Brushes 2 - B79 Pointed Blender
Morphe Brushes 2 - B79 Pointed Blender

Very soft and fluffy!

Morphe Brushes 3 - B79 Pointed Blender
Morphe Brushes 3 - B79 Pointed Blender

Almost identical to one of my favorite Sedona Lace brushes, the EB 15.


Morphe Brushes 1 - M330 Blending Crease
Morphe Brushes 1 - M330 Blending Crease

M330 Blending Crease (Originally $11.98 - Now $5.99) - A sable haired brush, extremely soft and amazing for blending. This is longer and more tapered than a typical blending brush.

Morphe Brushes 2 - M330 Blending Crease
Morphe Brushes 2 - M330 Blending Crease

This one sheds a tiny bit. The sabled hair brushes tend to shed a bit more in general but that is common with natural hair brushes versus synthetic. But these compared to other brush companies, it seems to shed a bit less!


Morphe Brushes 1 - MB23 Round Blender
Morphe Brushes 1 - MB23 Round Blender

MB23 Round Blender (Originally $11.98 - now $5.99) - This is a classic synthetic blending brush! Made really nicely, dense and amazing for blending.

Morphe Brushes 2 - MB23 Round Blender
Morphe Brushes 2 - MB23 Round Blender

No shedding!

Morphe Brushes 3 - MB23 Round Blender
Morphe Brushes 3 - MB23 Round Blender

Very similar to the Sigma E40.


Morphe Brushes 1 - E22 Pointed Blender
Morphe Brushes 1 - E22 Pointed Blender

E22 Pointed Blender ($6.99) - Synthetic bristles, absolutely amazing quality. Densely packed! I love this for hooded eyes because that point fits perfectly for blending in the crease.

Morphe Brushes 2 - E22 Pointed Blender
Morphe Brushes 2 - E22 Pointed Blender

This is one of their newer brushes and I definitely need to pick up some more from this line!


Morphe Brushes 1 - E27 Pro Round Blender
Morphe Brushes 1 - E27 Pro Round Blender

E27 Pro Round Blender - Also currently sold out, I believe it's the same price as the previous brush. Fantastic quality, I love using brushes like this not only for blending but for also applying my paint pots!

Very similar to the Sedona Lace EB 13.


I am so impressed with these brushes! Now I can see why they are so raved about. The quality for the price? Unbelievable! Check out Morphe's site to see their wide range of brushes and if you've tried their eyeshadows, let me know if you like them!

*I purchased these products with my own money. All opinions are – and ALWAYS will be – 100% my own.*

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Heat-Proof, Sweat-Proof, All Day Wear; Full Face Makeup for All Skin Types - Part 2 - Eyes, Lips & Face:

Did you miss Part One?! See it here!

Alright, my loves! Let's get into the fun part. The makeup! This routine is what I use when I'm going to events, concerts, weddings; anywhere I will be out all day, especially in the hot sun and need to know that my face won't look like a hot mess at the end of the day. This is tried and true, my absolute favorite routine for an all day flawless face!

Heat-proof, sweat-proof makeup - foundation

The game changer and inspiration for this entire post. Loral's Infallible Pro-Matte foundation. Yes, all skin types can use this! It's a very matte finish so if you prefer some dewiness, the next photo will help you with that. But this foundation lasts for days, I swear. The hottest, most uncomfortable weather and this holds up better than any other foundation I have ever used. Not even exaggerating. Again, if you have dry skin - make sure to let your moisturizers and oils sink in before applying this! As long as your skin is properly hydrated and primed, this will be fantastic for anyone.

Loreal's Infallible Pro-Matte: A full coverage matte formula.... This is VERY matte and unless mixed with oils, liquid highlighters or moisturizers, is not very natural looking. Something to keep in mind! But man, does this baby stay put!! I have not found any other foundation that looks as good as this one does at the end of a busy day.


Beauty Blender: A $20 sponge?! I know. I was a sceptic too. But this is magic. I don't know how they do it but it gives such a flawless finish! Run this under water until it grows to it's full size and squeeze out as much water as possible! You can use this with liquids and powders! There are different colored Beauty Blenders for different uses: black for bronzer/self-tanner & white for primers and moisturizers! Dot your foundation on your face or apply to the back of your hand and dip your Beauty Blender in, bounce it all over your face and your foundation will blend in seamlessly.



heat-proof, sweat-proof makeup - for dry skin

If you prefer a more dewey look, you can try mixing the foundation with either a liquid highlighter or a dewey foundation. The highlighter on the right is one I received in a Memebox but it works just like the BECCA liquid highlighters. And the Maybelline Matte & Poreless is super dewey (don't let the name fool you) and also mixes really well with the Loreal foundation. Mix in any of your favorite liquid luminizer or dewey foundation!

Memebox Highlighter: No longer on the website and I can't find it anywhere!

Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless: See my review on this! Absolutely love this foundation but not very long-wearing on my skin!



heat-proof, sweat-proof makeup - concealers

Long wearing concealers are a must! High-end or drugstore, find your favorite. These above are my go-to's. Make sure you set them with a powder afterwards!! Use a concealer lighter than your skin tone for the base of your highlight.

*** Apply all cream products before ANY powder products to prevent cakiness!! ***

MAC's Pro Longwear Concealer: A holy grail of many, and for good reason! This is SO pigmented. It's a thick consistency and covers dark circles like a dream!


NYX's HD Photogenic Concealer: A drugstore concealer that covers really well! It doesn't last forever on me but I like to mix this with others for maximum coverage when needed.


Maybelline's Fit Me Concealer: This has been said to be a dupe for MUFE's Creamy Concealer. I haven't compared the two but I believe it! This can stand up against high end concealers, easily. One of my go-to's! I wish the shade range was better but if you can make it work, this is fantastic.


Maybelline's Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Treatment Concealer: Another go-to of many! I have this in a few different shades and not only use it for under the eyes but on blemishes and discoloration as well! Hate the packaging, love the product.



heat-proof, sweat-proof bulletproof makeup - highlighting and contouring long lasting

For an all-day highlight and contour, layer creams with powders! Use a cream contour and highlight with a beauty blender for a natural contour and set those with your highlight and contouring powders. This will set those cream products and they will work together to last literally all day!

Smashbox Contour Stick Trio: This kit is expensive but amazing for travel. It's slightly difficult to blend out, I tried a few different brushes/techniques before getting the hang of it but these are great for layering for long wear. And the stick form makes it so easy to place the product right where you want it, especially when it comes to contouring!


Anastasia's Contour Palette: I don't absolutely love this. I'm going to try more contouring palettes but this one is okay and I do like that you can pop out the shades to replace any or even build your own kit on the website depending on your skin tone (super helpful for mua's)... I think there are better quality powders in the industry but this is what I've got at the moment. Leave me your recommendations in the comments! I'm looking for new ones to try :)


Maybelline Fit Me Shine Free Foundation Stick in Coconut 355: Using darker foundations are a nice option for contouring and foundation sticks are super easy to use! This one pulls a little too warm for my liking but because it is a foundation, it blends like a dream and it stays put. I almost prefer this to my Smashbox Trio!


bareMinerals Mineral Veil: These setting powders have been loved by many for years and for good reason! They are so finely milled, smooth and easy to apply. They set makeup beautifully and come in a few different finishes depending on what you're looking for. Apply this with a powder puff or your beauty blender for an airbrushed, bright look under the eyes!



heat-proof, sweat-proof makeup - blushes

Long wearing blushes can be hard to find, especially in the drugstore. Unfortunately I only have high-end ones to show you in this post but if you have found long-lasting drugstore blushes, let us know in the comments below! You can also layer cream blushes with powders for an even longer wear-time.

tarte's Amazonian Clay Blushes: Holy grail blushes for so many, these are incredible. Pigmented and all day wear, easy. They come in tons of beautiful and unique shades. The ones photographed above are from a holiday kit so the packaging is smaller than the full size products.


MAC's Blushes: Not all MAC products are worth the hype.. But I have absolutely fallen head over heels for their blushes over the years. They are just good. Really good. A million shades and finishes to choose from, some are more long wearing than others but they are holy grails for me and I always grab for them when I need that flawless face to last all day and night.


NARS Blushes: Another absolute love of mine. Some think that NARS blushes aren't worth the hype but I do! I love them SO much and Dolce Vita is one of my favorite blushes of all time. They are pricey but worth it, in my opinion. The shades are beautiful and they last all day long on my skin!



sweat-proof makeup - highlighters

Oh highlighters... This is a newfound love for me. I struggle with texture on my skin most of the time so highlighters are not usually my friend, as they accentuate any lumps or bumps you may have. But on good skin days? LAWD, I love a good glow. I'm just now getting more into this world so I don't own many but these two are holy grails, one high end and one drugstore - both will last all day long!! Layer liquid with powder to pack even more of a punch.

Hard Candy's Tiki Bronzer: This isn't a bronzer.... Why they named it one, we may never know. But this is a stunning highlight without any of those chunky shimmers and I cannot believe how long this wears on the skin!


BECCA's Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Moonstone: Any BECCA highlighter is pure gold, pretty much. All the shades are stunning and Moonstone is perfect for my pale babies. When you want that WA-BAM highlight... Go with BECCA. They have a bunch of different formulations from liquid to cream to powders but they are all incredible and insanely long-wearing.




Setting everything with a translucent powder is so important, especially on hot days! I usually like to apply this right after my cream products and before I add my powder contour. I've found that my contour can look slightly patchy if I don't set that cream with a translucent powder first.

Coty's Airspun Powder: An oldie but goodie. This is a great powder that I know I can always fall back on. No matter what I'm currently trying out or using, this is one I will always grab for. It's also absolutely amazing for "cooking" your concealer and carving out your contours. Available at Walgreens & CVS.



bullet proof makeup - setting sprays

One of my biggest tips/tricks, is to set everything throughout your makeup application. Using a setting spray will lock everything in and when I layer products with these setting sprays, it not only helps the lasting powder on everything but it also melts into the skin and makes the powder products look much more natural on the skin. This will also add that extra moisture for anyone with dry skin!

Urban Decay's All Nighter Setting Spray (1 oz size in photo): A fantastic setting spray! You can spray this all over your face at the end of your makeup application to lock it all in for all day wear. They also make other formulations depending on your skin type.

$14 or 30

Smashbox Primer Water

E.l.f. Mist & Set: Comparable to the Urban Decay sprays. This is an amazing setting spray!



bullet-proof brows

Let's talk brows! Again, long-wear and layering - so important! Whether you use high-end or drugstore, layering different types of products will lock everything in for all day wear.

Anastasia Dip Brow: This can be a love it or hate it type of product. Some people can't live without it and others just don't understand the hype. It's a brow pomade that you apply to your brows with an angled brush. Using a very light hand and a tiny amount of product, this can do wonders! It takes practice but I've grown to absolutely love it. This is insanely long-lasting too!


Truly, if you can find a gel eyeliner that would match your eyebrows, they work just as well as Dip Brows! Also, NYX has come out with a formula very similar in their Brow Gel product. This has a dryer formula than a gel liner but they do the trick just the same! Maybelline's Eye Studio Gel Liner in Brown is fantastic as a brow product, if it matches your brow color.

Anastasia Brow Wiz: The brow pencil of all brow pencils. These are fantastic (but the NYX pencil is a dupe!) and definitely worth the money, in my opinion. You get the pencil and spoolie so it's perfect for travel and it's also very long wearing.


NYX Micro Brow: I won't go too into detail on this here, check out my full review! This is a definite dupe for the Brow Wiz!


You can also add a powder on top as well! As the finishing touch, lock it in with a brow gel.

Billion Dollar Brows Clear Brow Gel: One of my favorite brow gels. It sets your brow products without moving them around or removing any product. It accentuates the hairs slightly, which can help when applying a powder or dip brow type product. Sometimes those can make your brows look fake so combing through with a brow gel at the end can bring them back to life.


Milani's Brow Shaping Clear Gel: This is a great brow gel and super affordable!



heat-proof, sweat-proof makeup - eyeshadows

Eyeshadows are definitely your preference and of course there are tons that last all day, but Makeup Geek shadows last forever and a day on me so those are my most recommended for all-day wear.

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pans: My absolute favorite eyeshadows ever!!! So pigmented, blendable and long wearing. Check out my reviews, hauls and swatches!

$5.99 for regular shadows and $9.99 for foiled shadows.


sweat-proof makeup - eyeliners

Long lasting eyeliners... These can be difficult to find! I'm always on the hunt for more options but these are some of my favorites.

Stila's Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliners: These bad boys do not budge!!! They come in a ton of different colors and.... I kind of want every single one! I can't rave enough about these. The fun shades would be awesome to play with for music festivals or events!!


NYC's Liquid Eyeliner: This can go head-to-head with any high end liquid liner. And beat most of them. It's super dark and pigmented, it's insanely long lasting and it doesn't run or smudge on me throughout the day. It has a brush tip that can take some getting used to but this is holy grail status for me. It's just great.


Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal: This comes in a few different fun shades as well as that perfect nude for the waterline. This black is super dark and I always keep all the shades in my personal collection as well as my kit.



heat-proof, sweat-proof makeup - mascara

I'm not huge into wearing waterproof mascara but on days when you'll be outside for long periods of time, whether that be during summer events, parades, festivals, concerts, etc... Waterproof is a huge help! It will also help keep those beautiful lashes of yours curled for a longer period of time.

Loreal Voluminous Miss Manga: This is a mascara that I had to use for a while before I loved it. But now? It adds amazing volume and nice length without clumping up the lashes. It lasts all day and doesn't smudge!

Almay's Get Up & Grow: Where are my Estycare followers at?!? This was one of my first reviewed and raved about products when I first started blogging. Repurchasing this was a trip down memory lane for me. I love this mascara. Period. It's amazing and although it's been really hard to find in my area lately, I will always love and use this!



heat-proof, sweat-proof makeup - long-wear lip colors

Last but certainly not least, the lips!! These will be your preference as well, we all have go-to long wearing lip colors but these are some of my absolute favorites.... Yep, only some! I'm a lip product junkie... You'll want to find long wearing lip liners to layer with long wearing lipsticks or liquid lipsticks. Layering is key, have you noticed that trend yet? That just locks pigment on top of pigment and keeps everything lasting as long as possible. Although lip colors are the most difficult to maintain throughout the day, these are your best bet!

Apply a lip balm before you begin applying your makeup. Once you finally get to your lips, they will be moisturized and ready for any lip color you want to apply! Dab off any excess lip balm and then go in with your lippies.


ColorPop Lippie Pencils & Stix: Some of these are more long-wearing than others! Most of the lipsticks aren't too long wearing, you'll want to go with the matte formulas for the longest wear and the lip pencils are great as well. I wanted to include these in the post because the Lippie Stix are very travel friendly and easy to throw in a purse or clutch.


NARS Audacious Lipsticks: I know, these cost an arm and a leg and you're probably thinking... "Really, Marie?!?" but listen... These are worth the splurge. The formulation is perfection and the shades are out of this world beautiful. They last forever on the lips and are super comfortable!!


Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipsticks: These are long lasting, fun and with a bright color selection. The application method is easy for travel and I think this is a good alternative to those who aren't used to the feel of liquid lipsticks. These stay feeling pretty moisturizing for quite a while!


OCC Lip Tars: Not travel friendly. At all. But these are some of the most fun shades you will find in the industry and they last for a very long time on me, especially the dark shades!


Kat Von D's Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks: My love for these is so real. One of my absolute favorite liquid lipstick formulations. The packaging is adorable and the shade range is incredible (and growing)! I'd recommend bringing a lip balm or gloss with you if you plan to wear these all day, as they can feel a bit uncomfortable after 4-5 or so hours. But these are the best. Insanely long wearing and so incredibly pigmented! You don't even need a lip liner!


Lip Liners:

Milani's Colorstatement Liners: Some of my favorite lip liners ever! These aren't the most long lasting when worn alone but layered with lipsticks, they help to keep everything in place for hours.


NYX Retractable Lip Liners: Not to be confused with the slim pencils that most people rave about, for whatever reason that formula just doesn't last long on me! But these ones do! They are retractable, super pigmented and so creamy! Perfect for layering or wearing on their own.


Rimmel's Exaggerate Full Color Lip Liner Definer: I love these! They are so creamy and pigmented and super long wearing. East End Snob is my favorite pink shade! You can wear these alone and I love throwing a gloss over top as well for a super easy but pretty look.


Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil: These last forever on the lips! The shade range is beautiful and when I need a lip liner that won't budge for hours, these are the ones I reach for! Layer these with a lipstick and you will be good to go for the entire day!


Applying a gloss or lip balm over a liquid lipstick can effect the wear-time! A definite must to remember!


Give your skin one last spray with the setting spray and you're all set!!

Whoo! That was a long one! These are my tried and true, tested and much loved products that I know I can depend on. I hope this was helpful to you and please leave any questions, comments or your tips and tricks below!

*Some of these products I have received for free. Most I have purchased with my own money. All opinions are – and ALWAYS will be – 100% my own.*

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NIA Cosmetics Haul, Review & Swatches:

"The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do."

Hey dolls!

I have a haul and review of some products from a company that you may not have heard of yet! NIA Cosmetics. The owner Irenia reached out to me to try some of her lip products (they were sent to me for free, with no other compensation and I have chosen of my own volition to talk about these lippies and share them with you)!

These are described as lip glosses, they come in a pot and can be applied with a lip brush. These remind me a lot of OCC Lip Tars except they are hand made using absolutely no harsh chemicals!

NIA Cosmetics - Packaging & Ingredeients

We'll jump right into the shades!

NIA Cosmetics - Fantasy 1

The first shade is Fantasy.

NIA Cosmetics - Fantasy 2

This is a gorgeous iridescent light blue.

NIA Cosmetics - Fantasy Swatch 1

It's super pigmented and creamy. A tiny bit goes a long way!

NIA Cosmetics - Fantasy Swatch 2

The reflects in this are stunning! When I see this shade, I think of mermaids.


NIA Cosmetics - Sapphire 1

The next shade is Sapphire.

NIA Cosmetics - Sapphire 2

This is a deep metallic blue.

NIA Cosmetics - Sapphire Swatch 1

It's hard to get the full effect in photos but this has a beautiful sheen.

NIA Cosmetics - Sapphire Swatch 2

This shade is so unique!


NIA Cosmetics - Majesty 1

Sticking with the blues! Next up is Majesty.

NIA Cosmetics - Majesty 2

Who's bold enough to wear this shade?! :-D

NIA Cosmetics - Majesty Swatch 2

I know.... There aren't words for this one, right?

NIA Cosmetics - Majesty Swatch 1

Blue isn't exactly the easiest color to pull off but man, is this absolutely beautiful.


NIA Cosmetics - Naked 1

NIA Cosmetics - Naked 2

Naked is a gorgeous metallic nude.

NIA Cosmetics - Naked Swatch 2

The shine and reflectiveness of this shade is incredible.

NIA Cosmetics - Naked Swatch 1

So beautiful!


NIA Cosmetics - Nia 1

NIA Cosmetics - Nia 2

Nia is hard to describe. It's a medium pink with a gold sheen, however the gold isn't as apparent once on the lips.

NIA Cosmetics - Nia Swatch 2

Nia is one of my favorites!

NIA Cosmetics - Nia Swatch 1

This is a beautiful every day shade.


NIA Cosmetics - Stiletto 1

Let's tone it down a little, here is a classic red shade! Stiletto is perfection.

NIA Cosmetics - Stiletto 2

NIA Cosmetics - Stiletto Swatch 2

These are totally true to color. What you see in the pot is what you get on your lips.

NIA Cosmetics - Stiletto Swatch 1

This is such a great, classic every day red shade.


NIA Cosmetics - Fuego 1

Last but certainly not least, my absolute favorite shade! Fuego.

NIA Cosmetics - Feugo 2

You have to see this one in person to get the full effect. Pictures do it no justice!

NIA Cosmetics - Fuego Swatch 2

This is pure pigmented, saturated color!

NIA Cosmetics - Fuego Swatch 1

Isn't she stunning?!?


Lip swatches:

NIA Cosmetics - Stiletto Lip Swatch


NIA Cosmtics - Majesty Lip Swatch


NIA Cosmtics _ Fuego Lip Swatch 1


If you'd like to see any other shades on the lips, let me know!

These are so fun and unique. I love how pigmented they are and although having to apply with a lip brush isn't exactly travel friendly, I found that the wear time was surprisingly long with these. The matte shades laster longer than the shimmer/metallics and the day I wore Fuego, it even lasted through a greasy meal! They feel nice on the lips, not too heavy. Similar to a lip gloss but more pigmented and long wearing.

These cost $10 each and will last you literally a lifetime and a half! Check out NIA Cosmetics website, they have tons of shades to choose from and Irenia is adding SO many more!! I can't wait to see what she comes up with next.

Which shades do you like the best? Let us know in the comments below!

*I received these products for free. All opinions are – and ALWAYS will be – 100% my own.*

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NYX Micro Brow Pencil Review & Brow Wiz Comparison:

"Because there is nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it's sent away."

- Sarah Kay

Hey beauties! How are you?!

NYX is one of the most difficult brands to find where I live. They are always SO picked over, everything new is sold out and they seem to never be restocked any time I check. So I was really excited to find a brand new, untouched display at Target. I grabbed two of their brow products: the Micro Brow Pencil, which we'll chat about today and the Eyebrow Gel (let me know if you'd like a review on that too!) and have been testing them out ever since.

NYX Micro Brow Pencil 1

This is a double sided product, exactly like the Anastasia Brow Wiz!

NYX Micro Brow Pencil 2

One end is a spoolie brush for combing out your brows and the other side is the pencil.

NYX Micro Brow Pencil VS Anastasia Brow Wiz

The packaging is pretty much identical. I prefer the spoolie on the Anastasia Brow Wiz a tiny bit more because it has more bristles so it really gets in there to comb out the hairs and really blend the product but you honestly won't be able to tell much of a difference between the two. As for the pencil side, I want to say the NYX pencil is a TINY, little tiny bit smaller than the Brow Wiz which is nice because you can get very fine hair-like strokes throughout your brows very easily.

NYX Micro Brow Pencil Up Close

The shade I purchased is Taupe; there are 8 shades total.

NYX Micro Brow Pencil Swatches Taupe

Here you can see a variation from light to dark depending on how much pressure you apply. The pigmentation is nice, the pencil is more on the dry side versus creamy, which is a must for brow pencils in my opinion! It's easy to get tiny strokes of product throughout the brows to make them look natural.

NYX Micro Brow on brows

Here are my brows using only the Micro Brow Pencil. I absolutely love it!

Compared to the Anastasia Brow Wiz:

Price Point:

Brow Wiz - $21                       Micro Brow - $10

Shade Selection:

Brow Wiz - 9 shades                             Micro Brow - 8 shades

Amount of Product:

Brow Wiz - 0.085g / 0.003 oz.                 Micro Brow - 0.09g / 0.003 oz

Lasting Power:

I have heard people rave about the Brow Wiz lasting forever but it's a fairly normal wear-time for me. I'd say both last about the same amount of time (on me, it may be different for you!). After maybe 5-6 hours, I could throw a little bit more on in some of the more bare spaces in my brows. So they are about identical with how long they last for me. I also try my best not to touch my brows so if you do have the tendency to touch them often, your wear-time may not be as long.

Overall, I think these two are super comparable. I've been grabbing for my Micro Brow even more than my Brow Wiz so I'd say it's a fantastic dupe. I haven't seen all the shades so I can't say whether they are shade dupes as well, but Taupe is definitely identical!

Have you tried the NYX Micro Brow yet? If so, let us know your opinion in the comments below!

You can purchase NYX online, at Ulta or check their website for locations of your local distributors.

*This post is not sponsored. I purchased this product with my own money. All opinions are – and ALWAYS will be – 100% my own.*

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Tarte Cosmetics - Tartelette Palette Review & Swatches :

"You can't base your life on other people's expectations."

- Stevie Wonder ❀

Hello my dolls! How are you?

Another eyeshadow palette review.... Can you tell I've been on some kind of kick lately?! I go through phases with certain products and right now, I am all about eyeshadow palettes.

The Tartelette Palette is an all matte stunner and I was so excited to finally get my hands on this.

Tartelette Palette 1

Let's start with the packaging.... This has to be one of my absolute favorites, aesthetics wise. From the purple ombre front to the gold accents, I am all about this. It's just so sleek, timeless and beautiful.

Tartelette Palette 2

Isn't she gorgeous?! Inside is mirrored gold with all shade names under each shadow. You get a huge mirror and I love that 'tartelette' is written on it. How many times in my posts do I say this... It's the little things. :)

Tartelette Palette 3

This is an all matte palette with 12 brand new exclusive shades!

These are the classic amazonian clay formulation and are free of parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, sodium and gluten. This is also dermatologist tested!

Tartelette Palette

You also get a sheet with step-by-step directions for two eyeshadow looks.

Tartelette Palette 4

Let's check out the shades! <3

Free Spirit - Tartelette Palette 1

The first shade is Free Spirit, a pale cream, almost yellow shade with warm undertones.

Free Spirit - Tartelette Palette 2

Great pigmentation, a touch powdery but it applies, blends and lasts very well.

Force Of Nature - Tartelette Palette 1

Force Of Nature is a warm brown with peachy undertones.

Force Of Nature - Tartelette Palette 2

This has great color payoff and I love this as a transition shade.

Dreamer - Tartelette Palette 1

Dreamer is a warm dark brown with yellow undertones.

Dreamer Swatch - Tartelette Palette

This shade is nicely pigmented and not as powdery as the lighter shades.

Multi-Tasker - Tartelette Palette

Multi-Tasker is a dark brown with reddish undertones.

Multi-Tasker Swatch - Tartelette Palette

Great pigmentation!

Caregiver - Tartelette Palette

Caregiver is a pale pink that pulls slightly more on the cool-toned side.

Caregiver Swatch - Tartelette Palette

This shade is beautiful! I don't often wear pinks shades on the eyes but this one all over the lid is simple but pretty. Nice pigmentation, better than I expected for a pale shade like this!

Natural Beauty - Tartelette Palette

Natural Beauty is a pinky-mauvey-taupe. Super unique shade!

Natural Beauty Swatch - Tartelette Palette

This shade needed to be built up a little bit, it blends easily and is perfect for a transition/blending shade.

Best Friend - Tartelette Palette

Best Friend is a muted cool-toned purple.

Best Friend Swatch - Tartelette Palette

This shade was more difficult to swatch, it ends up being a little uneven but can be built up and it wears better on the eyes.

Bombshell - Tartelette Palette

Bombshell is a deep cool-toned purple.

Bombshell Swatch - Tartelette Palette

Nice color payoff, this shade is slightly more difficult to blend than the others.

Super Mom - Tartelette Palette

Super Mom is a warm pale cream.

Super Mom Swatch - Tartelette Palette

Great pigmentation, I love this as a subtle browbone and inner corner highlight!

Wanderer - Tartelette Palette

Wanderer is a warm medium-brown with slight yellow/warm undertones.

Wanderer Swatch - Tartelette Palette

Good pigmentation, I love this shade for warming up the crease!!

Power Player - Tartelette Palette

Power Player is a warm brownish-taupe.

Power Player Swatch - Tartelette Palette

Okay color payoff, it needed to be built up a bit.

Fashionista - Tartelette Palette

Fashionista is your classic matte black.

Fashionista Swatch - Tartelette PaletteGreat pigmentation, creamy and smooth but be careful with fallout!


Tartelette Palette Swatches

Artificial Lighting.

Tartelette Palette Daylight Swatches


Overall, I love this palette! It's my first experience with Tarte eyeshadows so I can't compare them to any other palettes but I'm pretty impressed. The pigmentation was consistent throughout, there wasn't any shade in this palette that disappointed me and they last all day on the eyes!

The Tartelette Palette is $44 and sold online as well as at Sephora and Ulta!

If you'd like to see a look using this palette, let me know in the comments!


*This post is not sponsored. I purchased this product with my own money. All opinions are – and ALWAYS will be – 100% my own.*

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Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye Contour Palette:

"That's the thing about inner beauty: unlike physical beauty, which grabs the spotlight for itself, inner beauty shines on everyone, catching them, holding them in its embrace, making them more beautiful too."

Hello dolls! A couple weeks ago I picked up Kat Von D's new Shade & Light Eye Contour Palette and I've been testing it out ever since; when I first saw the sneak peek of this on her Instagram, I swooned. Literally. Drooling, swooning, in love... It's an all matte eyeshadow palette with warm, cool and neutral tones. This is a palette for anyone who loves/needs matte eyeshadows. It's incredible on its own and it's a perfect companion palette!

kat von d shade & light palette 1

The packaging is beautiful. It's a typical cardboard packaging but it feels so sturdy and I'd feel totally comfortable traveling with this. It looks almost identical to the Shade & Light Contour Palette except it says eye on it and the accent color is gold instead of silver. It's so simple and just perfect.

kat von d shade & light eye palette 2

The mirror is huge and the detailing is so pretty and true to that classic Kat Von D style.

You get 12 shadows:

kat von d shade & light eye palette 3

The back of the packaging has the names of each shadow.

kat von d shade & light eye palette 1

I absolutely love the way this palette is set up: it's basically divided into three sections. The left quad are neutral tones, middle is cool and the right quad is warm toned. Of course you can use them as you see fit but for those who are newer to makeup or may get overwhelmed by the amount of shadows, this can help guide you.

kat von d shade & light eye palette 4

In the box you also get a sheet with the shadows and looks you can create with each quad.

Let's get into the shades!

kat von d shade & light eye palette 6

kat von d shade & light eye palette swatches in daylight

In daylight.

kat von d shade & light eye palette swatches artificial lighting

Artificial lighting. I swatched by "quad".

We'll go by section and talk about each shade!

The neutral "quad":

shade & light neutral quad

shade & light neutral quad swatches

The first shade is Laetus - the top largest shadow - a pale neutral yellow. I love using this as a base to help with blending!

Samael is a light neutral brown, perfect for the crease and I've even used this on my brows!

The middle and darkest shade in this section is Solas, a rich brown.

Lastly, it's hard to see in the photo above because it blends right in with my pasty white skin LOL Lucius, a creamy slightly off-white shade.


The cool "quad":

shade & light eye palette cool quad

shade & light cool quad swatches

The top shade (furthest left) is Lazarus, one of my favorites in the palette. A cool taupe shade that is perfect for the crease or blending.

Saleos is next, a deep dark cool grey.

Shax is the black shade, super pigmented! I was impressed with how black this is, especially when built up.

Lastly is Liberatus, a total white matte. Another surprise in pigmentation! Whites are usually pretty hard to get just right and I'm happy with this one! Perfect for highlighting the inner corner and brow bone.

The warm "quad":

shade & light eye palette warm quad

shade & light warm quad swatches

Indwin is a super unique shade, a warm peachy shade that is amazing in the crease!

Succubus is another favorite of mine, a super warm red-brown. This reminds me a lot of Makeup Geek's Cocoa Bear.

Sytry is the darkest brown in the palette, very warm, chocolatey and perfect for deepening that outer-v when you don't want too harsh of a smokey eye.

Last shade is Latinus, a light cream shade - this one has a tiny bit of something to it... Maybe a sheen almost? It looks and feels a little more like a satin formula. Super pigmented and amazing for a brow-bone highlight!


These swatch and wear beautifully. They are soft and pigmented and they blend really easily.

I've used every shade in this palette in different looks and I have absolutely no complaints. The formula is wonderful. I haven't used any other Kat Von D palettes before so I can't compare them but I'd jump at the chance to purchase another from her after using this!

makeup geek eyeshadow look - kat von d shade & light eye palette used as well

In this look I used mainly Makeup Geek shadows but that warm blending/transition shade is Indwin!

shade & light eyeshadow look 1

shade & light eyeshadow look 2

I used the cool toned quad for this look. The shadows lasted all night long!


I adore this palette. Pictures honestly don't even do it justice. You can create endless looks with this, especially when mixing with other eyeshadows in your collection. I think palettes like this are essential to have!

The Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye Palette is available online as well as at Sephora and is $46. An amazing deal! Each shadow costs less than $4 each when you do the math!

Have you tried this palette yet? If so, let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation:

“I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me.”

Hello my dolls! How are you?

The drugstore makeup companies are coming out with tons of products for Spring and many of them are foundations.. Fuller coverage seems to be a bigger focus than previous years so I've been excited to test some them out. Check out my review on the Loreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation!

Maybelline Fit Me has been a foundation that's been out for a few years now, the original formula is slightly dewey and in most cases, isn't the best for oily skin (some oily skin babes love it, but others don't!).. It's all preference of course, and Maybelline has released a "Matte & Poreless" version targeting those with oilier skin and those who want a more matte finish.

maybelline fit me matte and poreless foundation

The bottle is a nice slim glass - similar to the original Fit Me, except it says Matte + Powerless as well as what skin types it's recommended for.

The shade range is okay. It could be better and the shade I picked (115 ivory) pulls a little bit too yellow on me but that's fairly normal when I purchase drugstore foundations so I work with it. But I do wish there was a broader range of shades...

maybelline fit me matte and poreless foundation on skin 1

I have combination skin. Slightly oily in the t-zone and fairly normal everywhere else. Very acne prone and sensitive to some ingredients. I've had absolutely no issues with irritations or breakouts!

maybelline fit me matte and poreless foundation on skin 2

The finish is matte but... Natural and comparing to the Loreal Pro-Matte, this is much more so. I'd say the Loreal is a total, flat matte and this is a natural. almost luminous matte. When I want beautiful, glowing skin - this is the foundation I've been choosing. I find that I get somewhat oily after a few hours, it definitely doesn't control oil as well as the Loreal foundation.

Along with that, I'd say with the Loreal one, dry skin types would have to moisturize like crazy in order to use it. With this foundation, although it's recommended for normal to oily, I think dry skin types could get away with using this as well. It hasn't clung to any dry patches and as I've said, it's definitely more dewey than my other matte foundations. However, it gets much more matte when you apply a powder over top - when I want a more glowy, dewey look - I skip the powder!

maybelline fit me matte and poreless foundation on skin 3

It applies and blends beautifully. And it wears beautifully. I've been surprised with how much I love this! I do wish it lasted a bit longer on my skin, especially when I'm really never that oily.. But, the finish is so gorgeous that I'll gladly apply a good primer beforehand and be good to go!

Overall, I adore this foundation. It mixes well with others, looks beautiful in photography and most importantly looks absolutely flawless on the skin! You can apply a light amount for a more natural finish that shows some of your skin, or if you want full coverage - it layers like a dream! It doesn't add cakiness, so if you want some more coverage... Add some more!

You can purchase Maybelline online or at the drugstore; this foundation ranges from around $4.79 to $9 depending where you purchase.

Have you tried this foundation yet? Do you like it? And what are some of your favorite new drugstore products?! Let us know in the comments below!

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For Beginners - Color Theory & Makeup.

It's true, there are no rules when it comes to makeup. With experience comes the comfortability to play with color and different techniques. But for people just starting out, makeup can be very intimidating and color theory can be a good tool to remember.

Quick run-through of the basics:


When you remember the basics of color theory, it can give you a starting point to finding what colors look best for your skin color/tone and eye color.

If you need more of a visual, a color wheel is a great tool to quickly see what colors will work best for you.

Color wheel


To make your eye color pop, you want to choose colors opposite on the color wheel. If you put colors similar or close to your eye color, it will blend into your eye color and give no dimension.

Blue eyes - bronze, browns, burgundy - warm colors will make blue eyes pop.

Green eyes - purples, burgundy, copper.

Brown eyes can have different tones to them. If you have a more golden tone - coppers, purples, burgundy. Dark, warmer brown eyes - blues, purples. Deep, very dark browns can pull off any color.

 Hazel eyes - you have multiple colors in your eyes so you can play up whichever color you want to pop more. For example, if your eyes are blueish green and you want to play up the blue - bronze, browns, burgundy. To show the green in your eyes - purples, coppers.


With blush, the main two categories when it comes to skin tone and choosing a blush color is light to medium, and medium to dark.

Lighter skin tones can wear the light pinks while darker skin tones would look more washed out/ashy.

Lighter skin tones want to avoid darker shades because it will wash you out. A tip to remember is to avoid any shades that are darker than your natural flushed color. After working out, take a look in the mirror and see what color your cheeks flush to. Try not to apply a color much darker than that, it will look unnatural.

Darker skin tones look great with blushes that have a slight shimmer to them because it will add a nice glow to the skin.

Bright colors are great with darker skin tones.

** There are universal shades that look great with any skin color!!


Lipstick/lip color in my opinion, is more flexible. Although many makeup artists stick with the rules of color theory when it comes to lipstick, I don't like to.

Traditionally, many MUA's do not like putting darker lipsticks on light skin tones - but in my opinion, dark colors on light skin care be absolutely beautiful. Yes, darker colors can wash you out, but if you choose the right shade and warm up your face with bronzer - light skin tones can pull off dark lipsticks.

Universally, you want to avoid a color too light because no matter your skin tone, it can make you look dead.. And we don't want that :)

If you are a neutrals girl or are scared to go all out with color, try adding a little bit first. Maybe a winged eyeliner on your lid and then a pop of color on your lower lash line, or a fun colored eyeliner. Start slow and see how you like it.

Remember - makeup is fun! It can be extremely intimidating at the beginning because there are SO many colors, shades, tones, etc. but just have fun with it and play with colors. It can always be washed off!! And you may find different combinations that you never thought would work actually look lovely.


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